Funny Irish Insults


I’ve included picture of creepy sculptures, I found in the forest, the other day. 

Irish insults can be, both creative and hilarious. There just something about bringing seemingly innocent words together, to mean something insulting, that’s rather funny. Most just sounds like humorous nonsense, so I’ll include a definition for each (definitions and use may vary, in different parts of the country).

Don’t worry, I’ve not turned into an offensive monster. These insults are usually used amongst friends, as a bit of harmless banter, for a laugh and in good fun. Also, they’re mainly used to, endearingly tease someone (also known as slagging). However, I should warn you that, said in the wrong way, these words could really offend someone, so be careful.

Most insults in this list, are used throughout Ireland, but I’ve also include some that are unique to, the area I live in and unique to my own dialect. They were just too funny not to include.

 (Warning there may be words in this post, that look and sound similar to swear/curse words. These are technically not swear words, but I will admit they’re Irish peoples’, best attempt at avoiding cursing. Some people may still find these words offensive)  thumbnail_20170718_123610I think the best place to start this list is, with my personal favourite insult:

Humpy-looking- This doesn’t really have a meaning. It’s just used on anyone, you don’t like the look of, for whatever reason. However, a stereotypical humpy-looking person is, a middle-aged male, with the posture of a pervert and generally looks like a creep (e.g. Kureo Mado from Tokyo ghoul or Beetlejuice). Can be used on, young, old, male or female.

Boar-head- A person with a huge head or unpleasant demeanour

Calf’s-head- A person with a gigantic head and unfortunate in the looks department

thumbnail_20170718_123421Rough as a bear’s arse- Extremely unattractive or unpleasant in some way. Including things like behaviour, demeanour or dress sense. An example being, mutton dressed as lamb.

Gombeen- An annoying idiot. Can also be used on, someone who’s crooked or dishonest.

Gebdaw- So much of an idiot, they’re a lost cause. Worse than a gombeen or gobshite.

Gobshite-A know it all, that knows nothing or a person that considers themselves smart, but is really an idiot. Basically, someone that talks rubbish or a mouth piece.

thumbnail_20170718_123402Hair-brush- Can be used in two ways. One, to describe a friend, that has a head of wild-looking hair, that’s styled like, they were electrocuted or dragged through a bush back ways. Basically, in dire need of a hair brush. Two, to describe a bald man in an ironic fashion.

Dry- A person that is missing a sense of humour, usually always grumpy and pulling a sour face. The type of person, that never cracks a smile and if they did, their face would most likely crack and shatter.

Tight arse– Someone who refuses to part with their money. They never spend any money and if made spend money, they act like they’re having a limb unwillingly amputated. They’re happy to let other people, pay for them and you never see their wallet. You suspect they don’t even, have a wallet and if they do, it’s never been opened. If this wallet was ever opened, you’d expect a swarm of moths to come rushing out of it. If they ever give you money, you would closely inspect it for moth or mice bites, then frame it and very proudly hang it on your wall.

Bollix or in my dialect Bowl-lux– A very annoying person, that does shady, bad, dishonest, dishonourable or horrible thing. You also really want to punch this person. Essentially, a prick.

thumbnail_20170718_123326Skunk– A person that dresses like a thug and engages in thug want-to-be behaviours, just as harassing elderly people, stealing pointless or unnecessary things, damaging others’ property (just for the sake of it), taking illegal substances, threatening weaker people and fighting people, for the stupidest reasons known to man. They also see nothing wrong with these behaviours and think it’s something to be proud of.

Gargoyle– Someone with a horrible temperament and a personality and face, only a mother could love.

Tool– An extremely annoying idiot, that constantly mucks things up.

Header– A person who does crazy things, for no obvious reason. This is usually very amusing and entertaining.

Fecken Eejit– A loveable idiot. They’re harmless and mean no hurt. They get themselves into amusing predicament, due to being completely oblivious. They are often clueless and say the weirdest or most inappropriate thing, due to their cluelessness. But luckily, this is always, very amusing and you love them, for being a complete idiot. (I get called an eejit and header a lot, and can’t really argue otherwise.)

Without a Bubble (No.11 Final)

thumbnail_20170716_205942Stuck with my twisted protector, I was forced to learn to live with this demon.

thumbnail_20170716_205954Eventually, I got that demon to, give back what took from me and for a time, we could live without destroying each other.      

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This is the end of the Without a Bubble series. I hope you all enjoyed it!

This wasn’t easy for me to share, so I’d like to thank you all for your support, throughout this series. It was very much appreciated.

Without a Bubble (No.10)

thumbnail_20170716_205106After quite some time and struggle, I finally understood this demon. It was a demon of my own creation. Without a bubble to protect me from, the chaos and misery of this world, I made a demon, out of fear.

thumbnail_20170716_205139In some sad way, I had used it to protect parts of me, I never wanted the world to touch.       

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I meant to publish this post yesterday, but before I could, our electricity went out. Meaning, there was no internet. Power has only been restored, a short while ago, so I’m posting the last 2 drawing of this series today (as long as nothing else happens).

Let’s hope, no more powerlines snap.


thumbnail_c5ea7c58-a1a5-4fcb-b08a-284018e2fc76Netflix Original

From Netflix description and images for Okja, I thought this was going to be a cute movie about a little girl, saving her beloved, pet floppy eared hippo. Thinking it would be similar to Charlotte’s web, I even considered watching it with my nieces. I was very wrong and luckily, I watched this one alone. This movie is 100% not suitable for children, and would most likely traumatise them.

Okja, is a genetically modified super pig (not a floppy eared hippo), created by an unethical meat company, that claims their super pig is non-GMO and leaves a minimum footprint on the planet. The company sends a number of its super pigs, to be raised by farms from all around the world, to see which will raise the ultimate super pig.

Okja, one of these pigs, is raised by a farmer and his orphaned granddaughter (Mija), in the mountain forests of Korea. Okja and Mija become best friends and happily spend their days together, in the mountains. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long and the company comes back for their super pig.

The company plans to show the world, their ultimate super pig in pageant, then bring it to slaughter. Okja, being this ultimate super pig, is taken away and Mija is completely outraged. Mija then, steals the little her grandfather has and sets out to save Okja.

In her quest to save Okja, Mija quickly runs into a group of animal rights activist, who manipulate Mija into using Okja, to show the world how evil the meat company is. From there, Okja is horribly victimised, in an inaccurate depiction of the meat and life stoke industry, that is both traumatising and in poor taste. Meanwhile, Mija and the activist carry out a very weak, poorly thought out plan to save Okja, ignoring the basic rules of event management, like security and staff background checks.

It’s safe to say this was not the cute movie, I hoped Okja would be. Instead, it was incredibly confusing and horrifying. But, to prevent being completely negative about Okja, I will start with the good points.

thumbnail_e8b888ed-566e-4c53-80bb-482096f46cfdOkja and Mija, were really cute and adorable. This made it very easy to side with Mija and hope Okja didn’t get eaten. It’s also, the only reason I watched this movie, to the end. Their cutest and likeability, keeps you interested in the storyline and in suspense, about the outcome for Okja. Also, Glenn (Steven Yeun) from the walking dead, is in this movie. For fans of Glenn, this will probably be the high point of Okja.

Another good point, was capturing the twisted logic of some (not all) animal rights activist, to a tee. This logic being, risk the lives of many innocent, emotion feeling, living organisms, (that have nothing to do with the situation and are in some way victims themselves), to save the life of one emotion feeling, living organism. It was very accurate. On at least 3 occasions, the activist risked killing or horribly injuring 100s of human and other animals, to save one super pig. But also, only to prove the point, that company was evil. Kind of scary how well they captured this logic.

I couldn’t help but feel this movie, was aimed at shaming meat-eater. It really gives the impression, the creators are trying, to make us all feel guilty about, being unable to synthesise (make) vitamin B12 yourselves, hence needing to eat meat or animal products (apologies for the science lesson from an ex-biomed). It takes this shaming a bit too far and shows inaccurate traumatising scenes of a research lab and slaughter-house, that looked like scenes out of Saw or a horror movie. They also cross a line, in some of these scenes by, suggesting Okja is sexually assaulted, then showing people eating bits of Okja. This movie is definitely not suitable for anyone of a sensitive nature and should really come with a warning.

The storyline was just as bad, ignoring common sense, having parts that went nowhere and including disturbing scenes, that weren’t necessary to the plot or outcome. It was also extremely unbelievable, weak and very confusing at time, making for very cringy watching.

Overall, I would say this movie is disturbing and borderlines on being, childishly silly. It’s inaccuracies and audience shaming, was incredibly annoying and makes the movie painful to watch. If you removed the meat shaming and had the movie solely be about Mija saving Okja, the movie would have been a lot better and could have been enjoyable.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone. It’s very disappointing and could potentially traumatise its audience. If you are looking, something meaningful to watch on Netflix, I would highly recommend, Beast of No Nation. It’s a much better movie and a better investment of your time.
Rating: 1/5

Without a Bubble (No.8 & No.9)


thumbnail_20170714_213429I finally gave in and left myself at, that demon’s mercy.

thumbnail_20170714_213522But, I would never willingly, follow it again.


thumbnail_20170714_214358 (2)Fatigued and tormented by that demon, I started to look like a demon myself.

thumbnail_20170714_215452It was clear, fighting was never going to destroy, that demon and trying was destroying me.

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Without a Bubble

20170703_151850Most people have a bubble. I did not, so I wrapped myself in a blanket and hoped for the best.

I’m going to try something a bit different this week. Instead of my usual random Thursday post, I’m going to introduce you all, to series of drawings, that together tells a story (a personal story of mine).  Originally, I was never going to share these pencil drawings, because I thought they might be a little too dark, to share.

But then, my friend found them, when I left my sketch book on the coffee table. He wanted to see, what I have been drawing. I let him look through my sketch book, because he’s my best bud and he’s not mean, unlike that horrible individual, I showed my personal digital drawings to.

Out of all the stuff I drew, he showed a particular interest in these drawings. He really wanted to know, the story behind them and wanted to know, how the story ended. I hadn’t drawn the ending yet, so I jokingly said, “you’ll have to wait until I draw it, don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Weirdly, he just accepted this answer, which isn’t like him. He just said “right enough”, then asked when I’ll have it finished.

Ever since, he’s been asking about the ending and if I’ve drawn anything else like this. He seems to really like them, so I thought I’d share them. As some of you may, find these drawings as interesting, as he did.

20170703_152208I will add a few words below each, to make them a little easier to understand. I’ll also add two images of each drawing, to ensure you can see the drawing properly (pencil drawings don’t photograph well, unfortunately).

As I wasn’t going to share them, the drawing isn’t to my usual standard, so please be kind. Hope you enjoy!