The OA

2fe0cf7f-e3ca-4496-9c26-50e34c31e70bWhere I can watch this: Netflix

The OA is a Netflix serials full of mystery, excitement and wonder. I was hooked from the first episode and just had to chain watch them all. This serials is about a group of people, taken captive after experiencing their own death, traveling to another spiritual dimension and coming back to life.

Each episode gives you a little more insight into the story of how main character OA (a.k.a Prairie) regained her sight, escapes her captor, travels into the unknown and saves her fellow prisoners. If you love thrillers and shows about the unknown then this is the show for you. This is really worth the watch. I fell in love with the characters pretty quickly and the story is amazing. Its one of the best shows I’ve watched on Netflix in a while (after Stranger things of course). I could find very little wrong with the show, other than it may be confusing for those that cannot keep up with the story switching from the present to the past.

Overall this show is a great watch and is one of those shows you could easily watch from beginning to end, on a lazy weekend in the house. I really hope Netflix have a season 2 of this show because season 1 was awesome.                                                                           Rating: 5/5

4 thoughts on “The OA

    • Oh my glob, you found it 😀 That must not have been easy. Thanks so much for checking it out 😀
      Thankfully me reviewing ability has improved since this very first review 🙂
      So true 🙂 Short Netflix shows are the best 🙂 I loved this show when it first came out on Netflix. I’ll have to go check for season 2, next time I’m browsing Netflix 🙂

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