Curse of Sleeping Beauty

2b2956f5-e298-4ab4-a222-be69ff28f943Where can I watch this: Netflix

When I first came across this on Netflix and thought it was a chick flick about some guy saving a girl (the usual Sleeping beauty story). I was so wrong. It turned out to be a horror and lets just say I can’t go near shop mannequins anymore, without feeling uneasy.

This movie was actually about a man (Thomas) who is mysteriously left everything in the will of an uncle, he never even knew he had (including a house). The house turns out to be full of spirits (Jinn) and dark forces, so things quickly take a dark turn after Thomas moves in. Thomas keeps having the same dream about a beautiful women that can not be woken due to a curse. He believes she is trapped by evil spirits somewhere in his late uncles house and sets out to fight against the spirits, find his sleeping beauty and remove the curse with a kiss.

Overall I felt this movie was okay, however is not the best horror movie I’ve seen. The movie was still really really creepy (mainly due to those darn mannequins), but was not that scary. The storyline wasn’t that great either and it was slow at times. In saying this, the movie had one hell of a twist at the end, that I never seen coming.  Despite it’s short coming, it still had a lot going for it and a lot of good points, like it creepiness (I was very very creeped out after watching this movie and was pretty much on the look out for shady looking mannequins). I would say I would recommend this movie to those who don’t enjoy being terrified by a movie, but still likes watching horrors.                                        Rating 2.5/5

2 thoughts on “Curse of Sleeping Beauty

    • Thanks. Still getting over those creepy mannequins. Without those mannequins, the movie would have been a complete lose.
      It’s not the best horror movie, but I’ve seen worse. Think it’s more suited to people that enjoy mild horrors. A hard core horror fan would hate it but. 🙂


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