Sunday Fun in an Irish Village

Busy weekend, having fun at the village fun day (even if the temperature was close to freezing). Here in Ireland we really know how to have a good time and when we hold fun day everyone comes to join in the games and activities.

3The fun kicked of with a good old fight of strength. Basically 2 people challenge each other and fight over a log (kind of like how 2 children fight over a toy). Whoever let’s go first loses. Not as easy as it looks because that log is heavy as hell. I couldn’t even life it.

New Phototastic Collage2There was also a petting zoo, where you could stroke giant white rat looking creatures and dangerous birds of prey (I’m not joking you were allowed to hold and pet the birds. Hence why the Barn owl in missing in the picture. The handler had it out for people to hold and pet). Luckily first aiders and an ambulance crew were on stand by to deal with any bites or scratches.

New Phototastic Collage.jpgNext there was old Celtic board games, which were hand-made and looked beautiful. Most of these were played with shells or stones and were pretty similar to modern games like draughts/checkers and that game with the marbles. Also the pieces of the chest board were made out of stale dough which was kind of cool. Being the best Auntie in the world, I took my nephew to the fun day because he really wanted to go and he absolutely loved it. He won 5 times at the board games and he thought he was awesome and the wee smug smile on his face was priceless.

20170305_142559If board games and animals won’t your thing, there was plenty of other entertainment and activities to keep you busy and entertained, such as a live country band playing traditional  Irish music, a massive climbing wall and tall man/magician. There was also a ton of stalls offering face painting, temporary tattoos, balloon modeling, caricatures and dressing up. Plus everything was free including food and tea and coffee, so you could easy take the whole family and not spend a penny. However, these fun days are not always free and sometimes you even have to pay to get into the place.

5Also at the event, there was even arts and crafts so there was literally something for everyone. As it was Celtic themed, my nephew and I decided to do celtic designs of our stones. I drew a face out of Celtic designs on mine, to make it look like a forest spirit and my nephew drew the gold ninja from Ninjago, however I was not worthy of photographing it so I don’t have a picture. Instead I have this really cool drawing of my nephew at the fun day.

4Near the end of the day there was spear throwing from man pulled carts, greens vs reds. I’m pleased to say the reds won by a land slide. But in saying that I think the target was only hit a handful of times overall, so probably isn’t the easiest game to play and I have to give it to the green team for effort. I apologise for the guy standing in the way in the photos. No matter where I stood to take photos that guy was in frame.

20170305_155049The day was ended with a good old feast (which was also free) Celtic style.

Overall the day was really enjoyable for both my nephew and me. We both had a great day, throughly enjoyed yourselves and it got us both out of the house. This was a really big deal for me considering I’ve been suffering gratefully with anxiety lately and was finding it hard to even build up the courage to leave the house, even to do simple everyday things. However knowing how much my nephew wanted to go and how much he would enjoy himself, I couldn’t disappoint him. He would have been heart-broken if I told him no and he never asks for much, so I just had to take him despite freaking out inside.

Anyway these type of fun day and festival are usually really enjoyable, so if you ever find yourself in Ireland, I would really recommend going to one if you get the chance.

Hope you all enjoyed the change from my drawings.


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