Haunted Doll Collection (Susie)

doll3 (2)Since I was a child I have loved dolls and over the years I’ve gathered quite the collection. Unfortunately, I could not fit all my dolls in the picture above, so I decided to include a few of my favourite dolls and most of my haunted dolls in the picture. Most of the dolls I either found or was given, so because of this I have some really unusual and creep looking dolls. Among these dolls there is a few special and unique dolls, that are said to be “haunted”.  As I find these dolls very interesting, I thought I would share the stories of some of these dolls and I am going to start with my oldest and very first haunted doll Susanna or Susie as I call her.

doll 7

Susie use to belong to a lady (Miss Whyte) who babysat me and my brother, when we were children. Miss Whyte had a beautiful collection of dolls. I use to spend hours just looking at them and is where my love of dolls began. The best thing about being babysat by Miss Whyte was that, she let me play with the dolls, if I promised to be really careful.

Susie was my favourite out of the collection because she was so different from all the other dolls and looked like an actually little girl. Whenever given the chance to play with the dolls, I would always choose her. It was great, I loved playing with Susie and this quickly became obvious to everyone else.

When I was older, I was visiting Miss Whyte with my mum and I asked her if she still had the doll and in passing, Miss Whyte told me something I found slightly creepy about the doll. Miss Whyte bought Susie at a car boot sale from a woman that claimed, the original owner was a little girl, who died of scarlet fever and that the little girl spirit was attached to the doll. Miss Whyte didn’t believe in ghost or hauntings, so bought it anyway. Knowing this, kind of creeps me out, because when someone says a doll belongs to a little dead girl, all I think about is a creepy demon child inside the doll. Nevertheless, when Miss Whyte gave me the doll as a gift, I accepted it anyway because I couldn’t say no is a sweet old lady and I still liked the doll.

I’ve had Susie for over 10 years now and I’m still not a 100% if the doll is haunted, but a few unusual things have happened over the years around the doll. One of the very first things I noticed about this doll is that you can’t photograph her without the picture being slightly bleary. I’ve tried using camera stands and everything and the picture is still slightly bleary. It’s really weird and I don’t know why this happens, but it happens every time.

doll 8

The creepiest thing that happened with Susie was, when I was dusting and set Susie in the middle of my bed, beside a haunted doll I had just bought on eBay. I left the room to get a clean dust cloth and when I came back Susie was at the opposite side of the room and her leg had somehow fallen off. This creeped the hell out of me because dolls can’t move 10 feet across a room by themselves and rip of their own leg. I really don’t know how it happened, but safe to say I quickly sold the other doll just in case it had something to do with it. Other than that, nothing extremely creepy has happened around Susie. Occasionally, things like my dog statue and jewellery move from where I let them, but nothing big or shocking.

Susie is my favourite dolls in my collection, but is not the creepiest of my haunted dolls. I’m saving that for my next post. I hope you enjoyed reading about Susie and if you have any stories of your own about haunted dolls or objects, please feel free to share in the comments.


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