Haunted Doll Collection (Annie)

doll3 (2)Annie is by far one of my creepiest dolls. I use to keep her in my room, but she was just too creepy and I had to move her to the cabinet in the spare room. When she was in my room, I use to wake up at night and see her eyes glowing from the other side of the room. The fact she has smokey eyes made this all the creepier and made me feel so uneasy.  It was like she was watching me sleep or something and in the darkness her eyes looked like creepy vampire eyes. I couldn’t sleep with her in the room, so I had to move her to the other room.   

doll 5

I’ve had Annie for years now and found her in the attic of a house my Grandparents had just moved into. My grandmother let keep her because I helped her move in and unpack. I was never told by anyone that Annie was haunted, but I class her as haunted, simple because of the messed up things that have happened around this doll.

For example, her self-removing hat. I keep Annie in a locked show cabinet, which I only have the key for. Every time I put her in the cabinet, I place her on the top shelf, in her stand with her hat firmly on. I lock the cabinet, check everything is fine and leave the room. Then 50% of the time, when I come back her hat is gone and I have to open the cabinet and go looking for it. Weirdest thing is that I usually find the hat under something in the cabinet, which leaves me wondering how the hell if got there. This happens regular about 3-4 times a week and is quite annoying.

The second reason I believe this doll to be doll 17 (2)haunted is, the scratches on the cabinet I keep her in. This is so creepy. The scratches are on the inside of door, at the dolls arm level and are all vertical.  I don’t have a clue how they got there, but it looks like the doll was trying to scratch its way out. Also since I got Annie, I’ve been hearing footsteps upstairs in the bedrooms, which I never happened before.

Every time I’m in the room with this doll, I feel like I’m being watched and her eyes seem to follow you around the room. On occasion I’ve looked at the doll, her month has changed position. Her months usually open with 2 teeth showing, but a good few times I’ve looked and her teeth aren’t showing and her month isn’t opened as wide. She just so creepy and gives of an uneasy feeling. But I’ve had worse experiences with these types of dolls, so I’ll keep her.


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