Haunted Doll Collection (Peek-a-boo Lucy)

doll3 (2)A few years ago, I very naively bought 3 haunted dolls from eBay. Of these 3 dolls and only still have 1, Peek-a-boo Lucy. The other 2 were too creepy and some messed up stuff happened after I took them into my house. I didn’t feel comfortable with them in the house so I sold one of the dolls and buried the other in the back garden.

doll 15 (2)

Lucy is the only one of these dolls I kept and is one of the more unusual haunted dolls I own. She does something I’ve never experience with any of my other dolls. When you have haunted dolls, mild activity or mild creepy occurences isn’t that shocking and is kind of expected. But what is shocking and unexpected, is the doll disappearing from were you left her and reappearing somewhere else in the house.

This is why I call her Peek-a-boo Lucy. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve left Lucy on her spot on the shelf, then went about my business and later found her in some other room of the house. Weirder still, once I found her behind the sofa and I definitely wouldn’t keep dolls there.

doll 16 (2)

This doll is actually a creep and has gave me numerous jump scares. I walk into a room and she’s there, usually by the window, standing like she’s looking outside and because it’s so unexpected, I usually nearly jump out of my skin. After nearly having a heart attack, I realise how creepy it would look, if someone walked passed the window and seen a doll staring out at them. So I put her back in the spare room and hope she don’t move again.

The only way I’ve been able to keep her in one place, is to keep her in a locked display cabinet. Otherwise, I go into the spare room where I keep most of my dolls, and find that she is gone. Then I end up going on a doll haunt through my house to find her and sometimes this is not easy. Especially when she hidden under or behind something.

This doll really has a thing for hide and seek. I’m just waiting for her to turn up in the car someday or to look out the window and see her staring back at me from the neighbours house. This really wouldn’t surprise me and I think as long as I have her, I’ll be in an endless game of Peek-a-boo with Lucy.



4 thoughts on “Haunted Doll Collection (Peek-a-boo Lucy)

  1. So…my first question is, why did you buy haunted dolls in the first place? It’s not wise to mess around with the paranormal. Spirits and demonic entities are real, and without protection, they can destroy your life.


    • I already had quite a few by the time I bought them, so really didn’t see the harm in it. I was also very naive and young at the time. I would never keep a doll I thought was dangerous. If I did come across a dangous doll, I know how to cleanse and contain it. Hence why one is buried in the back garden. All the dolls I have are creepy but they’re not dangous.

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      • I’ve had problem with 2 dolls. One of them I set on the bed with an old doll I had for years. I left the room and when I came back my old doll was at the other side of the room with its leg ripped off.
        My dog refused to be in the same room as the doll that’s buried in the garden and would growl at it. My dog loves trying to get at my dolls to chew them, so when I found the dog shaking, under the sofa, staring at the doll on the armchair, I was really freaked out. These are all signs that the dolls could be trouble and possibly dangerous, so I returned one of the dolls and buried the other because the seller wouldn’t take that one back.

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