Haunted Doll Collection (Elizabeth and the Ouija Board)

doll3 (2)We are nearing the end of my haunted doll collection serials, so I thought it’s time to talk about one of the creepier of my dolls. Elizabeth has the creepiest back ground of all my dolls, which leaves my still unsure of this doll. The doll does sort of gives me the creeps and her eyes look freaky as hell, but I’ve never had any trouble with the doll, so I think she’s safe enough to have in the house.

doll 13 (2)I was given Elizabeth by a friend, after they done the one thing you should never do with a haunted doll, which is to play Ouija board with the doll. This was so dangerous, because the spirit attached to the doll could be dangerous or they could have accidentally let something dangerous into the doll. I really don’t know why my friend thought playing Ouija board with a haunted doll would be a good idea, in the first place. Things could have ended a lot worse than they did and they could have got really hurt.

To explain what happened to my friend and the doll, I think I should start at the beginning of the dolls history. According to the dolls seller, this doll was used in séances and different rituals, which lead to the doll being haunted by the spirit of a middle age woman called Elizabeth, that died suddenly in an accident. If I was buying a doll and the seller said this, I think I’d run a mile and not buy the doll. My friend on the other hand did buy it and I honestly can’t understand why, because it screams evil demonic doll.  

doll 13Some time after getting the doll, my friend decided they would play Ouija board with the doll. This went horrible wrong for my friend. I wasn’t there, so I can only repeat what my friend told me. While playing Ouija, my friend asked the spirit attached to the doll, how it died and according to my friend, the dolls started to shake and its eyes began to glow. This scared the life out of my friend so they quickly said goodbye and closed the gate.

After this, my friend thought it be a good idea to try to give the doll to me. When I heard, what happened with the doll, it’s safe to say I definitely didn’t want it, unless it was checked out by someone who knew a lot more about haunted dolls than me. After a bit of web searching, we found a guy that does paranormal investigations and claims to be able to get rid of unwanted or evil spirits. We took the doll to him to check out and he thought the doll was harmless and posed no threat, but done a cleanse on the doll anyway.  Since the doll was deemed safe, I decided to keep the doll. However, to be on the safe side, I keep the doll in a special locked cabinet, designed to hold haunted objects.    


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