Haunted doll collection (Little Grace)

doll3 (2)Finally made it to the end of this series. For my last post, I thought I’d discuss one of my more unusual haunted dolls. Little Grace is like no other doll I’ve owned or experienced. I find the activity involving this doll very unusual and have never seen it with any other doll. It leaves my wondering whether there are different kinds of doll hauntings, then currently believed.

doll 11From what I’ve experienced, I think this doll may be residually haunted (if that’s even possible). The doll’s activity isn’t interactive or intelligent, like with other dolls. It’s more like a cycle that’s takes place over and over again. The doll also goes through periods of no activity, that last months, then all of a sudden can become very active again.

Every time the activity starts up, it generally begins and ends the same way, with the activity in-between being very similar to other cycles. The activity typically starts with a really strong smell of roses in the spare room, where I keep Little Grace. This can be faintly smelled throughout upstairs, but is really over powering in the spare room. I don’t use air fresheners or have flowers in my house, so I can’t find any reason for the smell of roses, but it usually goes after a couple of hours.

doll 10Throughout these cycles, I have noticed the doll’s eyes change colour from green to blue, then to brown and back to green again. I find this really strange and I’ve tried so many times to debunk this, by changing the lighting, the angle the doll sits in the cabinet, the angle I look at the doll and the temperature of the room and have never been able to get the eye colour to change.

When the doll is activity, I hear what sounds like a child running around upstairs and when I check no one’s up there. I also hear dragging noises, like a chair being dragged out from a desk, on a wood floor. These cycles tend to not last long and normally ends with the smell of roses returning. However, this isn’t as strong as when the activity begins and can only be smelled in the spare room. After this, the activity stops for a while and only starts again when the smell of roses recurs.

doll 9Little Grace’s previous owner had the same experiences with the doll, but wasn’t able to tell me where the doll came from. All I could to find out was that, the doll has had numerous owners and all were collectors of haunted dolls. I would really love to know where this doll came from and its history. I’ve never came across another doll that seems to be residually haunted and want to understand why Little Grace appears to be.


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