Don’t Look into the Sun or Lock Yourself Out.

20170526_152859Feeling pretty stupid right now. Earlier today, I somehow managed to lock myself out of the house. It’s times like this I wonder if I even have a brain. I’m a disaster, but I won’t dwell on it. Eventually, everyone does something stupid and time definitely does make fools of us all.

Anyway, after deciding that I was a complete idiot, I thought I might as well make the most of being locked out on just a lovely sunny day. I haven’t posted any nature photos in a while, so I went on a hunt for some beautiful nature to photograph.

Surrounded by countryside and patches of forest, I’m spoiled for choice when it goes to nature. However, one thing I’ve always found really beautiful this time of year, is hawthorn trees.

tree.jpgFor the rest of the year, these trees are quite miserable looking, with twisty branches, giant thorns and barely any leaves. This time of year, they are transformed into beautiful white bushes, completely covered with gorgeous white blooms. It’s a true ugly duckling transformation.

For anyone with asthma or hay fever, there is a massive down side to these blooms. They will try to bring death by coughing, sneezing and stinging eyes. These tress are everywhere, so if you’re sensitive to its pollen, you have no choice but to stay indoors until these trees have stopped blooming.

20170526_183304Walking around outside, I noticed something else that was really beautiful today, the sky. It’s usually never this blue or clear. Normally, it grey, dull, cloudy and full of rain. Very rarely do we have a sky like this and it’s amazing.

suunWhile taking photos of the sky, I accidentally took a picture of the sun and it looks incredible. Usually we can’t appreciate how wonderful and stunning the sun is (considering looking directly at the sun, would burn the eyes out of your head). Looking at this picture still kind of hurts your eyes, but it shows how truly amazing and beautiful the sun really is. This photo alone, made being locked out all day, not so bad.

Before I Wake


Evil Butterflies (A.K.A Moths)

Where can I watch this: Netflix (Netflix original)

Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Netflix. My sleep deprivation and sleep paralysis has gotten a hell of a lot more interesting after watching this. Watching alone in the dark, was a really bad idea, on my behalf. I scared the bananas out of myself.

This movie got me on two levels. One, it fed the fear of being attacked by something horribly terrifying, while completely unable to move or scream.  And two, being chased and eaten alive, by something that can appear and disappear at well, is possibly the scariest thing I can think of.

If you’re not a nervous wreck and don’t jump at your own shadow, you most likely won’t find Before I wake that scary. For anyone with sleep paralysis, I would definitely not recommend this movie. It’ll just give your brain a new terrifying creature, to torment you with while it holds you captive in your bed.

Overall, Before I wake isn’t that bad. It’s about a boy, with the ability to bring his dreams to life, while he sleeps. The boy’s mother dies when he is very young, so he ends up in foster care. He is eventually fostered by a couple, whose son drowned to death in their bath tube. The couple soon discover the boy’s ability and instead of bringing him to a sleep therapist, like any caring guardian would do. The mother figure in this relationship, decides to become an emotional parasite and forces the boy to dream about her dead son. To allow her to see and spend time with, what she thinks is her dead son.

f01937c0-bf23-4670-ae15-3670ed0e86aeThe boy is obviously terrified of his dreams and his ability. At one point, he even tells the mother figure that, he is scared and doesn’t want to sleep because there’s a monster in his dreams, that eats people. Again, instead of bringing the child to a therapist, the emotional parasite and her husband enabler, decides to expose the child to mental abuse, forcing him to watch home videos of their dead son. This abuse gets worse, leading to the emotional parasite drugging the poor boy, so that he would sleep for longer. Giving her more time with a dream vision of her dead son.

But then Karma strikes, and the monster from the child’s dreams, finally turns up to (in my opinion) save the child from this messed up abuse. Unfortunately, the monster only eats the enabler and the emotional parasite survives the attack.

After the attack, the boy is rightfully removed from the couple’s care, because the child was drugged, the husband is missing and they suspected domestic violence. The emotional parasite is left alone without either of her hosts. Feeling insecure, vulnerable and peeved that her host was removed from her care, she finally decides to act in the child’s best interest and do something that benefits the child for a change. The mother figure then sets out to find out the truth behind the boy’s abilities and to find a way to rid the boy of the monster from his dreams.

Although it sounds like I hated this movie, it wasn’t that bad. It was more annoying that the mother figure was treating the boy horribly and it was kind of made out to be an okay thing to do (it’s definitely not okay. It’s pretty sick). The movie itself was okay. It was just that character’s behaviour that was irritating.

Before I wake isn’t that scare, so could be watched by lovers of horror and by those who like watching the occasional horror. If you are lost for something to watch on Netflix, I would definitely recommend giving Before I wake a try. You never know you might like it more than I did.
Rating: 2/5

Meet Tattoo Girl

20170524_100645 (1)I took the 3-year-old (Orly) shopping with me and she begged me to buy her tattoos. She said she wanted to be a tattoo girl. To be honest, I was going to be an old grump and tell her no, but the thoughts of her dressed up as a tattoo girl was too darn cute. So, I got her tattoos.

Before anyone goes crazy at me for what I let Orly do next, I would like to point out that these are temporary stick-on tattoos, for ages 3 and up, are non-toxic and can easily be removed with a bit of baby oil and cotton wool. So, as long as I supervise Orly, she can’t come to any harm from stick-on tattoos. Plus, you can’t expect the child to be like a doll and sit there covered in cotton wool, doing nothing all day. You have to encourage their creativity and let them experience new things. Orly loves dressing up and spend more time in dress-up clothes than normal clothes. For a 3-year-old she really good at putting a dress-up character together and it’s her creative outlet. So, if she wants to dress-up as a tattoo girl, I’m going to let her. It benefits her development greatly, so why not.

20170524_113814.jpgThe tattoos she picked out are pretty cool. A lot of little skulls and love hearts, not what you’d expect a little girl to pick. Unfortunately, they weren’t ready cut out so I had to cut them out for her.

The packet didn’t lie. It said easy to apply and they weren’t kidding. All it took to transfer the tattoo from the paper to Orly’s arm, was a wipe with a damp sponge. The child watched me do it once and she wanted to do it herself. To my surprise, she actually could. Tattoo girl is her character, so from there she had full rein and I let Orly do as she pleased with the tattoos.

vLuckily, she stuck to tattooing her arms, so removing these when she finished being tattoo girl shouldn’t take that long. Her finished character was awesome and the tattoos worked great. She kind of looks like a little biker. All she needed was a motorbike and a little leather jacket. She not my child, so I couldn’t include a picture of her full outfit, but trust me it was so cute and really well done.

oUnfortunately for me, my niece decided, one of the things tattoo girl does is tattoo other people. Being the only other person in the house, I ended up being covered in tattoos too and got renamed tattoo sister (Orly came up with it).

rShe really went all out. I think she put more tattoos on me, than she put on herself. Most importantly, she had great fun being tattoo girl and really enjoyed herself. It’s funny how something as simple as a packet of temporary tattoos, can bring a child so much entertainment and happiness.

20170524_112316Yeah, she literally didn’t miss a spot.  Pretty much stuck a tattoo on every part of my arms that wasn’t covered by my sleeves.

yTo be honest, I didn’t mind being used as her play subject, this time. I quite like my new temporary tattoos, especially the elephant and candy skull. When she decides to include me in her games, I usually end up a lot worser for wear than this. This time, I got some cool tattoos and escaped without injury, so was a good day for both of us.

Blood Lad  

e060c5a0-aefe-4c45-809e-fa89dba669ce.pngWhere can I watch this: Netflix (Season 1)

Netflix rates this anime G (PG), it’s definitely not suitable for children. The female characters are drawn with certain exaggerated features, which may leave you with the impression that you’re watching the wrong sort of anime and at any moment it may take a bit of a X rated turn.

After getting over the initial shock, Blood Lad is pretty good. It isn’t the usual type of anime I would watch, so I was surprised by how good it was. It’s full of dark humour and if like me, dark humour is your thing, it’ll have you laughing your head off, from the first episode to the last.

82e91f74-4ec9-417c-a3a6-56b02641ff12_1Blood Lad is about a school girl (Fuyumi), who finds herself in the demon world. Staz (a vampire) is obsessed with the human world, so when he finds out Fuyumi (a human) is in the demon word, he quickly becomes obsessed with her and orders his man to bring Fuyumi to him. Shortly after Fuyumi is taken to Staz, she meets a cruel faith and is eaten by a carnivorous flower. Fuyumi sadly dies, but as she is in the demon world, she becomes a ghost. Feeling responsible for Fuyumi death and still very much obsessed with her, Staz promises to find a way to resurrect Fuyumi and make her human again. Staz, Fuyumi and their friends set of on an adventure, full of twist and secret motives, to bring Fuyumi back to life and send her back to the human world.

c14238e1-91a2-4c7b-8702-1ca55890338dBeing only 10 episodes long, Blood Lad is worth a watch. It’s not your usual serious anime, but is more a goofy fun type of anime, making it very easy watch. Perfect for relaxing and winding down after a busy day. It’s only down point is its ending. It leaves a lot of loose ends and unanswered questions. However, its storyline throughout season 1, more than makes up for this. I’m pretty sure these loose ends and unanswered questions were meant to follow through to the second season. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find out much about the second season and as far as I am aware, it is still in the making.

Overall, Blood lad is quite an enjoyable series. I would definitely recommend it to lovers of anime. It’s got action, extreme fight scene and both terrifying and really cute characters. Making it entertaining to most audiences. If you love dark humour, then you’ll really enjoy this short series and find it as amusing as I did.
Rating: 3/5


I couldn’t decide which of my drawing of Liz I liked better, so I included both. One is smoky axes and the other is plain axes.

Always Drawing

There’s nothing more relaxing than drawing on a tablet, knowing there’s no mess to clean up after. Painting with virtual paintbrushes is just so satisfying. If you’re anything like me, you’ll get stuck in drawing with just your finger because the stylus isn’t the same and isn’t as fun as painting with your fingers.

This week, I’ve been shaking up my usually drawing technic and set myself a bit of a challenge. I’m rubbish at side views, so I set myself a goal to create a side view drawing, that is worthy of posting on my blog. It wasn’t easy and after a few failed attempts I managed to create this.

6d48d355-fcf6-46ec-a744-1d62c05d1decIt’s a representation of my 3-year-old niece and her personality. Don’t worry, I don’t think my niece is a demon child. She’s just a little girl, but she has a huge devilish personality. She’s hilarious. One minute she saying she a beautiful princess, next minute she’s trying to beat me up (Play fighting of course). She gets up to so much devilment and loves winding me up, playing little jokes on me and telling me little stories about her imaginary friend just to creep me out. She’s a little devil.

I showed her this drawing and she wasn’t pleased. She liked that she had a princess dress and pretty pink hair, but didn’t appreciate the horns. She made me draw another picture of her with her older sister, because this picture didn’t meet her high standards.

15193146-5ee4-4c4f-a9d6-438b83563cabThink I still caught my niece’s cheeky devilish personality, but I like the other drawing better. It’s just very like her. My niece likes this one better but. Probably because she doesn’t have horns and is with her big sister. It’s not a side view, but it got my niece’s approval, which is a better achievement.

86f3e4e5-0301-4880-bc24-2b893da2bb3d_1I felt bad, leaving my sister’s two boys out so I drew them too.

Glitter Watercolours and A 3-year-old. Sure what can go wrong.

20170510_170514Today my 3-year-old niece came running into the house, calling my name. Normally, I’d go hide somewhere, because this usually isn’t good and means I’m about to be beaten with something she found in the garden. But I promised my sister, I would mind the child while she was at work, so I had to take whatever was about to come my way. Lucky for me, she just wanted to show me her glitter paints. I have to say, they’re kind of cool. Hard to see what colour the paint is, when its dry though. They looked much better when we were finished, surprisingly.

2After a debriefing from my sister, a little voice comes from behind me and says, “we need to paint” and rudely orders me to go get water. Which caused the whole “ask nicely” argument and somehow lead to the child convincing me to let her paint in my sketch book. She did make a good point, we have to share. Plus, she can’t do much harm with water paints.

I got everything set up ready to paint and then we notice there’s only one brush. Expecting an emotional melt down, I quickly told the child, she can paint and that I was okay.  However, she was having none of it. Getting all emotional, she piles up and shouts, “we’re sharing. You got to paint too.” One brush wasn’t going to stop her. She was determined to share these paints with me. It was really sweet.

Her solution to this problem was really cute, she said we could both hold the brush and make a beautiful picture. The shape of us, both trying to paint with this tiny little brush was hilarious. I was left holding the very top of the brush, trying not to lose my grip or she’d shout at me that “we need to share.”

6After a lot of failed attempts, we managed to paint a beautiful swirl together. Considering a 3-year-old was holding onto most of the brush, I think we done a good job. The paint worked well too. It was all glittery and stayed that way after it dried.

20170510_162950We murdered the brush but. Don’t think we’ll be painting much more with that.

1And after she decided I needed some beautiful tiger stripes, but just on my thumb.

Enoying the last of the Sun Shine

20170510_120257Unfortunately, the beautiful sunny warm weather is gone and the rain and cold is back. Typical Irish weather. But no better way to spend the last of the nice weather, than in the sand. 

20170510_120312I say sand, because this is not actually a beach. It’s technically a harbour and I won’t recommend going in the water. Its gross and it’ll most likely make you sick.

20170510_120300 (1)Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop people enjoying the sand.

20170510_120305The view alone is worth coming here for. You can see the whole way to the other side of the harbour, on days like this.

20170510_120314Suppose we should be happy the rain is back. We had 2 weeks of lovely weather and none of the mountains caught fire (usually they do, after a week of warm weather and no rain). Another few days of sun shine and heat, probably would have caused fires, so we’re very lucky the rain is back.   


They Call Themselves Real-Life Vampires

29412559-155a-46c6-a7ac-920e5a6c18fdI finished watching vampire knight seasons 1 & 2, and it left me with a few questions about vampires. So, I done what most people would do and asked google. This turned into one hell of a creepy google search.

The first thing I wanted to know was, why vampires need to drink blood to survive. Surely if it’s for nutrients, they would be able to survive by dissolving food supplements in water and drinking that. Even better, they could survive on steak smoothie. Therefore, eliminating the need for blood.

Anyway, this was bugging the hell out of me so I googled it and came across something very unexpected. An interview with a real-life vampire. At first I thought, surely this is a joke or something. Vampires don’t exist. I was sort of wrong.

087603c5-0d09-4c76-8611-dbde8cdca204 (2)Although these people aren’t actual vampires, they pretty much behave like they are. Considering this, it kind of makes them scarier than actual vampire. Normal anti-vampire defences won’t keep them at bay. You can throw as much garlic and holy water at them as you want and they’ll still be able to come at you for your blood.

But, us non-vampires can relax. I done a bit of research and apparently, they only take your blood with your permission and written consent. Some don’t even feed on your blood, but feed on your energy or life-force. (Having a bunch of people standing around you, pulling weird creepy facing, saying their feeding on your life-force, may be a lot more terrifying though.)

And then I found a very scary website, that allows vampires to find other vampires in their area, so that they can go feeding together and do other vampire things. The author claims that, they can tell a real vampire from a want-a-be vampire be just an email (Never knew there was a difference). Reading this website made my blood run cold. It talked of awakening as vampires and made claims that they need to drink blood to stay healthy and that vampirism was caused by a virus. This site screamed cult. It even has events for vampires like blood lettings, feeding sessions and get togethers. All of which sound terrifying for a non-vampire.

3b13409b-6006-4be7-8368-13d1080625a7There is also a checklist that allows you to tell if you are a vampire. This checklist suggested thing like eating two rare steaks and seeing if your skin turns pink (if it does, it says you’re most likely a vampire) and was very focused on a person’s sleeping pattern and reaction to sunlight. Curious, I done the checklist on myself. I sourced over 80%, which according to the website makes me a vampire. Safe to I will not be drinking blood anytime in the future. Blood borne disease and iron overload, does not appeal to me at all. Pretty sure this checklist would class any light-sensitive night owl as a vampire. It’s scary to think someone might take this serious and go off and join the vampires. It’s crazy.

f3653959-ffd6-4a76-b6f8-b94880bb2128_1I truly hope that this website was a joke. If it’s not, it’s definitely frightening to think that people are gathering together to drink blood. There’s just something so bizarre about the whole thing.

Sometimes you just have to Wander

20170502_115952The sun is out, the temperature is nice and it’s not raining. Perfect wandering weather and no better place to wander, then a forest on the side of a mountain. 

20170502_115958I truly missed this, when I lived on the north coast. It was so flat there and all you could see was wind turbines in the distance. The scenery was nothing like this.

New Phototastic CollageGoing off the trail for a bit can be rough,

over.jpgespecially when everything’s slightly over grown.

chairBut when you find something as random as this, in the middle of the forest, it’s all worth it.

6Beautiful bluebells everywhere. Too bad you’re not allowed to pick them. They smelled so lovely.

20170502_120058.jpgAll that walking and climbing is well worth it, when you can experience a view like this.