Glitter Watercolours and A 3-year-old. Sure what can go wrong.

20170510_170514Today my 3-year-old niece came running into the house, calling my name. Normally, I’d go hide somewhere, because this usually isn’t good and means I’m about to be beaten with something she found in the garden. But I promised my sister, I would mind the child while she was at work, so I had to take whatever was about to come my way. Lucky for me, she just wanted to show me her glitter paints. I have to say, they’re kind of cool. Hard to see what colour the paint is, when its dry though. They looked much better when we were finished, surprisingly.

2After a debriefing from my sister, a little voice comes from behind me and says, “we need to paint” and rudely orders me to go get water. Which caused the whole “ask nicely” argument and somehow lead to the child convincing me to let her paint in my sketch book. She did make a good point, we have to share. Plus, she can’t do much harm with water paints.

I got everything set up ready to paint and then we notice there’s only one brush. Expecting an emotional melt down, I quickly told the child, she can paint and that I was okay.  However, she was having none of it. Getting all emotional, she piles up and shouts, “we’re sharing. You got to paint too.” One brush wasn’t going to stop her. She was determined to share these paints with me. It was really sweet.

Her solution to this problem was really cute, she said we could both hold the brush and make a beautiful picture. The shape of us, both trying to paint with this tiny little brush was hilarious. I was left holding the very top of the brush, trying not to lose my grip or she’d shout at me that “we need to share.”

6After a lot of failed attempts, we managed to paint a beautiful swirl together. Considering a 3-year-old was holding onto most of the brush, I think we done a good job. The paint worked well too. It was all glittery and stayed that way after it dried.

20170510_162950We murdered the brush but. Don’t think we’ll be painting much more with that.

1And after she decided I needed some beautiful tiger stripes, but just on my thumb.


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