Always Drawing

There’s nothing more relaxing than drawing on a tablet, knowing there’s no mess to clean up after. Painting with virtual paintbrushes is just so satisfying. If you’re anything like me, you’ll get stuck in drawing with just your finger because the stylus isn’t the same and isn’t as fun as painting with your fingers.

This week, I’ve been shaking up my usually drawing technic and set myself a bit of a challenge. I’m rubbish at side views, so I set myself a goal to create a side view drawing, that is worthy of posting on my blog. It wasn’t easy and after a few failed attempts I managed to create this.

6d48d355-fcf6-46ec-a744-1d62c05d1decIt’s a representation of my 3-year-old niece and her personality. Don’t worry, I don’t think my niece is a demon child. She’s just a little girl, but she has a huge devilish personality. She’s hilarious. One minute she saying she a beautiful princess, next minute she’s trying to beat me up (Play fighting of course). She gets up to so much devilment and loves winding me up, playing little jokes on me and telling me little stories about her imaginary friend just to creep me out. She’s a little devil.

I showed her this drawing and she wasn’t pleased. She liked that she had a princess dress and pretty pink hair, but didn’t appreciate the horns. She made me draw another picture of her with her older sister, because this picture didn’t meet her high standards.

15193146-5ee4-4c4f-a9d6-438b83563cabThink I still caught my niece’s cheeky devilish personality, but I like the other drawing better. It’s just very like her. My niece likes this one better but. Probably because she doesn’t have horns and is with her big sister. It’s not a side view, but it got my niece’s approval, which is a better achievement.

86f3e4e5-0301-4880-bc24-2b893da2bb3d_1I felt bad, leaving my sister’s two boys out so I drew them too.


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