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If I was to describe Blame! in as little words as possible, I would describe it as, future anime I, robot. The similarities between these two movies is remarkable. Even one type of evil robot in Blame!, looks near identical to the robots in I, Robot, expect for the way they move. These robots move more like spiders than humans and have a red light instead of blue.

Both stories start very similar too, with robots no longer obeying humans, going rogue and taking over a city. The only thing that was missing was an anime Will Smith. Instead, Blame! had a more silent hero, called Killy (Kirī).

After the beginning, the two storylines start to differ, but the overall motivation for the main characters remain the same. This aim being, to destroy the robots and regain control of the city. In Blame!, they even find a nice non-evil robot to help them, fight the evil robots.

However, Blame! was a manga, long before the film I, Robot, so I can’t be too hard on Blame! for being similar. I’ve never read this manga (because you can’t properly get manga here), so can’t tell you how similar I, Robot is to Blame!, the manga.

I’m still not sure, whether I like the animation style of Blame!. It has a very video game look and occasionally the characters move very much like a video game character. Making their movements kind of choppy and not very smooth. It’s definitely not the animation style I’m use too. One positive, about this style, is that it looks very realistic at times, which is amazing.

thumbnail_20170609_161121Despite the unusual animation style, Blame!’s story is exciting and enjoyable. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic city, where robots are hell-bent on killing all humans without the NET terminal gene. Regarding them as illegal residents of the city, that must be exterminated. Initially, all humans in the city, had the NET terminal gene and the robots obeyed the humans, building and protecting the city. Then after some type of contamination (we are not told what type) of the city, the humans lose the NET terminal gene and the robots turn on the humans and kill most of the population. A group of survivors are forced to live in isolation, in a safe zone, protected from robot invasions. Never knowing, if there are any other humans surviving in the city.

The survivors must venture out of the safe zone, in search of food. It is on one of these ventures, that they run into another survivor, Killy, after he saves them from a robot attack. Curious of this stranger, they take him back to their village, in the safe zone, to see the elders. It is there, Killy reveals to the elders, that he is searching for a human with the NET terminal gene. He believes if he finds a human with the NET terminal gene, the robots will obey them. Hence, take control of the city back and end this apocalyptic nightmare. Unfortunately, no one in the village has this gene, so Killy must go in search for more survivors. In the hope of finding food and other survivors, the elders decide to help Killy, in his search.

Overall, Blame! is pretty good. If you can get past the unusual animation style, it’s quite an enjoyable film. It has a lot of action and an interesting storyline. Most of the time, you are left in suspense, wondering if the survivors will escape the robot attacks, unharmed and if they should trust Killy or the robot scientist.

There was also quite a lot of arm losing. All I can say is that, I hope I could be that calm, if I ever lost an arm (people lost arms and were surprisingly relaxed about it. They didn’t even seem the slightest bit bothered). The only thing I could find wrong with Blame!, is their use of light and colour in battle scenes. Netflix really should have put a light/brightness warning on this film. The brightness of Killy’s and the safeguard’s gun, really stung my eyes and had them watering like hell.

To conclude, Blame! is one of the better Netflix original anime films. It isn’t that long, so is definitely worth a watch. By the way the film ended, I get a feeling that, they may make a sequel. I’m not sure if non-anime fans would like Blame!. I think the unusual animation style might be too much for them. They might not be able to get past that, to appreciate the action or storyline. However, if you are an anime fan and like robot apocalypse films, then Blame! is the film for you.
Rating: 3.5/5

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