Candy Kittens. Luckily, does not contain Kitten, but does contain Disappointment.

thumbnail_20170618_195901I feel so betrayed by this sweet (Candy) company. As you can see, the word London is used in the branding of this product. Also, the word British, is used to description of this product. Giving the impression, the product is made in Britain.

20170619_132731I gave these sweets (candy) a try and I was a bit confused, when I noticed, they taste a lot like a Spanish candy. British chewy sweets (candy) taste more of sugar and gelatine, with a hint of fruit flavour. These sweets (candy) taste a lot like fruit juice and sugar and were a bit harder, then the usually British chewy sweets. Now suspicious, I look at the packet again and realise it says British style. A sneaky way of saying these are not made in Britain, we only want you to think that. Looking closer, my suspicions were right. They are in fact, made in Spain for a company in London.

20170619_095230So, let’s get this straight, its candy made in Spain for a company in London and its only British style, not actually British. So, are they Spanish British style candy?? If so, why not say that in the description. Is it just me or does it sound like, someone in their marketing department is full is dung. I hate being misled and this has put me of buying this brand ever again. A little honesty goes a long way. Like why use British as a selling point, if your product is made in Spain. That’s a bit messed up.

thumbnail_20170619_100724Also, it looks like the cat put its face in a blender. Luckily, they tasted half decent, so they weren’t a complete disappointment.

Overall thoughts, sweets (candy) tasted okay, but branding needs a lot of work.


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