Tokyo Ghoul (Season One)

94312d3d-e428-4301-ba1a-45f0bf053b81_1I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but I’ve finally found an anime I didn’t like. I know, I’ll probably get a load of stick for saying that, but I really couldn’t find much good about Tokyo Ghoul season 1. I couldn’t even force myself to watch the 2nd season. Usually, if I didn’t like a film or series, I would just not review. Since I can’t find anything good to review, I’m biting the bullet and reviewing the least awful thing I’ve watched lately.

Tokyo Ghoul is about an orphan (Kaneki), who is nearly eaten by in a powerful ghoul (ghouls can only live by eating human flesh. They cannot digest normal food, so it makes them horribly ill. However, they can drink coffee). Before the ghoul can devour Kaneki, construction materials fall off a close by high-rise, that is under construction. This lands on top of Kaneki and the ghoul, crushing them both. The ghoul is killed, but Kaneki, is left critically injured. To save Kaneki life, a doctor decides to transplants the ghoul’s organs into Kaneki. In some weird twist of faith, this transforms Kaneki into something half-way between a ghoul and a human. Kaneki must then adjust to life as a ghoul and learn to accept that, he now needs to eat human flesh to survive. He must also avoid being discovered, by the doves (Ghoul exterminators) as they want to rid the world of ghouls.


The software I usually use to create images, for reviews is malfunctioning. I had to go old school and create them on paper. It was a hell of a lot harder, to create the same effect.   

The biggest issue, with Tokyo Ghoul was delivery. It just didn’t meet its hype and it didn’t deliver in the storyline. It seemed to always be lacking something and didn’t have much direction at times. Basically, things happened that didn’t go anywhere, fixed themselves or just weren’t as exciting, as you would expect. It was very underwhelming. Also, things where made out to be a huge deal one episode and next episode no one cared.

For a show about flesh eating monsters, it wasn’t as gory or bloody, as you would expect. They left me waiting to the last episode of season one, to see some actual gore. This was really disappointing. The rest of the season, had as much blood and gore as the typical anime (the typical anime I watch anyway). For a lover of blood and gore, it was very unsatisfying.

For most of the series, the characters sat around drinking coffee and feeling sorry for themselves. Yes, they had a good reason for being depressed, but this wasn’t very entertaining. They could have at least, got mad at the world and went on a rampage. I wanted to see the world burn, at the hands of an angry ghoul, but all I got was, coffee with mopey ghouls. In-between these coffee breaks, things did happen like kidnappings and doves butchering ghouls. These were exciting, but the excitement was quickly killed, by more coffee drinking and moping.

20170620_174507Not to be completely negative about Tokyo ghoul, there was a few good things about this series. The characters were pretty good. They were very likeable and entertaining. Most had their own little personality quirk, that made it easy to connect with them and to understand their mindset. The male characters were also very kind to the eyes (mainly Renji and weirdly Uta), which is always a plus.

The best thing about this anime was the kagune. They look awesome and are really interesting. The animators really done a good job. The kagune were so pretty and unique to each ghoul. It’s quite amazing. So much work must have gone into designing them. They are incredible.


Double kagune, angel wings and scythes. I want this as a kagune, if I become a ghoul.

Although I don’t like this anime, I can see why other people like it. It has good action scenes, pretty colours and interesting characters. It also has that whole, “let’s not hate the world, but hate the people in it” thing going for it. Some people may like that idea, but I do not. It throws everyone in the one pot and that’s unfair. Not everyone is rotten, only a small group is. Unfortunately, these people are usually very loud and love showing off. So, we only notice them and forget about the good.

Overall, Tokyo Ghoul was not to my taste. I felt it was missing something and was underwhelming. If I was to describe Tokyo Ghoul (season 1), in as little word as possible, I would describe it as, Coffee with mopey ghouls, interrupted by doves slaying ghouls and ghoul fights.
Rating: 2.5/5

10 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul (Season One)

    • I did like the first and last episode of season one, but the episodes between them, just didn’t do it for me. It just felt too slow and unnatural.
      Have you ever watch Game of Thrones? People were making it out, to be as gory as it. I think that’s what spoiled it for me. Wasn’t anywhere near as gory.
      Glad you loved it 🙂 . I think it might be one of those anime, you’ll either love or hate.


  1. Anime is just like watching TV. You’ll find stuff you like and stuff you don’t. If you didn’t like season one of Tokyo Ghoul I would advise avoiding season two. From what I hear even fans of the first series don’t like it.

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