Showed this drawing to my mother and she thought I was trying to say, I was half dead. Explaining, what an Exo suit is, to a 50-year-old, with limited understanding of technology, is hard work.  

Elysium isn’t the usually kind of movie, that I’d watch. But I gave it a go and it was actually pretty good. The idea its built around, is quite interesting and is worth a bit of thought. If all the rich left earth, to live in a luxury space station (Elysium), would we who remain below, be left living in squalor, still ruled by the rich in the sky. Would the sick and hopeless below, risk their lives to try to reach Elysium, where they could receive lifesaving medical care. Knowing the likelihood of success, is nearly non-existent.

Elysium is set in a future (2159), where the rich left earth to live in Elysium, due to overpopulation and pollution. Everyone else, is left to live in the wreckage of the earth, where most live in poverty, are starving and have little access to health care. To remain in control of those on earth, the rich use a robot police force, that is programmed to obey only citizens of Elysium (i.e. the rich).

Max, a citizen of earth, is exposed to radiation and develops radiation poisoning. Only having 5 days to live, Max turns to a crime boss, to get to Elysium, where he can receive treatment, that will save his life. In return, the crime boss wants payment. However, Max does not have that sort of money, so agrees to do one last job for the crime boss. This job goes horribly wrong, leaving Max a wanted criminal and pursued by a secret agent. Max must now avoid capture and make it to Elysium, before it is too late.

Writing that description, I’m aware that Elysium’s storyline sounds a bit ridiculous, but it’s not that bad. There were a few parts I left out, to avoid spoiling the movie. With these parts, the storyline is a bit more believable and the more extreme aspects, are toned down.

One problem I did have with Elysium, was the main character Max. He wasn’t very likeable and was a bit of a jerk. His extreme fear of death, made him very selfish and incredibly self-gaining. He put someone, he was meant to care about, in harm’s way. She safes his life, putting her and her daughter’s life on the line and he doesn’t return the favour. Pretty dishonourable, if you ask me. I don’t even think he said thank you either.

dc19d535-8663-4bd6-9641-57c4c3996bcbHe also had the chance to really change things, for the people on earth, early in the movie. But decides not to, for self-gain. Things work out in the end, but I don’t think that was down to Max’s choice. Things just played out that way.

Another problem was that, they don’t explain things very well at the start of the film. I can see how this, may lead to confusion towards the end of the movie. However, if you’re a quick thinker and can fill in the gaps yourself, this won’t be a problem.

Overall, Elysium is very watchable. It has action, really good fight scenes and a couple of unusually deaths, that are also kind of gross. It has one of those stories, you can really immerse yourself in. You find yourself really backing the character Max (even if you don’t like him), in his fight to reach Elysium and win against a corrupted government.

The scenes of flying over Elysium were also amazing. It looked like a mini paradise, floating above the earth and looked very realistic. The scenes of Elysium from earth were breath-taking as well and really played in well with the concept, that Elysium was nearly impossible to reach and was a heaven like place, where no one dies, is ill or suffers.

Elysium is a very exciting, enjoyable film. I would definitely recommend watching it. It is action packed, but will also make you think. It has a strong, exciting storyline, that will really suck you in and have you wondering, if Max will make it to Elysium before it’s too late. The concept of Elysium is really interesting and is reflected well in the film. It’s the perfect rainy-day or late-night movie.
Rating: 3/5


2 thoughts on “Elysium

  1. I’ve seen the movie. Loved every bit of it! If you enjoy the dystopian genre, I suggest watching Equals with Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult. It is set in a future where emotions are treated as a disease… It`s kind like today but in a much more drastic way. And I will say no more 😉

    Nice blog by the way!

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