Without a Bubble

20170703_151850Most people have a bubble. I did not, so I wrapped myself in a blanket and hoped for the best.

I’m going to try something a bit different this week. Instead of my usual random Thursday post, I’m going to introduce you all, to series of drawings, that together tells a story (a personal story of mine).  Originally, I was never going to share these pencil drawings, because I thought they might be a little too dark, to share.

But then, my friend found them, when I left my sketch book on the coffee table. He wanted to see, what I have been drawing. I let him look through my sketch book, because he’s my best bud and he’s not mean, unlike that horrible individual, I showed my personal digital drawings to.

Out of all the stuff I drew, he showed a particular interest in these drawings. He really wanted to know, the story behind them and wanted to know, how the story ended. I hadn’t drawn the ending yet, so I jokingly said, “you’ll have to wait until I draw it, don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Weirdly, he just accepted this answer, which isn’t like him. He just said “right enough”, then asked when I’ll have it finished.

Ever since, he’s been asking about the ending and if I’ve drawn anything else like this. He seems to really like them, so I thought I’d share them. As some of you may, find these drawings as interesting, as he did.

20170703_152208I will add a few words below each, to make them a little easier to understand. I’ll also add two images of each drawing, to ensure you can see the drawing properly (pencil drawings don’t photograph well, unfortunately).

As I wasn’t going to share them, the drawing isn’t to my usual standard, so please be kind. Hope you enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Without a Bubble

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