Young Wolf

thumbnail_20170728_155856I wish I could write something deep and meaningful, under young wolf. I couldn’t come up with anything, relatable or that could be understood. It would have just, look like nonsensical gibberish. So instead, I’ll tell you about wolves.

I use wolves a lot in my drawings. Either in the background, as a tattoo on one of the figures or hidden somewhere in the image. Wolves hold a lot of meaning, to me.

Other than being beautiful creatures, they can be used to represent a lot of things. However, the reason I use them, is wildness.


Even when caged from birth, they maintain their wildness. A wolf can never truly be tamed. You may think you’ve tamed a wolf and it may appear tame, but it never can be. Deep down, they retain their wildness. Improperly caged, a wolf will break free of its cage and return to the wilderness, where it belongs.

Cage a wild wolf and it will use all its strength and its last breath to break free, or it’ll lie in wait, for the first opportunity, to escape captivity. Either way, a wild wolf can never be caged.


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