Without a Bubble

20170703_151850Most people have a bubble. I did not, so I wrapped myself in a blanket and hoped for the best.

I’m going to try something a bit different this week. Instead of my usual random Thursday post, I’m going to introduce you all, to series of drawings, that together tells a story (a personal story of mine).  Originally, I was never going to share these pencil drawings, because I thought they might be a little too dark, to share.

But then, my friend found them, when I left my sketch book on the coffee table. He wanted to see, what I have been drawing. I let him look through my sketch book, because he’s my best bud and he’s not mean, unlike that horrible individual, I showed my personal digital drawings to.

Out of all the stuff I drew, he showed a particular interest in these drawings. He really wanted to know, the story behind them and wanted to know, how the story ended. I hadn’t drawn the ending yet, so I jokingly said, “you’ll have to wait until I draw it, don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Weirdly, he just accepted this answer, which isn’t like him. He just said “right enough”, then asked when I’ll have it finished.

Ever since, he’s been asking about the ending and if I’ve drawn anything else like this. He seems to really like them, so I thought I’d share them. As some of you may, find these drawings as interesting, as he did.

20170703_152208I will add a few words below each, to make them a little easier to understand. I’ll also add two images of each drawing, to ensure you can see the drawing properly (pencil drawings don’t photograph well, unfortunately).

As I wasn’t going to share them, the drawing isn’t to my usual standard, so please be kind. Hope you enjoy!

The Seven Deadly Sins (Season One)


It took all my strength to add colour and ink this. I usually don’t use colour in this way, on my paper drawings. I’m a bit more extreme with colour (like in my Tokyo Ghoul drawings). It looks nice in colour, but felt really weird and unnatural doing this, so I included an image of before I added colour and inked it.   

Netflix Original

My first impression of The Seven Deadly Sins was, wow that’s a lot of man boobs (moobs). Seriously, all the male Holy Knights looked like, they were into steroid abuse and as a consequence, had quite the pair of moobs. It was hilarious. Weirdly, the older the Holy Knight, the bigger his moobs were. Leaving me to think, they grow with age or something. Luckily, the main characters didn’t look like, scary He-men. They were more like, underwear models.

Seven deadly sins, takes place in a time, were the human and non-human worlds are not yet fully separate. To protect the people from the dangers of the non-human worlds, the Holy Knights are formed, from humans with magical powers. The Holy Knights are meant to protect the people and prevent a Holy War breaking out, that would bring an apocalypse like catastrophe, to the human world. However, a group of Holy Knights plot against the King, to bring about this Holy War.

They take the King and his daughters captive and plan to open a portal to the demon world, that would start the Holy War. The King’s adoptive daughter Elizabeth, escapes and seeks the help of The Seven Deadly Sins, to stop this group of Holy Knights.

Elizabeth quickly finds the Captain of Seven deadly sins (Meliodas), but learns the seven deadly sins have split up, to hide from the law, as they are fugitives. Elizabeth and Meliodas, with his pet pig Hawk, join forces to search for the remainder of the Seven Deadly Sins and stop the Holy Knights, before it’s too late.

1870af51-4d5d-4329-820b-c80cecc38aa8I was really surprised by this series. I went into it thinking, it might be too manly for my taste and that it would be all, guys running around fighting, with shiny, shiny swords and pretty colours. Instead, I loved every minute of it. There was just something about it, that made it so fun to watch.

The story, was your basic anime storyline and what you expect from this sort of anime. The hero fights the villain and wins the heart of the girl. It did have a few twists thrown in and some really good character building. Other than that, it was your typical anime storyline. I think, what made the seven deadly sins, so enjoyable was its humour and its characters.

I found this anime hilarious. I spent most my time laughing like a mental patient, while watching it. At times, I wasn’t even sure, what I was laughing at or if it was, intentionally funny. I just found the whole series beyond funny.

It had both dark and ironic humour, which is personally my favourite types of humour. It had comical violence, a few subtle dirty jokes and hilariously cheesy cringe worthy moments, to top it off. Making seven deadly sins, one of the funniest anime, I’ve watch yet. Comedy, isn’t something I’ve come by often, in anime. Especially, well done comedy.


My apologies. It’s very hard to see. My Meliodas drawing, before I added colour.  

The characters are also amazing and you really grow to love them. They’re all slightly eccentric, in their own unique way and have strange personality quirks. Occasionally, this lead to personality clashes, making their interactions, very amusing to watch.

However, I suspect some of the characters, have a few mental issues (a massive under statement). Especially, the members of the Seven Deadly Sins. One, has an obsessive need to steal people’s clothes, while they’re still wearing them and has delusions, about bringing his dead child-girlfriend (it’s so creepy) back to life, at any cost. Another, seems to have a stalker relationship with the Captain and has abandonment and anger issues. I suspect one member, is very, very depressed and is a bit insecure and anxious, due to his unusually attachment, to his giant teddy bear. I also suspect another member, has Asperger syndrome or may be a sociopath playing one hell of a game and putting on an act.

Then there’s, the main character Meliodas. It’s pretty obvious, there something very wrong with him. He seems nice, sweet and cheery and a complete pervert, most of the time. But then, he blacks out and becomes hard-core, psychotic and unresponsive. This happens, in the click of a light switch and he has no memory, of being in this state. I really liked this character, but he’s kind of scary. Looking like a muscular 10-year-old, really doesn’t help the matter. Luckily, his sure likeability and good-heartedness, makes up for his scary side, making him one of the series best characters.

16d1341c-ab8b-4156-b1cd-2d04566ae9d1The sanest character is worryingly the pig, Hawk. However, it’s these flaws that make most of the characters, really likeable and entertaining. They done a great job of building background stories, for these characters, making it easy to connect with and understand them. You can truly see where they’re coming from and empathise with them. This allow you to become, fully engrossed in the storyline and really back certain characters.

I only have a few criticisms of the seven deadly sins, one being the animation. It wasn’t that great. It reminded me of older anime. I feel they could have used light and colour a bit better, to enhance battle scenes and empathise the characters magical abilities. In saying this, I did like how the eyes were animated. It was really interesting and matched the characters personalities and state very well.

My other criticism, was the plot armour. I’m pretty sure the seven deadly sins, are some type of undead task force. They literally wouldn’t and couldn’t die. At one point in the anime, they were all very close to dying, but then someone conveniently had magic healing powers and completely healed everyone. Another time, the sin of lust actually died, but somehow came back it life. It was very unsatisfying. There were just times the plot armour, was completely ridiculous and annoying.

The seven deadly sins, hasn’t made its way, into my top 10 favourite anime, but overall, it’s still a really good series. I would highly recommend it, if you like anime. I had a lot of fun and enjoyment watching it and could easily watch it again. It had a ton of action and fight scenes, interesting back stories and the characters were very entertaining and very kind to the eyes. I found this series extremely funny and was really easy to watch. It would suit those, looking to watch something not too serious and wanting a bit of a laugh.

I’m definitely going to watch season 2.
Rating: 4/5


Things Anime Has Taught Us

d72b0eda-8505-4740-b48f-fd55e0c175a6The other day, I was thinking about a world without anime and it was god awful. We’d all sit around, watching YouTube or something, depressed and unamused. We’d all, draw god knows what, uninspired and bored. We may still have manga, but it wouldn’t be as big because anime, wouldn’t have set of that sequence of events, that made Japanese culture seem so interesting, in other countries.

Then it hit me. We would never learn, all those great things, anime has taught us. It would be a sad and daunting world, without anime. So, in appreciation of anime, I made a list of the awesome things anime has taught us:

1. Empathy. I don’t mean just sympathising slightly with a character, I mean full blown empathy. To the point, when they succeed, we also feel awesome and when they die, we cry like babies and it ruins our day. We literally feel what the characters feels. We really come to understand these characters and see their point of view and why they are, the way they are. We can truly put ourselves in their shoes. My best sample of this, is Wolf’s Rain. If you aren’t crying or feeling miserable, by the end of that anime, then you have a heart of ice. I’m still raw about Toboe and Pops.

2. Never piss off a girl/woman. She’ll punch you half way to Jupiter and you’ll be seriously injured or temporarily paralysed. Something about really pissing off us females, gives us super human strength and a thirst for violence. But don’t worry, we usually put all our strength and anger into that one punch, so you rarely go for a second. In contrast, piss off a guy and flames will suddenly manifest behind him.

3af2875b-cdad-4e51-80f7-1e15a6b9b7403. Silver heads are awesome. I think it’s safe to say, whenever a character, has a head full of silver or white hair, we can assume they’re going to be overwhelmingly kick ass and one of the best fighters, in that anime. For example, Zero (Vampires Knight), Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul) and Ban (7 Deadly Sins), all have silver or white hair, all have crazy combat abilities and usually wipe the floor, with their component.

4. Tokyo is kind of scary. Although a lot of people see Tokyo and Japan in general, as a magical place, filled with weird and wonderful things, anime actually makes at seem kind of terrifying. With all those ghouls and alien parasites, running around, eating people, how does anyone ever survive. On a serious note, anime does suggest that Tokyo, may have a bit of a gang and crime problem and that you could be, very easily kidnapped. However, this should probably be take that with a pinch of salt. All big cities, have those sort of problems, so Tokyo probably is just as scary and dangerous, as any other big city on earth.

5. The best fight moves. You can fight talk all you want, but land a punch just right and you can send your component flying through the air. The best weapon, magic and the abilities to take a near death beating, before destroying your component. If anime has taught us anything, about having the best fight moves, it’s that we need 3 things. 1. The ability to fly throw the air, 2. The best fight talk and 3. Plot armour.


 Yeah, so that happened. I draw a Butler, removing his gloves, in a questionable manner. We’ll call him, The Questionable Butler.                   

6. We might be borderline creeps. Even if you won’t admit it, we’ve all been watching anime and thought to yourself, “hmmm that anime character is pretty hot” or something along those lines. As weird and creepy, as it may seem to those, who have never watched anime in their life, we occasionally find yourselves attracted to anime characters. Whether it is weird and creeping, is a matter of opinion. Personally, I find it very understandable. The characters are drawn with the perfect body, good looks, amazing hair and are given unreal personalities, so what do people expect. Even I must admit, I’ve been attracted to anime characters, at times. Creepily, ones 10 or 20 years my senior. When you look at, male anime characters around my age like, Izaya Orihara (Durarara), Braz Blood and Goyle (Blood lad), this becomes less creepy. They all look, a hell of a lot younger than they are.

7. Don’t let your ego, get carried away. A very important lesson, anime has taught us and can be applied to real life. Having a huge ego in the anime world, never works out well and in real life, it’s pretty much the same. Light Yagami (Death Note) for example, he could have been Kira for a lot longer, without getting caught, if he hadn’t of been so egotistical and wanted everyone to recognise and worship Kira. It’s the same in real life. Have a huge ego and you limit yourself, either by making enemies or by being close minded. Basically, cutting off your nose, to spite your face.

b6d72082-b79e-46ab-838b-2d3097382dda8. What to do, if you find a Death Note. We all have a plan for the death note, even those that haven’t watched the anime. Some would never use it and hide it, where no one would ever find it. Others, have made a list and then there’s the ones, that would follow in Light Yagami’s footsteps. Me, I would just want to play with the Shinigami. I could have a lot of fun, making people believe the place is haunted by a poltergeist.

9. Try not to, come onto a guy too strong or accidentally flash at him. You’ll give him, one hell of a nose bleed. Apparently, get a guy too excited and he’ll have a projectile nose bleed.

10. Stay strong and keep going. If there’s one thing anime has taught us, it’s don’t give up. Just keep going and try with all you got, to be strong. It will pay off in the end. If you fall, pick yourself back up. If you get severely beaten, try to keep fighting, even if it kills you. From experience, this is easier said than done, but it’s still a very important lesson. Positive mindset and determination, is key to making your dreams, a reality.



Showed this drawing to my mother and she thought I was trying to say, I was half dead. Explaining, what an Exo suit is, to a 50-year-old, with limited understanding of technology, is hard work.  

Elysium isn’t the usually kind of movie, that I’d watch. But I gave it a go and it was actually pretty good. The idea its built around, is quite interesting and is worth a bit of thought. If all the rich left earth, to live in a luxury space station (Elysium), would we who remain below, be left living in squalor, still ruled by the rich in the sky. Would the sick and hopeless below, risk their lives to try to reach Elysium, where they could receive lifesaving medical care. Knowing the likelihood of success, is nearly non-existent.

Elysium is set in a future (2159), where the rich left earth to live in Elysium, due to overpopulation and pollution. Everyone else, is left to live in the wreckage of the earth, where most live in poverty, are starving and have little access to health care. To remain in control of those on earth, the rich use a robot police force, that is programmed to obey only citizens of Elysium (i.e. the rich).

Max, a citizen of earth, is exposed to radiation and develops radiation poisoning. Only having 5 days to live, Max turns to a crime boss, to get to Elysium, where he can receive treatment, that will save his life. In return, the crime boss wants payment. However, Max does not have that sort of money, so agrees to do one last job for the crime boss. This job goes horribly wrong, leaving Max a wanted criminal and pursued by a secret agent. Max must now avoid capture and make it to Elysium, before it is too late.

Writing that description, I’m aware that Elysium’s storyline sounds a bit ridiculous, but it’s not that bad. There were a few parts I left out, to avoid spoiling the movie. With these parts, the storyline is a bit more believable and the more extreme aspects, are toned down.

One problem I did have with Elysium, was the main character Max. He wasn’t very likeable and was a bit of a jerk. His extreme fear of death, made him very selfish and incredibly self-gaining. He put someone, he was meant to care about, in harm’s way. She safes his life, putting her and her daughter’s life on the line and he doesn’t return the favour. Pretty dishonourable, if you ask me. I don’t even think he said thank you either.

dc19d535-8663-4bd6-9641-57c4c3996bcbHe also had the chance to really change things, for the people on earth, early in the movie. But decides not to, for self-gain. Things work out in the end, but I don’t think that was down to Max’s choice. Things just played out that way.

Another problem was that, they don’t explain things very well at the start of the film. I can see how this, may lead to confusion towards the end of the movie. However, if you’re a quick thinker and can fill in the gaps yourself, this won’t be a problem.

Overall, Elysium is very watchable. It has action, really good fight scenes and a couple of unusually deaths, that are also kind of gross. It has one of those stories, you can really immerse yourself in. You find yourself really backing the character Max (even if you don’t like him), in his fight to reach Elysium and win against a corrupted government.

The scenes of flying over Elysium were also amazing. It looked like a mini paradise, floating above the earth and looked very realistic. The scenes of Elysium from earth were breath-taking as well and really played in well with the concept, that Elysium was nearly impossible to reach and was a heaven like place, where no one dies, is ill or suffers.

Elysium is a very exciting, enjoyable film. I would definitely recommend watching it. It is action packed, but will also make you think. It has a strong, exciting storyline, that will really suck you in and have you wondering, if Max will make it to Elysium before it’s too late. The concept of Elysium is really interesting and is reflected well in the film. It’s the perfect rainy-day or late-night movie.
Rating: 3/5