Sleep Paralysis Conspiracy Theory (and other theories).

thumbnail_a0d6a6fd-a838-4d81-bec5-b9898fd0dd4aBeing a suffer of sleep paralysis, I’m just fascinated to hear people’s theories on the condition. I’ve come across a lot of wild and crazy theories, but there has always been, a few theories that have gone beyond this and are just down right bizarre. Somehow, these theories have also gained a lot of support and people actual strongly argue, them to be true. So, I’m sharing them with you guys and hopefully you’ll find them as entertaining as I did:

A vampire did it- That’s right, some believe sleep paralysis is caused by vampires. The theory suggests, a vampire breaks into your room and hypnotises you, into a trance. This leaves paralysed and unable to see clearly. Hence why you see the vampire as a shadow figure. This allows the vampire to feed of you, without being identified or you fighting back.
I find this idea hilarious, but some truly believe in this theory. The biggest problem I have with this theory is, bite marks. If a vampire was feeding of you, they’d have to leave a mark. No marks, no vampire. However, if this is true, it’s pretty glob dam terrifying.

thumbnail_d7235764-d79d-4470-8bf1-b4f1d0f773e4You’ve been kidnapped by aliens- The more I read into this theory, the weirder it got and there’s quite a lot of variations, of this theory. My favourite version involving, aliens pulling up, in their spaceship outside your bedroom window. They jump out and break and enter, via your bedroom window. The aliens, somehow drug you, as you sleep and carry you off. They then take you for a spin in their spaceship, while performing ungodly acts, on your body. When finished, they return you back home, and very kindly ensure, they place you in your own bed and pull the covers over you. It is while returning you, that people believe, the drugs start to wear off and you awake to see the aliens, standing in your room, however you are still too anesthetized to move.
It is very possible that in aliens exist. The universe is just too big, for them not to. But the whole abduction thing, very unlikely. Like, why the hell kidnap humans. On the greater scale of things, the human race is not important. If aliens have the technology to reach earth and fly around unnoticed, then humans wouldn’t be of much interest. We’d be like gold-fish to them. If they did want earth or human subjects. With that sort of technology, they could just take them with little effort. Also, why bother returning the humans and go to so much trouble to ensure their wellbeing. It would be so much easier, to just throw them out the back of the spaceship.


Stands by my bedside and stares at me. Occasionally, snaps its jaws together, making the sound of bones, being hit together.

Your astral body left you– This theory reminds me a lot of insidious. It involves, you being so stressed out, that your astral body, decide to leaves you. It literally, finds your stress so unpleasant and insufferable, that it packs it astral bags and leaves your body empty. Other entities can sense your body is empty and rush to take over your body. Your astral body realises this and quickly returns to your body, before the other entity can possess it. This excitement, can wake your conscious self. If this happens while the astral body and body are merging, you see the shadowy figure, of the other entity, but are unable to move, because your astral body is not completely merged, with your body.
This theory is so creepy. The thought of a body snatcher, trying to take over your body, is beyond horrifying. However, this is a little too close to the plot of insidious, so I find it hard to believe. Still an interesting theory though.


Lies across my legs or body. This feels so realistic, I can feel the heat from its body and stomach move, as it breathes. Has glowing white eyes, with no pupils.  

Shadow people conspiracy- Based on the idea, that everyone with sleep paralysis, sees the same shadow people. This theory considers, the shadow people as a higher form of life, that can’t normally be perceived by humans. It doesn’t go into much detail on this, but I’m guessing this implies, the shadow people are either, from another dimension or purposely staying out of sight of humans (maybe using some type of technology). This theory suggests, the shadow people are tormenting us while we sleep, for fun and entertainment. Kind of like, how a cat plays with a mouse, before killing it or how some humans torture animals, for amusement.
A really interesting theory, however I feel a bit left out. I don’t see the shadow people. I see creatures, that look nowhere near human. I’m sure there are many other people, that see creatures and not shadow people, so this theory can be debunked. Despite this, it’s still the most fascinating theory, I’ve come across.

14 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis Conspiracy Theory (and other theories).

  1. There is a good medical explanation for sleep paralysis, and I actually get them frequently until I read up on “being healthy”. Haha.
    But it is really scary, and the fact that your mind is awake but your obsy isn’t is just alarming. I’m from a very superstitious country and our version of sleep paralysis involves a supernatural creature sitting on your chest. This paralyzes you while the supernatural thing basically tries to kill you. :3
    Love that alien thing though.

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    • I know, I’m an ex-Biomedical science student 🙂 . But good point 🙂 . I should have included, the medical reasons and the pathophysiology and psychology of the condition. I was afraid of turning my post, into a science lesson. 🙂
      Completely agree, sleep paralysis is very scary.
      Jaysus, that version sounds terrifying. It’s very interesting though and I really like it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
      Thanks, Alien theories are alway entertaining 🙂

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      • oh I wasn’t implying anything when I said that healthy thing. When I was reading, that was just in the back of my mind, I do apologize. I know the post is supposed to be about something else. 🙂
        the alien theory is really funny, since it’s kinda the same thing as the vampire but some people got more inventive with it. XD

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      • You’re fine. Don’t worry about it 🙂 I thought, you were just being friendly, by saying that. I didn’t take any hurt from it 🙂 Hope I didn’t come of as bitchy or grumpy.
        Hehe Yeah. People come up with the craziest things, when it comes to aliens. It’s so awesome. You don’t get, anywhere near that level of imagination, with vampires hehe 🙂

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  2. Aliens, vampires and body snatching spirits? If those things were real sufferers wouldn’t have to worry about paralysis. They would be too terrified to go to sleep!

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  3. I keep on having sleep paralysis before and I was so woried that i won’t sleep until im really tired or no energy to stay awake. Then, I end up having an insomia during college.. Lol
    now, my insomia problem is solved but the sleep paralysis remains ..that i no longer mind having them as of today as i am so used to it haha

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  4. I have a friend who has once suffered from sleep paralysis, and her story was very interesting as well as yours, keep up with the theories they are very entertaining!

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