Surviving a Horror Movie (Demon/Evil Spirits)

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Why not to trust your demon butler. He’ll creep on you, while you sleep. 

It’s rather obvious, that horror is my favourite genre. If it’s spooky and dark, I’m all over it. Since I had so much fun creating the zombie 101 post, for surviving a zombie apocalypse. I thought it be fun to create something similar, for surviving a demon/evil spirit horror movie.

I have a bit of a fascination with demons and evil spirit films. I’ve watched more than I care to admit. It’s one of the very few types of horror, that actually scares me. Which has led to me, doing some demon research (I know more on the subject of demons, then I ought too). But don’t worry, I’m not one of those chicken bones and drawing on the ground with chalk people (That stuff is too scary for me). I just like having a plan of action, in case I’m ever locked in a haunted house, filled with blood lusting ghost or demons.

Since I can’t use my demon knowledge, to tell you guys how to obtain a demon butler, I’ll share a few tips for surviving a demon horror movie. But first I’ll set the scene.

How to survive the demon house:

You’ve just been kicked out of your home, by the homeowner association, for not having green enough grass. You’re desperately searching for another place to live, when you come across an old suspiciously cheap mansion. Having no real choice (because you’ve been black listed by every homeowner community for miles, for abusing your grass), you jump on the opportunity without asking questions or doing any research.

Feeling chuffed for, getting a just a great deal, you move in. But on your first night in the house, things start happening. Scary unexplainable things, like the walls start bleeding, a creep doll keeps leaving you notes, wrote in red crayon and there’s a strange creature in your basement. At this point, you realise you’ve been taken for a fool and are in extreme danger. You’re now in dire need of some tips, for surviving your time in the demon house.

The creepiest building, I could find. An abandoned women’s prison. I would not like to spend a night in there. Unfortunately, it’s in the middle of a city and on the junction of death. So, the only safe way of getting photos, is while driving past at quiet hours. Otherwise, I would have been ran over a few dozen times.  

1. Leave house and never look back- Seems like a no brainer, but no one in a horror movie ever comes up with this idea. They always have some ridiculous excuse, for why they can’t leave the house. I would highly recommend, this be your first call of action and second to be, destroy the house. But to keep this list going let’s just say, you also have a ridiculous excuse, like it’s raining and cold outside.

2. Don’t go crazy and throw holy water around the place or start to burning sage- This never ends well. It just makes the demon madder and hell-bent on destroying you. If you think about it logically, you can see why. In the demon’s mind, the house is their space. If someone comes into your space, throwing water and stinking the place out. You’re going to get mad and do everything you can, to make that person leave. The same goes with religious items. These are probably offensive to the demon and will make it furious. Essentially, don’t do anything to annoy the demon. It won’t end well.

3. Trap it in a coconut- This one sounds a bit weird, but in some cultures, it’s believed that you can trap spirits and demons inside coconuts. All you have to do is trick the demon and get it to go inside the coconut. Once in there, it can’t get out again, so problem solved. There’s a lot of variations in, what to do with the coconut afterwards. But you can worry about that, after the demon is in the coconut.

This is why I very rarely use colour. I tend to go a bit mad and create something like this.  

4. If you hear a loud bang, definitely do not go check it out. Just run in the opposite direction- The curious person always goes first in horror movies. Curiosity really does kill the cat, when it comes to horror movies. If you’re in a possessed house and hear a bang, its most likely a demon having, one hell of a hissy fit. Best just to tuck your tail between your legs and run in the other direction. You don’t want to get caught up in a demonic tantrum.

5. Ring of salt- You’ve survived this long, but sadly you ignored tip 2 and did something to angry the demon. The demon manifests and charges straight for you. You look for a way to escape, but the demon has you cornered. Suddenly you remember, you have a large shaker of salt in your pocket (You were cruelly melting slug earlier and forgot to return the shaker to the kitchen). You quickly grab the shaker and form a circle of salt around you. The salt stops the demon in its tracks. It furiously waves its claws at you, but is unable to reach you. Laughing, you use the shaker again and form a ring around the demon. As long as the ring of salt isn’t broken, the demon is trapped inside. Just keep the ring of salt topped up and your safe from the demon’s grasp.

6. Do not talk to the demon- The quickest way to get possessed in a horror movie, is to talk to the demon. So, don’t get angry and start shouting stuff at the demon. Definitely don’t try bargaining with it either. For some reason, communication makes demons stronger and enables their possession abilities.

Close up of the prison. I wasn’t driving, that would be dangerous. Cars are right-hand drive here, so this probably looks really bizarre to some people.   

 7. Find some demon fighting weapons- If you’ve studied your myths and legends hard enough, you’ll know that there’s a couple of weapons, you can use to defeat a demon. These include a sword, a spears and shields. However, being of myths and legends these items will be near impossible to find. But don’t worry, there is something else you can use from Irish mythology. According to Irish mythology, iron burns fairies, evil spirits and demons. So, all you need to do is hit that demon, with an iron bar or pot, until it runs in terror or no longer exist.

8. Scary the kittens out of that demon, with a warrior mask- I’m not 100% sure, what these masks are called, but they’re found all over the world (like in China, Africa and among Pagan and Celtic artefacts). However, the idea of these masks is always the same. You wear the mask or leave it, somewhere for the demon to find. The demon sees the mask and is so horrified, it goes back to, wherever the hell it came from.

9. Find Professor Snape – You’ve tried everything and there’s still a demon in your life, hell-bent on destroying everything that is you. To be honest it doesn’t get much worse, than having a demon after your soul. So, you might as well start looking into the dark arts or more specifically defence against the dark arts. You might as well, find yourself a magic man or a witch and see if they can destroy the demon. At worse, you get to see a really cool magical demonic fight, before your completely consumed by a demon.

10. Call ghostbusters- If all else fails, you’re in the world of film. Call ghostbusters, they’ll sort that demon out. See if they’re true to their word. See if they really are afraid of no ghost, even the murderous demonic ones.

10 thoughts on “Surviving a Horror Movie (Demon/Evil Spirits)

  1. I have never seen a demon on a desert island. Those things are full of palm trees so the coconut suggestion must be true!

    Be careful when trying to summon demon butlers. If the ceremony goes wrong you may end up with a bust dragon instead.

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  2. you lost me at the coconut. XD
    but dolls are kinda like that. they were first used to trap souls until the item became fashionable, kinda like ho the crucifx, a torture thing, became a symbol of faith.

    but whenever i have a bad vibe about a lone house, I always just run. I remember tutoring a kid who lived in a very old pre-WW2 house, and I tried to take a picture of him. it was just us 2, so I was bored during breaks. while I was doing some cute angles for the picture, my phone suddenly took the picture while it’s in my hand. I ignored it, and made sure my fat thumbs won’t do it again, and sure enough my phone took three more pictures. in one of the pictures, sure enough, there was a blurry thing behind the kid. I ignored it, then deleted the picture because f*ck that. haha.

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    • Yeah, that Babadook is quite the dresser. Top hat and a coat. Not many demons put in that kind of effort. Most just run around naked, with it all hanging out.
      The Conjuring and Annabelle movies, always make me jump, so bad. The first Conjuring movies scared the kittens out of me, but is really good.
      The Amityville Haunting is also a good demon/haunting movie 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • LOL you’re so hilarious! Never thought of the Babadook that way. So funny. Yeah I’ve noticed most of the demons they show off in pajamas, like what’s the deal with the hair all over your face? They usually stand in a dark corner of the house face to the wall and you know they will open their mouth wide at some point lol. Hahahaha.

        Annabelle scared you? Ah that’s surprising! I don’t know why dolls don’t create that kind of effect in me… It was quite hard for me to stay awake during the movie lol. But now it`s good to know. No dolls around you.

        Ghost/demon movies usually don’t scare me a lot but I enjoy watching them anyway because I`m a horror fan. I absolutely love The Conjuring movies. I’ve watched them many times. Now I’m looking forward for IT, It Comes At Night, Flatliners and Death Note. The trailers loos good to me. What about you?

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      • Hahaha yeah, demons love their Pajama days. It almost seems like they’re depressed, rather than evil.

        I collect old dolls, so Annabelle creeps me out. I use to sleep in the same room as my dolls. After watching Annabelle, I had to move them to the other room.
        Annabelle, is nowhere near as good as the Conjuring. The Conjuring is so good 🙂

        There is so many up coming horrors. I aren’t wait 🙂 IT looks terrifying. Clown movies can go either way, but it looks like it could be good 🙂
        It Comes At Night seems like your standard horror. I get a cabin in the woods, feel of it. But looks like it could be twisted, so could be worth watching.
        Flatliners looks interesting. I really hope its not a let down. 🙂
        Death Note, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about it. But I love the anime, so I’m going to watch it anyway. If it’s the same storyline, it can’t be that bad 🙂

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  3. Well, I have saved this post for quick reference whenever an evil demon spirit is about to show it’s ugly head. I have also tried to memorise things, but as my 41 year old brain sometimes has trouble trying to remember what it ate for breakfast I won’t rely on it lol 😂 Great post, this was a lot of fun to read! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 🙂 I had a lot of fun writing it 🙂
      Not a bad plan. You don’t want those demons, catching you by surprise.
      I know that feeling well. I have a stereotypical dyslexic memory. I remember a conversation, from 2 years ago. But if you told me to repeat a 4 or 5 digit number backwards, I wouldn’t for the life of me, be able to do it.

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