The Road

thumbnail_3f6f5b16-3f0d-4e40-8bc1-44048e211565I love recommendations. I’m always so happy when I get them, especially if it’s really good ones. The Road was recommended to me by another blogger, Alternate Dimension and I’d like to say thanks. Post-apocalypse movies are a favourite of mine and The Road was a really interesting one. I liked it a lot. Thanks for a great recommendation, I really appreciate it.


The Road is about, a father and a son wandering in post-apocalyptic waste land, where no animal or plant has survived. They dream of reaching the south coast and finding a better way of life. On their journey they face starvation, sickness, bandits and cannibals. Along the way, the tragic tale of what happened the boy’s mother in this twisted world, unravels bit by bit.

The Road deals with some very serious issues, that some may find upsetting. It’s a lot heavier than the usual movies, I review. For this reason, I’ll try to remain sensitive in this review and I would like to point out, that anything I say is not aimed to upset or annoy. If it does, I am truly sorry, it was not my intention.

I think a good place to start is with the two main characters. The boy is very cute. Somehow in just a horrible situation, he still remains sweet, kind, innocent and very naïve. Your heart really goes out for that little boy, in just an unforgiving world. He’s like Bambi, which is what makes the ending so much more tragic. In saying that, he did have a far better eye for danger and judge of character than his father. If the father had of paid attention to him, it could have saved them from getting into a lot of dangerous situations.

The first thing you notice about the father, is the actor’s (Viggo Mortensen) eyes. I wasn’t even watching in HD and they looked so haunting and soul piercing. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself staring at them, because they’re so captivating and strangely beautiful, but also kind of unnerving. However sadly, I think this was some type of lens or effect. Viggo Mortensen eyes aren’t as pale or grey, as in the film.

thumbnail_dda6ce0a-ac42-467d-903b-cb0148b1f218The father is pretty much the opposite of the boy. He distrusts everyone, takes a lot of risks, is kind of violent and thinks the worse. His only reason for living, is to protect the boy and ensure he doesn’t suffer too much. This leads to him being a bit twisted and to some very dark conversations between the father and son. But given the circumstance, you can’t really blame him for being like that.

Overall the storyline was very interesting. It addresses a very serious and dark subject, that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Personally, I rather enjoyed this view-point of a post-apocalypse worlds. It was very realistic and thought-provoking. It really gets you questioning, how much post-apocalypse suffering and starvation, would you endure or let your loved one endure, before considering the unthinkable. And also, who could you trust, at the end of the world. Some very dark thoughts, but it’s this that pulls you into the storyline and has you wishing, things get better for the father and son.

The constant threat from gangs of cannibals, added a nice amount of excitement and horror to a film, that would otherwise be a psychological thriller. Towards the end of the movie, it gets more psychological, as we see the boy’s character, go from scared little boy, to a kind-hearted humanitarian and then to a fearful reflection of his father. You go on quite the emotion filled journey with the boy, making for a very emotive watch.

One down side to this film, is its pace. It’s very slow and at times you wonder about the direction of the film. Given that the characters are wandering around a dead waste land by foot, you can forgive this. Quickening the films pace, would have made it seem over dramatized and unrealistic. In the end, the story unravels quite nicely and the slow pace, gives you the chance to get to know the 2 main characters and observe the sweetness and love of their relationship.

In all, The Road was different from any other post-apocalypse film, I have watched. The combination of cannibalism, the nature of its apocalyptic disaster and relationship development between characters, is not something I’ve seen often in this type of film. I think this gives The Road an interesting take on the post-apocalyptic world.

The Road is also a very thought-provoking film, that has you constantly questioning, who is saving who. Is the father saving his son or is the son saving the father? In a way, they are each other keepers, which makes the story very beautiful, but also heart-breaking. If you enjoy post-apocalypse films or films with cannibals, The Road is definitely worth checking out.
Rating: 3.5/5

20 thoughts on “The Road

  1. I love post apocalyptic movies a lot as well, and this certainly is one of my favorites too. The atmosphere is truly chilling (the world is so incredibly desolate), and it’s a great story. I read the novel this movie was based on, and the movie really followed it pretty much to the letter which is also quite unique. All in all this was a great film. Sure the pacing was certainly slow, but it also was pretty fitting for this type of film. Great post! 😀

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    • Thanks 🙂
      Awesome that’s great 🙂 Post-apocalyptic movies are so so good. Especially when zombies or cannibals are involved.
      Completely agree, the atmosphere was extremely creepy and chilling. The sound of the trees falling and that rumbling noise, really sends a chill down your spine.
      I was considering, reading the book. Think I will now. If its the same as the film, it’ll be great 🙂

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  2. Wow! You kept your word which is nice. Very nice review and drawings! Are you the master behind each piece drawn in your posts? The Road is definitely slow pace and not truly action oriented. It also took me off guard the first time I watched it. It’s a very long movie. It’s not for everybody. But as you have mentioned, the director focused on the story-line rather than sensationalism. It’s a more realistic view of what would happen if the Earth was hit by a comet for example. It would be grey, tragic and half empty.

    Do you enjoy futuristic dystopian movies as well? If yes, what have you watched and appreciated so far? I’m a fan of that genre. I have good recommendations.

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    • I’m a person of my word hehe 🙂 Thanks for the great recommendation. I really enjoyed The Road 🙂
      Yeah, I do the drawings for all my posts 🙂 Thanks you’re very kind. To be honest, those drawings are just me messing around on Autodesk SketchBook. I love doodling 🙂
      The Road had a very sweet but tragic story. It caught me of guard too. I may of had a tear or 2 come from my eyes, when Papa died.
      Completely agree with you. It’s a lot more realistic, then most other movies of this type. It probably won’t please those seeking blood and gore. But the storyline will definitely please those, that enjoy a good story.
      Yeah 🙂 I enjoy futuristic dystopian movies, but I’ve not seen that many. The few I’ve seen are: The hunger games, Clockwork Orange, Wall-e, the Plant of the apes movies (old and new), Looper, I am Legend, I,Robot, Elysium and V for Vendetta. The films I appreciate from those are: V for Vendetta, Clockwork Orange (love that movie), Looper and the hunger games 🙂 Thanks 🙂

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      • A person of your word, I like that. Same here 😊
        Your list of dystopian is good. Seen all of them but I could not finish Clockwork Orange unfortunately I fell asleep twice but I want to rewatch and focus lol.

        Perhaps you’ve seen District 9 by Steven Spielberg? It’s about aliens but a more realistic view. I include it in dystopian genre because it is set in an ugly future.

        Few movies I’ve seen and truly recommend:
        – Arrival
        – Equilibrium (mind-control)
        – Children of men (road type of movie)
        – Total Recall (the remake)
        – The Fifth Element (classic)
        – The Matrix (I’m sure you’ve seen it?)
        – Daybreakers (vampires)
        – The Island (A.I – mind-control)

        – Surrogates (maybe a view into the future?)

        – Transcendence (Johnny Depp)
        – The Time Machine (one of my favorite movies beautiful story)
        – Repo Men (Looper type of movie with a twist)
        – Vice (crime – A.I -)
        – The Giver (mind-control with a gruesome twist)
        – The Maze Runner
        – Akira (classic – my favorite anime)
        – Mad Max: Fury Road (action packed)
        – Equals (mind-control)
        – The Day After Tomorrow (mind-control with unexpected twist)
        – Source Code (crime – A.I.)

        I’ve enjoyed every single one of those flicks lol. I’m a true cinephile does it show? You have options. It depends how you feel 😊

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      • Clockwork Orange is very crazy at times, but really good. It’s a long movie though, with relaxing music. So I can see why you fell asleep hehe 🙂

        I don’t think I’ve seen District 9, but I’ve heard only good things about it. It sounds like a really good and interesting movie. I heard its about alien/human rights.

        Oh yeah I have seen The Matrix. I forgot about it hehe 🙂

        Wow Thanks so much 🙂 I haven’t seen most of these. I cleverly haven’t explored this genre very well. I’m going to have a lot of fun watching some of these movies 🙂 Thanks 😀
        You really know your dystopian. You truly are a cinephile. 🙂

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      • I like to get lost in the fictional world of certain movies and try to understand where the director is trying to take me. I find that the futuristic dystopian genre is good at doing that. But I still love my post-apocalypse genre although I find that they don’t make them as good as they used to be anymore. It seems all the scenarios have been visited.

        They’ve abandoned the post-apocalypse genre a bit to focus on space exploration (Interstellar, Life, The Martian, Passengers, etc.). I’ve noticed Space is a big theme these days.

        The Road was one of the last good attempt in my opinion. By the way, I did tear up when Papa died as well, hehe 😉

        And also since you said you like Anime, make room for The Animatrix if you haven’t seen it 😊

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      • Getting lost in a film is great 🙂
        I like anything that gets my brain working. Something that can have me in deep thought, but still keeps my attention on the film. Weirdly, the darker genre do this for me.

        I agree with you on the post-apocalypse genre. You can only end the world in so many ways, before you start to run out of ideas. I like this genre because I enjoy observing other peoples take on, alternative ways of society and their take on human behave in impossible situations. It very interesting. Futuristic dystopian genre does that too, so also enjoy it. But for some reason I never explored it very well.

        Space has gotten very popular. There been a lot of space movies this past while. I love Space in general. But I come from a science background, so that’s not a surprise.

        Anime is awesome. I must check Animatrix out 🙂

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      • Space is so fascinating. I can’t get enough of it.

        I came from a strong biology and chemistry background. Then naively went into Biomedical science. But that field doesn’t really suit me. It’s extremely stressful and is not the friendliest field to work in. So now I’m trying to change fields.
        If my Physics was stronger, I’d probably go into something related to Space.


  3. Sounds like a decent, albeit depressing film. I guess the kid’s arc mirrors what many people experience whilst growing up. You start off life scared and depending on parents. When you get older you become more optimistic, but the stresses of life can make you distrustful of others.

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