What the Fudge Anime!

thumbnail_06675a80-228b-47ca-914d-56573c827bfbI like anime as much as the next anime fan. Don’t get me up wrong. Watching anime has improved my existence, in just a chaotic and unjust world greatly (Glob, I sound like the King of Cheese). There just those moments while watching anime, that can only be described as WTF.
(F for Fudge, let’s keep this clean. There will be a lot of fudging in this post).
I hate to say it, but anime has a lot of WTF moments. Usually involving great shock, extremely confusion or incredible annoyance. We’ve all had these moments with anime, so why not share my own WTF moments with all of you.

No season 2- Fudge, this is annoying. You buy into a story, get left hanging at the end of season 1, with a ship ton of unanswered questions and the studio doesn’t bother making a season 2 (WTF). To rub salt in the wound, the same studio starts releasing new but dirt-poor anime series. Like that doesn’t ever make good business sense. What on earth are these studios at?

Lightning speed Subs- I don’t want to cause a sub vs. dub war here. Personally, I enjoy both. Which one I choose to do, really depends on the anime and my mood. Sometimes I even do both, at the same time (I wish that was a bad joke, but it’s not. Watch a dub on Netflix, with subs and it hilarious. So much swearing and randomness. Whoever writes those subs, really gets carried away). But occasionally when watching with subs, those subs go so fast it’s impossible to read. This is extremely annoying, especially if there’s no dub version. You’re left confused, not having a clue what’s happening. If it’s a really good anime, that you’re really into this can be devastating. You pretty much sit watching moving pictures, wishing you knew Japanese or considering making your own dub version of the anime.

thumbnail_e99b0847-fa2e-4207-9bed-011abd4bd3fdClose up creepy bug eyes scenes – Death note is filled with these scenes, but so are a lot of other anime. They usually involve someone on their knees, begging for their life, looking like their eyes are about to pop out of their head. These scenes are so disturbing and creepy, I really can’t say much else than WTF. The only this worse, is scenes were characters don’t even have eyes. It’s terrifying.

The original intentions for Sebastian in Black Butler- Maybe I was too innocent to see this, first time I watched Black Butler. I literally just thought, Sebastian seen Ciel as food and that’s why he was acting a bit strange and creepy towards Ciel. Kind of like, how a hungry person looks at a sandwich. But I was so wrong and found out the creator had a completely different relationship for Sebastian and Ciel in mind. Luckily someone pointed out, that it was an extreme bad idea and the creator changed this, to produce the Black Butler we know today. However, knowing this I can’t help but see Sebastian as a serious creep and this has kind of spoiled Black Butler for me. For anyone with a Sebastian crush, this information will probably kill it. Therefore, I did not come out straight and said it, but I think it’s pretty obvious what I’m on about.

Brutality- Glob, anime can be so brutal at times. They rarely let up. No one can ever just die peacefully in anime. They’re always horrible disembowelled, torn to pieces, eaten or killed by a loved one, in incredibly dramatic act. Weirdly they always spitting up blood, just before they die. Anime deaths are always really heart-breaking too. They literally choose the most lovable character and murder them, in the most awful way possible. There just some anime deaths that never leave you (Wolf’s rain and zero eating his twin). On top of this, they give characters the most tragic background stories. Making anime pretty depressing to watch at times. I’m not even going to touch on the amount of blood spilled and limbs cut off in fight scenes.

Bath Buddies- I can’t think of anything more eye rolling, than anime character deciding to jump in the shower/bath together. At this point, it’s turned into a real cliché. They could at least come up with something a little more original.

Repetition and Unoriginality- Same story or same characters, done over and over again. It just gets boring and predictable. Maybe this is just my dislike of repetition showing here, but the amount of repetition in anime is getting ridiculous. It’s gotten that bad, that now character even look the same and you find anime doppelgangers. Although there is a lot of anime with original and unique storylines and characters, there’s probably twice that amount, that are just outrageously similar and pretty much mirror images of each other.

thumbnail_d4e62167-c503-42a7-828a-5f82153230eaWeird anime crushes and other weird stuff- Yeah, we can’t completely blame anime for this one, we have a hand to play in this too. However, anime can really turn a person into a creep. It just has a way of making you discover very weird things about yourself. Nothing really shocks me anymore, when it comes to people and their anime creepiness. From developing a liking to cat and bunny people, to thoroughly enjoying tentacles. I’ve heard it all and I won’t and can’t judge. I too, will admit I’m quite possibly an anime creep and at times, I’ve had weird crushes on the most bizarre anime characters.
But so that, no one feels like I’m picking on their anime creepiness, I will confess my weirdest anime crush. Grell from Black Butler. I know WTF. Even weirder, I’ve discovered that every character I have a liking to, is either dressed in red or seen with a red backdrop. Anime has essentially given me weird colour association (WTF). I feel so manipulated by anime.

Blinding Light- There just nothing like watching a battle or magic scene and having the eyes burn out of your head, feeling like you might fit. I really wish the creators, Netflix and other anime providers, put flash warning on their anime. If I knew about the bright or flashing light, I could put a coloured filter on the screen and fix this problem. But nope they don’t and my poor eyes must suffer.   

The creepy side of regular anime- This is the biggest reason I have to watch anime in private, with head phones in and the door closed. Due to toplessness, perverted characters, giant breasts, weird angles and casual nudity, being common in regular anime (at least common in the anime I watch), you can’t really watch it, around people that aren’t uses to anime’s creepy side. They pretty much assume you’re watching porn and let’s just say awkward as fudge.
Forget that the person isn’t uses to anime’s creepy side, ask if they want to join you and this situation get a whole lot more awkward. Also, now you seem like a creep. Trying to explain that it’s normal anime, just digs a hole for yourself. Best just to confuse them and calmly ask them, if they prefer Yuri or Yaoi. If they go red or know what these terms mean, you’re in the clear. If not, they’re confused now and you’ve just fixed the awkwardness.
On a serious note, I wish anime didn’t do this. It has given anime a bad name and is why non-anime fans mix up regular anime with Hentai. From the outside looking in, you can see why they make this mistake, when characters are groping each other and have ridiculous large breasts. If the anime and story’s good enough, it doesn’t need nudity and perversions to be entertaining and gain viewers.


I was in a rose mood and had to make one for my favourite made-up characters.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Hopefully I’ve not rattled any anime cages.

10 thoughts on “What the Fudge Anime!

  1. That creepy bug eyed thing. I hate those scenes and since you mentioned Death Note, I swear Madhouse has an obsession with them. Half pf their series has people making those nausea causing expression.

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  2. What the fudge? 😂 Haha, this was a great post, and you certainly adress some very valid points. For me no season 2 (or any other season not appearing), is one of the most annoying things. I have had so many Animeseries ending without a good resolution that you wonder at times what the point was in watching the series in the first place. Overall though anime is great, and though it has it’s dark things, I would not want to miss it for the world 😀

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    • Yeah hehe Fudge is my best attempt at not swearing. I could have went with fring or feck. But I decided they were too close to the actual word and I might have been told off, by the word police. 🙂
      Glob, the world would be a sad place without anime 😦
      I had a feeling, others would feel the same about “no season 2”. It’s beyond annoying and really does have you questioning, why you bothered. It’s one of the reasons, I lean more towards watching anime films, rather than series 🙂

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  3. Repetition and lack of original ideas is sadly something that plagues all entertainment. I agree that anime can get overly brutal at times. I have taken a break from Psycho-Pass season two because the way episode five played out was a real gut punch.

    No season two is my main bugbear with anime. Some shows get hundreds of filler episodes whilst other ones end on cliffhangers. Sucks, especially when the manga/novel isn’t easy to get in English. Sadly in Japan anime is used mostly to promote source material rather than stand on its own.

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    • You’re so right. Entertainment is plagued with repetition and lack of original ideas. 🙂

      Anime can be a very emotional experience, at times. But it can also be super gross, with blood and body parts flying everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if certain anime have gone too far.

      Glob, I hate filler, but no season 2 annoys me more hehe 🙂 I never realised that about anime. Explains a lot 🙂 Manga/novel are hard to get, over here full stop. You can only get the over rated, super popular ones and you also get ripped off.

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  4. Seriously, the no season 2 thing blows my mind. In America, it’s like, “Oh, this makes money? Let’s milk it for all it’s worth and THEN some!” But in Asia, the idea of the one season thing is so depressing sometimes. Such great series with no continuation!

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