Confessions of a Quirky Film Lover.

thumbnail_6d43605c-e7ae-41e8-9af4-83c2f6f02509I’ve had this blog for a while now and I’ve never done a “get to know me post”. I’ve thought long and hard about this and have come to the conclusion: “Naaa, I’m a bit too odd for this crack” (crack, being slang for stuff, not the other sort of crack). “My complete space cadet-ness could leave everyone very bewildered. I’m going to need to think up, a less direct approach. If I’m to make a friendly and insightful post.” So, that’s exactly what I did.

The best way to “indirectly” get to know someone, is through what they love. An even better way, is through what they wouldn’t normally admit, about what they love. Since my anime confessions, could quite possibly start war world 3 (I’ve been on the forums, it’s very scary). I think it’s a lot safer for us all, if I make this confession about my love of film.

I’m not sure if this idea is genius or Glob awful. But either way, let’s begin my film confessions:

thumbnail_0d2d8f72-9c78-452c-98c7-2b9ee44ecd16I love watching horror in the dark. But sometimes I get a little too afraid and have to turn the lights back on and check all the hiding places, in the house for evil things/monsters. I wish this was a joke, but it’s not. It sounds so silly, but sometimes horrors really know how to scare the plop out of you. Add in the fact, I live in the middle of nowhere, in an old creaky house and one’s imagination can run away with itself.

I don’t think Rebel Wilson is funny. I cringe every time I’m forced to watch something she’s in.

I have an appreciation for all types of animation, not just anime.  

I love the works of Tim Burton. He’s actually my favourite Director.

I enjoy watching really sad but meaningful movies, usually ones based on true stories or human rights abuse. I’m not sure how to explain this. I think it’s the educational and true human nature aspects, that appeal most to me.

I’ve watched more old cowboy films, then I care to admit. I don’t actually enjoy them. I just like watching them with my father and he really enjoys these films. Which takes me to my next confession.

There’s a huge place in my heart for ould boy films (movies the older gentleman enjoys).

thumbnail_5f33385b-831a-4a9b-b7a8-b82d468a183cI love dinosaurs, but can’t stand Jurassic Park. My hatred of those films, cannot be described in words.

I really like musicals and yes, I sing along.

My evil superpower, is being able to pick holes in any plot, find editing and film errors and point out scientific inaccuracies. I can pretty much ruin any film on someone, no matter how much they love it. Luckily, I’m not an a-hole and I only use this power when cornered, by that one person that won’t quit and doesn’t take “I don’t like the film”, for an answer (we all know one).

I’m a huge fan of stop motion and puppets. I also love watching how stop motions are made. I’m fascinated by it.  

Every time I see something dead on the road, the song from Watership Down comes into my head. If it’s really sad, I might also end up singing it. 

I really like Will Ferrell, especially in Elf. I know he’s a bit silly and all his characters are essentially the same. But, you have to admit he puts a hell of a lot of effort and energy into playing the fool.

I laugh at the most inappropriate things in horror films. The list would be endless, but at the top of this list is, zombie deaths, demon attacks and people trying to fight ghosts.

The jump scare gets me every time and not just a little. I pretty much jump out of my skin, even if I see it coming.

thumbnail_c85bda52-98c5-476c-b23c-163aacbb7ec0I thoroughly enjoy watching bad or low-budget zombie movies.

The Muppet Christmas Carol, is my favourite Xmas movie. (I also really like the book of the original story)

Sometimes I just want to watch something weird. There’s times when I get extremely bored with film and the only thing I find stimulating, is weird and experimental film.   

Hope you enjoyed my film confessions and hopefully you don’t think I’m a complete Gobshite. If you’re brave enough, I’d love to hear your film confessions in the comments. 

Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “Confessions of a Quirky Film Lover.

  1. I enjoyed your confessions a lot! 😋 You wrote it in a very sincere way, especially I liked the part about scary movies and checking the corners. I often avoid looking the screen or cover my eyes with my hands a little too.

    Could you say more about “Since my anime confessions, could quite possibly start war world 3 (I’ve been on the forums, it’s very scary)”?

    And what about Jurassic Park?

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    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it 😀

      Hehe yeah no problem 🙂
      I have a lot of posts on my opinions of anime. But from being on forums I’m aware, there’s things you can’t admit, without starting a massive argument. Like there’s certain anime and characters you can’t admit to disliking, without being verbally attacked by extreme fans of that anime or character. Things can get scary fast.

      My biggest problem with Jurassic park, is that it does a dirt poor job of it’s dinosaurs. There’s just so many things they got wrong. It’s as if no one picked up a book before creating those movies. I love dinosaurs, so it annoys the fring out of me.

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      • I see. It happens not only on anime forums 😑 One time I tried to partecipate in a discussion of “Alien” and who played the most important part in the movie’s creation. It was the first and last time for me 😃😐
        I guess most people don’t know so much about dinosaurs and they are mostly used as a plot device there… Which movies about them would you consider good?

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      • Oh glob, that sounds equally as scary. I sometimes wonder if some people are just on the forums to pick fights.

        There not really many movies about dinosaurs. However, the only good one is, The Flintstones movie hehehehe. (I’m joking, The Flintstones movie wasn’t good). 😀

        Honestly, I prefer documentaries on dinosaurs. But if I had to choose a good dinosaurs movie, I’d have to go back to my childhood and say “The Land Before Time”. 😀 There’s not really been any other dinosaurs movie that wowed me 😀

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  2. Haha, great post: loved reading these things and getting to know a bit more about you. As for watching horror in the dark. I do that too 😊 But I don’t get scared, except when I watched the Babadook. Thst movie was just too scary lol 😂

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  3. oh, cool post. I personally cannot stand horror movies. I watch them in the afternoon, and I also can’t stand jump scares as well. It’s the lack of music and then the sudden music that gets me. I laugh at awful horror movies though, where even the jump scare doesn’t make sense.

    omg, i love the jurassic movie. the first one, because it was a technological feat. a nice blend of practical and pre-CGI was used there. I’m not a fan of the other installments though.

    i think rebel wilson is just meant to be unappealing, but i don’t understand why it’s working. kinda like shia labeouf. i loved him in his Disney tv series, but I loath him after that. hahaha

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    • Thanks 😀

      Same here 🙂 . The quietness then the sudden loud sound, get me every time, too. Insidious nearly gave me a heart attack, because it did that a lot.

      Even Stevens? That show was great. Him and that little creepy guy Beans were awesome 🙂 I think the only good role he played after that, was in the film Lawless. 😀

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      • oh yeah, i hate insidious for that. i’m glad i didn’t see it in the theaters. haha

        ye, that one. the one with kim possible in it. i am old!!!! hsahaha
        I haven’t seen Lawless, but he has this unshakeable punchable personality now that I just can’t unsee anymore. XD


  4. Feel free to post your anime confessions. I don’t think you have anything to fear. WordPress is more friendly than your average internet forum.

    Your dad sounds like mine. He loves Westerns too. Do you think anyone who scrolled down this post got a jump scare when they saw the zombie?

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    • Oh Glob, my anime confessions are pretty bad. Not to mention, the anime related stuff I did, when I was in my teens. I could possibly cause a ruckus and seem like, one of those types of anime fans (the sort that’s name must never be spoken lol).
      I’d need to get suddenly very brave, to share that confession 🙂

      Hehe 🙂 Does your dad quote Westerns too? It must be a nostalgia thing. Like what pokemon or Ghibli is to an anime fan 🙂

      Hahaha. I’m a little on the evil side and would find it incredibly funny, if someone did jump scary at the sight of my zombie. hehe 😀

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  5. I enjoyed reading your film confessions. They were a fun way to learn about you a little. I especially enjoyed when you mentioned enjoying watching westerns with your dad despite disliking the genre, and I enjoyed when you mentioned A Muppet Christmas Carol as one of your favorite films (have you seen Muppet Treasure Island? It’s fantastic!) I too love that one, but my husband dislikes the Muppets, so my holiday film traditions haven’t been able to include it lately 😅

    I have a movie confession to share in exchange. Mine was promoted by one that you shared, and comes attached to a short story.
    The sight of rodent teeth strikes terror in my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I love rodents, but the sight of their teeth terrifies me. I can attribute this to a series of vivid nightmares that plagued my childhood, each involving dying rodents shrieking, and bloody rodent teeth. One day in high school, my Civics teacher showed us a film with the directions that we must figure out what historical era the film represented. That film was Watership Down. I was excited at first, until my nightmares began to play on screen. I was horrified and didn’t know what to think. I almost walked out of the class, but stayed because I knew there was an explanation. Later, I found out that my parents had rented the film when I was in elementary school and left me to watch it. They made the mistake that many parents make in assuming that something animated was appropriate for all age groups. I had no recollection of watching the film before that Civics class. I can’t say that the experience has left me with a positive opinion of Watership Down.

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    • I’m really glad you enjoyed reading my film confessions 😀 . I love the Muppets. They are one of my childhood favourites.
      I agree, Muppet Treasure Island is a great film. The muppets, were really good at introducing its audience to classic literature. If it wasn’t for A Muppet Christmas Carol, I probably would have never read the original book by Charles Dickens.
      Thanks for sharing such a personal story 😊 I completely agree with you, Watership Down definitely isn’t suitable for young viewer. The fact it’s animated fooled a lot of parents, including my own.
      I can see why it had such a strong impact on you. Watership Down and The animals of farthing wood, were two very dark and disturbing cartoons (crazily, they were both aired on children’s T.V., when I was a child). Both these shows could be very traumatising and upsetting, at times, so I completely understand why Watership Down gave you nightmares and fear of rodent teeth. It had a lot of rabbit on rabbit violence and a lot of very tragic deaths.
      I hope you’re not still plagued by those very scary sounding nightmares 😊

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