Vampire Hunter D

thumbnail_40227db9-e179-4e51-8e3f-484b538e1305_1With Halloween ever getting nearer, I might as well bring on the horror and start my expedition into the shadows. Horror and anime is not something I’ve really mixed, but I’m all up for new film experiences. So, why not kick of this journey into the darkness, by doing exactly that.

I had a lot to choose from, but any film that promises slithery demons, vampires, hunters and a creepy evil Migi hand, is a film I’m going to want to check out. Vampire Hunter D promised this and delivered so much more.

Set in a dark future, where humans must fend off vampire, demons and other creatures, to survive. A young lady, Doris Lang is attacked by a Noble vampire (Count Magnus Lee) and is bitten. Doris somehow escapes this first attack, but is still at risk from Count Lee, as he plans on kidnapping Doris and forcing her to become his bride.

Suspecting Count Lee will come for her again. Doris hires a mysterious stranger known as D, to hunt down Count Lee and kill him, before he can attack her again. This leads to a series of bloody events, as D enters Count Lee’s lair and set out to save Doris Lang.

To be honest, Vampire Hunter D (1985) is quite a bit older than myself and has some of the typical problems of anime from that time. Such as bad dubbing, weirder shaped heads and random nudity. So, to be fair when rating this anime, I’ll overlook these problems. It just what 80’s animation is like and isn’t isolated to Vampire Hunter D alone.


Despite being an older anime, Vampire Hunter D was actually pretty good and had a half decent storyline. Granted it didn’t wow me to a great extent, but was still very watchable and had a good element of mystery and excitement. It very nicely unravelled, the mystery surrounding D and managed to capture my attention right up until the end. Making it very enjoyable to watch.

Vampire Hunter D also had a nice amount of gore, which is always a bonus for any horror fan. In addition to this, it had a good share of unintentional comical moments. Including scenes that look, all so wrong and that could be hilariously misconstrued as something else. If you’re as immature and dirty minded as I, you’ll have great fun with this movie. Particularly the ending scene, where characters shout “I love D” from a hill-top. I’m not even joking, they actually shouted that. Makes you wonder how the hell, they let that one slip without noticing and if it’s unintentional, at all.

I think the biggest selling point of this film, is the Mysterious D himself. As vampire hunters go, D’s pretty kick ass. If I was a vampire and heard, D was coming to whip my butt. I wouldn’t sit around sniggering and acting pretentious, like Count Lee. I’d be shaking the kittens from my trouser legs and heading to the nearest airport. D just made mincemeat of whoever stood in his way, without much effort. Not to mention, he sounds like Liam Neeson in Taken.


Blast from the past. You might recognise this drawing. It’s the first vampire drawing, I did for this blog. I occasionally like to throw an oldie into my posts, for nostalgia purposes.

Like all films, Vampire Hunter D has its short coming. Its biggest being, the huge plot holes and things that didn’t make sense. For example, if D could kill Count Lee that easy, why the hell did he not kill Lamika and the mutant, the first time he fought them. He could have saved himself a butt kicking later on, as well as a lot of time and bother. It also would have sent one hell of message to Count Lee. It would have made it very clear to Count Lee, that he would have to be prepared to die, if he wanted to take Doris.

Another rather annoying aspect of this anime is the flashes. They were a bit excessive with the flashing lights, in Vampire Hunter D. The odd flash of light is fine in a film, but not whole sequences lasting minutes. I felt like I was at a 90’s nightclub and my eyes were starting to sting, from looking at the blinding light. I like being able to see after watching a movie, so this really wasn’t good.

Overall, Vampire Hunter D was good for an old anime horror movie. However, in saying that, if you dislike old anime, you’ll probably not enjoy this film. It’s very typical of 80’s anime and if this isn’t too you’re taste, then Vampire Hunter D will not impress you much. On the other hand, if like me, you have a soft point for older anime and love horror, Vampire Hunter D is worth checking out. It would make for the perfect start, to a horror or old anime binge watch. It has a real creepy weird feel to it, that is great for putting you in the mood for more horror.

Rating: 3/5

Sorry this post, was so long coming. I originally was going to review Akira, but after watching it I realised it was a massive hint at something else. Although I did really enjoy Akira, reviewing it would have turned into a deep analysis of the film.
To do this properly, I would have had to re-watch Akira a few times and had to pull apart some of the scenes, to explain its hidden clues and its hints at other things. Basically, Akira was making so many hints, it would have taken me ages to collect and analyse them all and the review would have been so long, I fear it would put people of reading it. So, I had to find something else to review, last-minute.

11 thoughts on “Vampire Hunter D

  1. I don’t mind Vampire Hunter D but I prefer the second movie, Bloodlust, as I just think that hit the perfect mix of violence, gore and humour, even if there are a few story elements that don’t quite work.

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  2. I love 80’s anime, but this is one I missed seeing at the time (not that I have never heard of it mind you, but it’s just a movie that slipped right through the cracks). That said reading through this, it has made me quite curious. I love a good Vampire story, and as shocking as that might seem, besides Blood the Last Vampire and Blood C, I have never seen a proper Vampire anime. This sounds interesting enough to give it a go, and being a huge 80’s fan, I can’t enough of films from that era.
    As for Akira…hope you will get around to that review at some point. A few months back I did my own rewatch forbit, and made a review as well. I still think it’s a timeless classic and one of the best anime films ever made. Great job on this review though, highly enjoyed reading it 😀

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    • Thanks 🙂 Akira is awesome 😀 I don’t know why I didn’t watch it sooner 🙂 It’s very rich in hidden meaning and also not so much hidden meaning. I might do a film theory post or review on it, if I get time. It could be rather fun 😀
      I know I wasn’t in existence in the 80’s, but I have to agree with you. 80’s anime is really good and I really like it, too. 😀
      As for vampire hunter D, I think you might be able to find it on YouTube. But I’m not a 100% about that. 🙂

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      • A lot of the older 80’s anime can be found on YouTube these days, so I would not be very surprised if it was. I will check that at some point, maybe even this week. Yeah old school anime, despite the at times not so great animation (though that also depends om which movie/series you are watching), is great. There are many hidden gems still waiting be discovered from that era 😀 Glad you enjoyed Akira! 😊

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  4. I love D? Haha, that’s hilarious. Although the movie is decent, I had a tough time watching it due to the dated animation. The visuals of Bloodlust blew me away though, back when I originally bougnt the DVD.

    Vampire Hunter D would probably work well in live action. There isn’t much plot to spoil and due to the violence/nudity fans of b movies would lap it up.

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    • Hahaha I know, I thought it was hilarious too 😀 Great way to end a movie hehe 🙂

      I’ll have to give Bloodlust a watch. I’ve been hearing only good things about it. 🙂

      That’s a really good point. It’d be extremely hard to muck up as a live action. As live actions go, it would definitely be one of the better ones 🙂

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