World War Z

thumbnail_53651c8f-5636-4f24-b2f5-396cee4908baNo Halloween venture into the darkness, would be complete without a Zombie or two. In World War Z case, super-fast loud zombies, that can really utilise the power of the zombie pyramid. Pretty terrifying if you ask me. Roof tops aren’t even save from these guys. There’s really no escape from these horrifying creatures. Which makes this film, perfect for a Halloween scare.

World War Z is a zombie apocalypse film, about a retired U.N. investigator called Gerry (although you are given the impression, he was more of a secret agent than investigator). While leaving his children to school with his wife, zombies start attacking the city. Causing mass panic and chaos in the early morning traffic.

Luckily, they escape the speedy zombies and the chaos, and eventually find themselves on a floating military base, with Gerry’s old U.N. buddies. Far from the reach of zombies. Unfortunately, to keep their place in this base, Gerry must come out of retirement and help in the mission to find a cure for the zombie virus. This leads to Gerry jetting around the world, in the search for a cure. While of course fighting and escaping from massive herds of zombies.

I’m a huge fan of zombie films, and World War Z truly didn’t fail to please. But to shake this review up a bit, I’m going to review it in terms of the 5 things I look for in a good zombie film.


I think I may have gone too far with the cat soup kitties. I might need to balance this out with the cute creepy drawing of the kitties.  

Zombie Quality
Plain and simple, the zombie in World War Z are terrifying. Being faster than the average human, surviving over a hundred feet falls and being surprisingly acrobatic, I would place them in the super zombie category. They also make horrifying noises, that will make your blood run cold. I for one, would absolutely not want to come up against one of these zombies. My baby legs would stand no chance at outrunning one of these guys.
Visually, the zombies look just as terrifying. Although most are computerised, the few that aren’t look incredibly freaky. Kind of like angry walking corpses. Making zombie quality, really good in World War Z.

The storyline is pretty straight forward. Zombies attack, man decides he’ll find cure for zombies, man goes find cure, while avoiding becoming zombie food. It’s pretty basic, but is delivered very well. It gets the balance of action and story just right and has a nice twist near the end. My only criticism is that some of the action scenes move a little too fast, for the eye to keep up with. Meaning these scenes can be slightly confusing and it can be hard to tell, which characters have been taken by zombies.
Also, if you have a fear of flying, I would recommend staying away from this movie. There’s a lot of airplane incidents, that will completely horrify you and feed your fear even more.

Zombie Deaths
Sadly, there is no really good or gory zombie death in this film. I think this film is more about the chase then the kill. Meaning, it’s focused more on people running away from the zombies, then fighting the zombies. Although, there are a few one on one zombie kills, there’s none that really stand out. Making this film pretty disappointing, in terms of zombie deaths.

I’m very passionate about microbiology (it one of the few things I miss from my time studying Biomedical science). How scientifically accurate a zombie film is, can be a real deal breaker for me. I don’t expect the writers to be experts, but just to get the basics right and at least know, the difference between bacteria and virus or anything a quick google search could tell them.
Luckily, World War Z was surprisingly accurate and had no crazy scientifically inaccurate comments. Best of all, it showed a very good understanding of microbiology and that they actually did their research. It’s probably one of the more accurate zombie films I’ve seen, making it very nice film in my eyes.

Surprise and Originality
It’s pretty hard to be original when it comes to zombie films. Nearly everything been done before, so the littlest bit of originality goes a long way. World War Z is rather typical of a zombie film; however, I’ve never seen zombie pyramids before and I haven’t quite seen someone travel around the world, during a zombie apocalypse. Its twist was also fairly surprising and somewhat original. Therefore, I would say that, World War Z is original as zombie movies get and will definitely please in this area.

Overall, World War Z is a rather good film. Its action packed and full of excitement, but is still focused on telling an interesting story. It isn’t very gory, yet still manages to make its zombie absolutely terrifying. It’s definitely one of the better zombie films I’ve seen and for this reason, I would highly recommend giving it a watch.

Rating: 4/5

13 thoughts on “World War Z

  1. I liked this film a lot as well. It certainly wasn’t the best zombiemovie that I have ever seen (that honour gues to Train to Busan), but it’s still entertaining enough. There are a lot of things in it that I quite enjoyed (especially the way the zombies piled up on each other, which was really unique). I do have a fear of flying by the way, and this movie really did not improve that fear lol. Great film though, and I heard they are currently working on a sequel 😀 As always terrific review 😀

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    • Thanks 😀

      Blonde Brad Pitt, reminded me of the guy who plays Thor in Avengers (Chris Hemsworth). 🙂

      Train to Busan is awesome and I’d have to agree with you. World War Z is not the best zombie film I’ve seen either (28 days later is my favourite), but its still is very enjoyable 🙂

      Cool 🙂 I hope its as good as the first one 🙂

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  2. Zombies can make human pyramids now? I guess it won’t be longer before we get zombie cheerleaders! Glad to hear that the movie is good. I was worried that it might be crap, because I heard it is very different to the book.

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    • Hahaha cheering on the other zombies as they eat your brains 😀
      The zombie pyramids were pretty cool 🙂 They were using them, as a means of scaling walls and getting on roof tops. They were like scary zombie ninjas hehe
      I didn’t even know it was a book 🙂 . As a stand alone zombie film, it was good 🙂

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  3. I thought the film started out well, but somewhere near the huge wall in Israel things started to make less and less sense, falling into cliches. Not a bad film though, just not as subtle as Train to Busan or 28 Days Later. The characters felt flat…like in a typical summer blockbuster.

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    • I agree Train to Busan or 28 Days Later are much better films 🙂
      I think the zombies coming over the wall, was a very messy part of the film. They tried to squeeze too much into one scene. They could have done it a lot better.
      I’m guessing, you also seen the plot hole after that scene, too? Hollywood science never adds up.
      World War Z isn’t the best zombie film. But is still pretty good 🙂

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      • Very true 🙂 It would be impossible to build a wall, the whole way around a country that fast.

        Also, pathogens like immune compromised hosts. Not health host. Pathogens are less likely to be detected by the immune system, in an immune compromised host. Therefore, can infect and multiply quicker, as well as spread to other hosts a lot easier. (Sorry if I’ve scienced you out or confused you) 🙂
        So, the whole zombie solution was a load of bull. However, I ignored this because it’s a bit too advanced, to expect the writers to know/understand. 🙂

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      • Immune compromised, is a weakened immune system. So, like anyone that has an illness, that leaves them less able to fight of infections.
        Examples would be asthmatics, diabetics, people with heart problems, babies and young children, the very old and anyone going through cancer treatment. 🙂

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