The Tragic Life of Frederick PumpkinSteiner

pumWith Halloween less than a week away, I might as well express my love for my favourite holiday and get all Halloweeny over here.

thumbnail_20171020_123642This post was meant to be a really cute post about carving a pumpkin, I named Frederick PumpkinSteiner. But, tragedy struck and well, I think pictures speak a thousand words.

thumbnail_20171020_134516I left Frederick alone for just a minute and he ended up rolling off the table.

thumbnail_20171020_161428My heart was in my mouth, when I discovered him in pieces on the floor.

thumbnail_20171020_164611I tried mending him, but poor Frederick PumpkinSteiner just wasn’t the same and was left horribly scarred.pum2

16 thoughts on “The Tragic Life of Frederick PumpkinSteiner

  1. Awww, that just so sad 😢 On the other hand I agree with the comment from Reham, he looks much scarier now than before. It’s pretty cool to have a Jack o Lantern with a scar. It makes him unique I guess 😀

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      • You’re so right 😀 hehe.
        Really, that’s very interesting. 🙂 We only have Pumpkins this time of year. They don’t taste good and not many people would actually eat them here.
        Its more a tradition to carve pumpkins and leave them by your front door.
        It comes from the old pagan days, where people thought the spirits could leave the after life and walk the world on Halloween. So people carved turnips or pumpkins and left them by their doors. In the hope it would scary the spirits off and stop them from entering their homes. 😀


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