Anime Confessions

thumbnail_02ee777f-bee6-4634-8e90-120a9e6a325bI know I said I wouldn’t do this post, in case it started world war 3 in the comments. But someone pointed out, that WordPress is a much nicer place then the average forum and they’re right. Everyone here is a hell of a lot nicer and probably wouldn’t get nasty, if they disagreed with anything in this post (Unlike those forums, that are scary as hell and filled with trolls). I also really wanted to do another anime post, but couldn’t think of a better idea for a post.

For anyone that doesn’t know what an anime confession is, it’s where you share things you would normally hide about your enjoyment of anime. To make this post a proper confession, I’m including all things related to my love of anime. So, like cosplay, Japan, anime games and things like that.

Without rambling on any longer, I give to you my anime confessions:

True anime preference, is probably a good place to start. I actually like older anime better, usually 80s and 90s anime.  I also prefer anime aimed at guys, it’s a lot more fun and interesting.
To escape being called a tomboy, I’d normally say I preferred psychological, supernatural and Ghibli anime.

My whole teenage years and anime. I did a lot of cringey embarrassing anime related things when I was a teenager, so I’m putting the whole thing on this list. I could probably make another list with those things, but I’ll save you the pain of cringing and give you the top 3- Doing that cringey anime pose for photos, thoroughly researching everything to do with Japan and imitating certain anime characters.

thumbnail_e2984b48-af3d-41c1-8dd3-5251acdc921dWhen I had a pixie haircut, I purposely styled it to look like Ciel Phantomhive’s hair. It looked so awesome. I also cosplayed as Ciel Phantomhive, a lot at that time.

When my hair started growing back, I tried to styling it like spiky anime boy hair. Sadly, gravity would not allow my hair to stay spiky.

I use to be a secret anime fan. Basically, because here anime is mistakenly considered as weird porn. Thankfully now, I’m pretty open about loving anime and learnt to get around being called a creep, by saying I watch anime that’s like Studio Ghibli.

Grave of the fireflies broke me. I can’t watch it or talk about it without becoming a sobbing mess. The sub version is even worse, Setsuko little voice broke my heart. It’s the saddest anime I’ve ever seen, which is why I normally refuse to discuss or watch it with anyone.

I sing along to the opening, even if it’s in Japanese. I know very little Japanese, so Glob knows what I’m actually singing.

There are a couple of anime, I’m a bit obsessed with. Mainly Black Butler, Wolf’s Rain and Death Note. Like most obsessed anime fans, I watch endless amounts YouTube videos about these anime, look at and creating fan art and listening to their soundtracks (a lot).

thumbnail_84161abe-b0df-42e5-8f08-227f7b766219The real reason I disliked Tokyo ghoul (anime) so much, was that I felt it pushed the hate the world mentality, too much. That and watching all that coffee drink, made it depressing as hell. (Also, the manga is so much better).

I have used google translate, to translate my name into Japanese. Didn’t like the results, my name sounds like curry.

Durarara annoyed the hell out of me, when it showed Ireland 20 years ago and made the place look like it was stuck in the 1800s. That was so not cool, we aren’t that backwards for glob sake. Also, not a fan of the pacing in that anime. It’s death march slow.

I use to be really into Nintendo DS. I had a dirt load of games, including most of Professor Layton games (my favourite), Harvest moon, Pokémon games and Animal Crossing. I only stop playing Nintendo, because the 3DS gave my migraines.

thumbnail_69c2772b-407b-47dd-a963-a3e5f7924078Chibi are so darn cute. If I could get away with it, I would decorate my room with Chibi. I love those little chubby anime characters.

I feel so sorry for Grell (Black Butler). I know a lot of people see Grell as a really annoying character, but Sebastian treats her like dirt and talks to her like she’s a mangy flea-bitten dog. Part of me just wants Sebastian to show Grell some love. But then I remember Sebastian is horribly emotionally manipulative and reminds me of a charming sociopath or serial killer. So, I’d much rather see Grell introduce Sebastian to the nastier side of her chainsaw.

My Ban (7 deadly sins) obsession might have gone too far. I’m actually considering getting a huge Ban poster, to go beside my huge poster of the beautiful Daryl (The Walking Dead).

When I get really bored and hungry, I try making food I seen in anime, as well as food from Cooking Mama and Harvest Moon (without using grass, of course). Harvest moon food never turns out right.

My playlist includes 4 versions of Unravel (the original, music box, English and character group version). I don’t like Tokyo Ghoul, but glob I love that opening.

Well, we’ve made it to the end of this list. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this list and it hasn’t made you cringe, too much. Feel free to express your own anime confessions in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “Anime Confessions

  1. Yeah, I also did ‘naruto’ runs during sprints and thought that I was the coolest guy ever, lol *shudders in cringe*
    I agree. Tokyo ghoul manga is way better, I just read the first 20 chapters and I realized the anime skipped a lot of plot points. Anyway, thanks for sharing- it’s a fun post.

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  2. I had wanted to start this comment with some angry words just as a joke, but decided not to in the end lol😂. Great post, and some great confessions here. I guess my biggest confession is that I had not watched any anime for a period of almost 5-6 years before I started my blog. So I guess you could say blogging saved my love for anime. As for sobbing after having seen Grave of the Fireflies: I had the same reaction, so I can relate 😊

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    • Haha, that would have been hilarious. I would have died for a second, until I realised you were joking 😀
      That’s a really sweet confession. Thanks for sharing it. Glad to hear your love for anime returned 😀
      Grave of the Fireflies, is so sad. Setsuko, is probably the saddest film death, I’ve ever seen.

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      • Yeah it’s unbelievably sad. At one point you pretty much forget that it’a an animated movie, which only goes to show how truly powerful it is 😊
        Haha…yeah well, I thought I would spare you the shock of that lol 😂😂

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  3. I recently watched In This Corner Of The World, which is similar to Grave of the Fireflies. The movie is set in Japan during the war. Very depressing stuff.

    Death Note and Wolf’s Rain are both quality shows, although I will never forgive the latter for having four recap episodes in a row.

    Shame that the 3DS gives you headaches, because there are some good games on that system. Maybe you could buy a 2DS? To be honest I always play my handheld with the 3D turned off, as it strains my eyes.

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    • Weirdly, I was about to buy Corner Of The World the other day. But decided to check out the reviews first. I read that it was good, but like you said very sad 🙂

      I can relate to that 🙂 . I almost gave up watching Wolf’s Rain because of those 4 awful episodes. Luckily, the ending was excellent. Really sad, but still excellent.

      The 3D function is very hard on the eyes 🙂 I might try that 🙂 . I kind of miss playing Professor Layton. 🙂

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