thumbnail_f3704dc7-22ba-45ac-afba-cb53f87f1b4eStepping out of my comfort zone again and giving CGI a go. Apparently, a CGI anime, but correct me if I’m wrong about that (Google may have lied to me).

My first impression of this Gantz:O was, why does the title look like it’s in shock? I’m kind of wondering if the :O was intentional. If it is, that’s actually very clever, considering the film has a lot of moments, that will leave you with a shocked look on your face.

In Gantz:O, those who die are brought back to life and forced to participate in the ultimate real life video game. Given high-tech suits and weapons, players must fight an army monsters in order to collect points. Once they collect enough points (100 points), players can unlock bonuses. Including superior (better) weapons, resurrect/revive a died player or gain your freedom from the game. Unfortunately, if a player dies in the game, they die in for good (unless revive by another player, later).

The main character Masaru Kato, is stabbed in a train station and dies. He consequently finds himself in the game and must fight for survival and to earn enough points, to gain his freedom and return home to his orphaned brother.

This is one of the more unusual films I’ve seen and felt more like watching a let’s play than a movie. But in saying that, the film was pretty half decent and fairly enjoyable. The story was what you’d expect from this sort of film. People kill monsters and monsters kill them. Then the boss monster shows up, wipes the floor with everyone and seems unbeatable. It’s pretty straightforward, but still had a few nice twists to keep things interesting.

I must admit, the CGI animation was kind of cool and reminded me a lot of PlayStation. The monster looked remarkably creepy and were very impressive. The players also looked, somewhat realistic and I could definitely see how the female characters would be appealing to the eyes, in their skin-tight suits. Which I must confess, I shook my head a little at. Clearly, someone put a lot of thought into designing those suits and designed them with support in mind. Those suits looked a tad restrictive, but at least there would be little chance of giving yourself black eyes, while kicking monsters butt.


Bird-Man-Snake: The most disturbing monster I could think of drawing.   

I wish I could say, as much attention was given to the male characters, but they all looked like skinny aliens in their suits. It was very disappointing and very clear who that aspect of the CGI was geared towards.

Although the overall animation was impressive, there was just something off about it. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe to it was just the bad dubbing or extremely expressive body language, putting me off. But I felt, there was just something not quite right, that made it seem slightly weird and off.

As you would expect, Gantz:O is very action focused and has a lot of fight scenes. Considering the players use head exploding guns, these scenes can get very gruesome and involve a lot of blood (Great it you love gore, but not so much if you’re a bit squeamish). Weirdly, the last fight scene has a bit of a terminator feel to it and gets very bright and flashy, giving it that cool futuristic look. However, in contrast with its usual dimly lit scenes, this can be a bit sore on the eyes.

Overall, Gantz:O is a half decent film, with cool visuals. If you can get past the bad dubbing, it’s actually a rather enjoyable and fun film. It does occasionally have weird dialog, but makes up for this with some great spine tingling lines like, “do you feel like you’re in the presence of a god” (deep scary voice). It also has its share of weird, messed up WTF moments, but these just add to the enjoyment of this film.

Gantz:O, has a real video game feel, that not everyone will like. Personally, I thought it looked interesting and kind of cool. Making a nice change from the usual style of films I watch. The only reason I’ve rated Gantz:O as a middle of the road film, is that story wise it was very typical of this sort of film and to me, it doesn’t stand out from movies with a similar storyline.

Rating: 2.5/5

9 thoughts on “Gantz:O

  1. I think you are right about this being a CGI movie. I have so far passed on this, not because I don’t want to see it, but because I still haven’t watch the anime series that I bought at a con earlier this year. I first want to see that, before I start with this. Even though it doesn;t sound like an amazing classic, most of the elements you have described here certainly sound appealing. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to. As always: great post! 😀

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    • Cool 😀 That sounds like a really good plan 🙂

      I’ve seen a few pages of the manga and it looks awesome (The art work is unbelievably cool). So, I’d reckon that would be a really cool anime series 🙂 Hope you enjoy it 😀

      Thanks for your kind words 😀

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  2. I have to agree with your assessment of the movie. Good action and visuals, but no real story to speak of. The series does a bet job with it’s narrative, but it’s way more graphic than this film. Lots of gore and even some adult content too.

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    • I must check out the series. It sounds a lot better then the movie.
      From what I’ve just seen of the manga, I would well imagine, there’s a lot of gore and adult content in the anime series. To be honest, the manga seems to be bordering on porn lol 😀
      There also seems to be a random panda in it. hehe

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  3. Great job on the review. I’ve heard of this because of it being related to the original Gantz anime which came out in the mid 00s. It looks like a CGI Sci-Fi video game version of Battle Royale with the ultraviolence aspect.

    Also, thanks for checking out that Jungle Emperor Leo: Hon-O-Ji review I did and for following me!

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    • Thanks 😀
      I think, Gantz is also a manga (which I must say looks really cool). I’ve never seen the original Gantz anime or played battle royale. But, there is a few references to the battle royale film, in this movie. 🙂

      You’re welome 🙂 I must have a better look at your blog, when I get a chance 😀

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      • You’re welcome. Gantz is also a manga, but I haven’t read it. Battle Royale was a good movie even though it’s not perfect. Funny enough, when I’ve talked about that movie, some people ask “Hey, isn’t it that movie that The Hunger Games ripped off?”. Hahaha!

        No problem. Feel free to check out the other stuff whenever you have time. No rush.

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      • Oh, there have been people talking about that for years including movies like The Condemned and The Belko Experiment. At least the creators of Gantz acknowledge inspiration for Battle Royale which I can’t fault them for. It’s an interesting point about inspiration vs. ripping off people. As far as the latter, well…don’t get me started about Paprika or Kimba the White Lion/Jungle Emperor Leo. HAHAHAHAHAHA! 😛

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