A Sense of Humour Always Helps

thumbnail_20171115_155713I don’t really like posting drawings without some type written interaction. It seems a bit cold and distant. So, I’ll write something to explain, what on earth I’ve drawn.

Basically, I was having one of those days, where everyone kept asking me, if I was feeling okay because I looked like death rolled over (I wasn’t hung over, I just looked like sh**. I don’t even drink). Since sitting with a paper bag on my head would be creepy. I thought I’d cheer up, by drawing myself as ridiculously ugly cartoon characters.

thumbnail_20171115_155713 (2)Yeah, this is pretty much how I feel every morning before have food and coffee. I’m really not a morning person.

thumbnail_20171115_155713 (3)This is probably the ugliest style I’ve ever seen, but Glob I love its ugliness. I had to try it for myself.

thumbnail_20171115_155713 (4)I couldn’t really do much drawing semi-realistic, so I just gave myself a fat face and messed around with my colour palette. Also, that’s not a teardrop tattoo. It’s just a white patch, that shows up when I get flustered.

thumbnail_20171115_155713 (5)I pretty much thought of the ugliest way possible to draw anime and did that. If it’s not too big-headed, I’d like to said that I nailed it. It doesn’t even have a nose.

Hope you found these drawing as amusing as I did. They certainly cheered me up anyway. I may look like a corpse, but at least I’m a smiling corpse now. Hope they made you smile too.

8 thoughts on “A Sense of Humour Always Helps

  1. I’ve been having a pretty crappy week if I am being honest, and I probably look like a corpse myself. Maybe it’s a good idea to draw myself like this as well. I definitely got a good laugh out of your drawings, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing them 😀

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  2. Zombie artist! I like your so called attempt at ugly anime art. That said, I like chibi characters. My nose is huge, so that may explain why I enjoy anime art. Those characters are not cursed with a huge snozzer.

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    • Hehe Zombie artist. Love it 😀
      Thanks 🙂 Chibi characters are so cute.

      Hehe snozzer 🙂 I wasn’t expecting anyone to know that word on WordPress 😀
      But yeah, anime characters tend to have noses so itty bitty, you can barely see them. Except for kaiji and Yubaba/Zeniba from spirited away. Their noses are truly huge hehe 🙂

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