Gerry, The Paint by Numbers Wolf

thumbnail_20171230_132733I was given a Paint by numbers as a bit of a joke Christmas present (might seem mean, but was hilarious). As I’m not one for wasting paint or a perfectly good canvas board, I decided to give this bad boy a bit paint (also it’s a wolf. Wolves are awesome). Unfortunately, painting by numbers took me a lot longer then I thought and kind of stole all the time I allocated to painting. So, I’ve no new paintings to show you guys this month. Since this little project took so long, I thought it might be fun to do a little mini review for it.

First things first, what comes in the box.

thumbnail_20171230_134017A very large palette of 20 paints and the world’s smallest brush. Some really nice colours in that palette (my favourites are 53-Autumn green and 76-Bright Lavender).

thumbnail_20171230_133210And of course, the canvas board (tis confusion by numbers). A little tip, its best to take a good clear photo of the canvas before starting, because there’s numbers everywhere and things may get confusing.

Now that’s out of the way, time for the good, the bad and the I wish I knew that before I started, of this product. I’ll start with the bad, to get it out of the way early.

The Bad:

  • There are at least 3 sections with no number, so you have to guess what colour they’re meant to be and hope for the best.
  • The brush was so tiny, that it made progress deathly slow. So slow in fact, that I had to abandon using the brush for the sky and uses one of my other brushes. It was also kind of hard to keep hold of and I dropped it a whole bunch of times (not good, when it has paint on it).
  • The way the picture is numbered can be confusing, at times. There’s parts with lots of numbers and arrows pointing everywhere. Meaning it can be very easy to lose track of which colour goes where.

thumbnail_20180113_142130The Good:

  • It’s a Glob Dam Is there really any need, to say more? (Wolves are beyond awesome)
  • There’s also just something very satisfying about filling in all those little sections, with its corresponding paint. It just gives you that relaxed feeling, where the world feels right and at peace. Kind of similar to, the first coffee of the day or a really good hug.
  • They really give you a decent amount of paint. I still have a lot of paint left over and I was piling it on.
  • The picture, itself is very beautiful and is nice enough to keep after you’ve finished painting (It also reminds me of Hige from Wolf’s Rain, which is definitely an added bonus).
  • And most importantly, painting by numbers was a lot of fun and really doesn’t take much skill. Anyone could do a good job of it. Even a fellow coordination impaired person like myself.

 The, I wish I knew that before I started:

  • How incredibly messy this would be. At one point, I was basically wearing the paint. It was on my face, in my hair, all over both hands and on my clothes, too. Luckily, I wear my brothers’ clothes while painting, so we’ll not worry about that (a joke, of course. I’m not that mean. I asked them for an old t-shirt for painting).
  • How fast the paint dries. It dries ridiculously quick (within minutes), so blending the sky to make it look more natural, was a lot of works. You really had to work fast and keep that brush wet.
  • Also, how long painting by numbers would take. It took me weeks to complete, but at least you really get your worth out of this product.

thumbnail_20180125_133844Overall, I’d definitely recommend giving paint by numbers a try, especially if you like to paint. Although it has its short comings, it’s really enjoyable and is very satisfying. So, you can easily over look its bad points and really have fun with this little project.

I know some might think painting by numbers, takes away the creativity of painting, but sometimes just painting is enjoyment enough. Sometimes just having a brush in your hand and something to paint, is enough to make you happy and bring you some peace of mind.

20 thoughts on “Gerry, The Paint by Numbers Wolf

  1. Haha…sorry to read it got messy, but the way you described it made it really funny 😂 But wow, this looks amazing and I have to say even though this took an enormous amount of work (weeks is a lot), the end result looks very neat. Have never tried this (and probably never will, as I already have too many hobbies. Lol), but can definitely understand the appeal people have for this 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Looks fun, and it’s a wonderful activity for an OCD, I can imagine, lol.
    Also, I just learned “paint by numbers” is actually a thing. xD I thought it was just fancy movie critic words. haha

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  3. Sounds better than some joke gifts I have received in the past, because this one is actually usable. The missing numbers is a bummer, but at least you can look at the box to get an idea of what color to use. Maybe the brush is tiny to reduce the cost of the set? Thankfully they were more generous with the amount of paint. Even if painting by numbers is not considered to be creative it’s a good way of practicing brushwork.

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    • Good points, usable gifts are great 😀
      You’re probably right about the brush. But at least it was a proper wooden handle and soft bristle brush and not one of those nasty plastic brushes. 😀
      And so true, it is good practice and very enjoyable 😀

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    • I couldn’t agree more with you 😀 They really are a great way to practice the skills needed to be creative 🙂

      I too, own quite a few adult colouring books hehe 😀 The designs in them can be so beautiful. Especially, the flower and nature ones 🙂
      It’s so relaxing to just sit and colour them in, while drinking a cup of coffee 🙂
      I’d love to see your designs some day 😀

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