Silent Hill (2006)

thumbnail_8559fdf1-ae0c-4fd7-bae7-16a2433aa6f6Rewind back 10 years+ ago, where a young and daring 13-year-old me, thought to herself. “Hmm… I’m incredibly bored and no one else is awake. I know what would be fun. Watching horror movies in the dark by myself.” After sneaking downstairs like a ninja, quietly raiding the DVD cupboard and hightailing it back to my room, with my goodies (so not to get caught roaming the house at night). I decided Silent Hill would be the perfect movie for this little horror fest, I was holding in the darkness of my room.

Long story short, this was not a good idea and I scared the muffins out of myself, so bad that I couldn’t sleep. But, what does that have to do with this post? Well, it’s been over 10 years since I first seen this movie and I was curious to see, if it was still as scary as I found it back then. However, before I answer that, let me tell you a little about Silent Hill’s story.

The main character, Rose is worried sick about her adoptive daughter (Sharon), sleepwalking and having night terrors. The child’s dreams are being plagued by a town called Silent Hill, which leads Rose to think, that bringing Sharon to Silent Hill would rid her of the nightmares.

After making a dramatic entrance into Silent Hill, Rose and Sharon are separated. Rose searches the town frantically for her daughter, but soon realises there is something very wrong with this town. After experiencing, what happens when darkness falls and terrifyingly warped monsters come out to play, and after meeting the religious cult of witch hunters, that occupy the town. Will Rose ever find her daughter and will she learn the chilling secrets of Silent Hill?


Chibi Pyramid Head

All I can say is, “wow, horror movies sure have come a long way since 2006.” However, in saying that, Silent Hill still manages to be creepy as fudge, even if the monsters look incredibly fake and computerised. The acting is also bit monotone at times, particularly with the character Rose (it was like watching an emotionless robot, at points). Luckily, the storyline and its generally creepiness in enough to forgive the acting.

By today’s standards, Silent Hill is still a pretty good horror movie. It maintains a real eerie feel, that keeps you slightly on edge the whole way through the film. Even when the wallpaper isn’t peeling from the walls and there isn’t a horribly mutated and charred monster on the screen. But for me, the best thing about this film was the storyline. It really sucks you in and keeps you wandering, in suspense about what the fudge in going on in that town. As well as exploring some of darker things in society, like mob mentality, mass hysteria and the idea that people are more likely to partake in horrible inhuman acts, when in a group or/and they fear being shun for not partaking or for speaking out. This gives the story that real twisted feel, that can make horror so interesting to watch.

Overall, Silent Hill is one of the better horror movies, I have seen. Despite the acting being a bit dead at times, it still had a suspenseful storyline, with some depth. Silent Hill was also very eerie and its monsters, looked like they were straight out of a nightmare. Creating the real horror movie feel. I would definitely recommend Silent Hill to lovers of horror.

Rating: 3.5/5

To answer the question, I posed earlier. 10 years on, did Silent Hill still scare the muffins out of me?
Thankfully no, it just mildly creeped me out.

11 thoughts on “Silent Hill (2006)

  1. Honestly out of all the video game adaptations that have been made, this one together with Need for Speed are probably the best ones (Resident evil is fun….but I would not exactly call them great so to speak).
    I also liked the fact that the music in this film came straight from the original movie 😊😊 It’s a film I need to revisit..and soon. Great post as always 😀😀

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    • Thanks 😀
      I completely agree 😀 Video game adaptations are usually not that great. But, Silent Hill is definitely one of the best 🙂 It’s kind of funny, because you sort of forget its a Video game adaptations, when you’re watching it 🙂

      And, Oh my glob that’s so cool, I didn’t realise that about the music. 😀
      Hope you enjoy revisiting Silent Hill, when you get around to it 🙂

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  2. This movie scared the shit out of me way back then and I was a lot older than you then. It still is one of my top five horror movies. It’s the eerie feeling that gets to me every time.

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  3. Wow a decent video game adaptation. Sounds like you have gotten braver as I you got older. I am too much of a wuss to watch this. From what I remember there is a sequel movie, although apparently it isn’t great.

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    • A decent video game adaptation, is definitely a rare thing hehe 😀
      Naaa, I think I’ve just become more desensitised to horror movies, as I got older. 13-year-old me, was a ballsy little shite (wish I was still that ballsy). 😀
      Yeah, the sequel really isn’t great and from what I remember, it doesn’t make a lot of sense plot wise.

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