The Thing in the Apartment (Short Film)

thumbnail_ec2a1929-a644-48f3-bc04-53efa6494674It’s not too often you come across a horror film that is genuinely terrifying, let alone a short film. Being less than 10 minutes long, The Thing in the Apartment still manages to give you Goosebumps and leave you a little afraid of the dark. It has been a while since a horror movie has scared me this bad, so I’ve decided to give The Thing in the Apartment a review of its own.

The Thing in the Apartment, begins with Sam getting a phone call from her friend (Lindsey), asking if she can come pick her up, because something happened in her apartment. Sam, being just a good friend, goes picks the frightened Lindsay up. However, in true horror movie idiot style, Sam decides it’s a good idea to go check the apartment out and as you can probably guess, things take a bit of a horrible turn from here.

From the offset, this short film is very creepy and gives you a really uneasy feeling. As the film progresses, it gets a lot more intense and is filled with jump scares. Leaving you very on edge and praying that nothing messed up, jumps out and grabs either of the characters. Having 5 jump scares in less than 10 minutes, this film will most likely send your heart racing (not the best if you have any heart problems) and have you cuddling your blanket for dear life.

As for true scare factor goes, this film feeds on the fear of the unknown, the unseen and being attacked while alone and/or helpless. So, anyone that has experienced sleep paralysis, has had the feeling something sinister watches them or feels uneasy when alone or in the dark, will most likely find The Thing in the Apartment absolutely terrifying.

The down side to this film is that the acting is not the greatest and it has a lot of stupid moments that makes no logical sense. Like, entering the apartment when there’s a suspected creeper inside and walking about in complete darkness. This made things slightly predictable and takes away some of its fear factor.

Overall, considering The Thing in the Apartment is a short film, I would say it’s worthwhile checking out, if you’re a lover of horror. Although, the acting isn’t great it still manages to leave you feeling very creeped out and wanting to sleep with the lights on. If you fancy a quick scare and have 10 minutes to spare, I’d recommend giving The Thing in the Apartment a watch. As I’m so nice, I’ll even leave a YouTube link to this film, somewhere in this post.

Rating: 3.5/5

11 thoughts on “The Thing in the Apartment (Short Film)

  1. I love experimental short films so this was right up my street. I have to say I agree with you about them fumbling in the dark, having walked by no less than four light switches!! Haha. But still and effective short film. I’d have to recommend “Zygote” and “Rakka” if you haven’t come by those yet. Definitely worth a watch. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • The Thing in the Apartment really gets the heart pumping hehe 😀
      Haha, I can so empathise with that. I do the same thing. Watch creepypasta stuff on youtube before bed. End up not being able to sleep, until I check that all the windows and doors are secured and check the whole house for creatures hehe 🙂

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      • i am the same. when i read the Candle Cove creepypasta, my mind won’t settle and I keep remembering it when i’m in the shower, and it’s just awful.
        omg, just last month, i foolishly clicked on “the magical world of anya” and, though not scary at all, the creepy vibe just stayed with me. haha

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      • Oh glob, thinking of creepy things while in the shower, can make the showering experience so much more intense 😀

        Yeah, the magical world of anya is very disturbing. If you watch the analysis videos on it, it makes the whole thing 10x scarier. Because apparently there’s hidden codes and stuff in those videos, that lead to stuff on tumblr, about the girl. It’s all very unnerving.

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      • i actually watched an analysis video of it, and my algorithm kept recommending me creepy stuff afterwards. I had to watch a bunch of dumb shows to wash the creepy stuff away. and yeah, i love how intricate the series it. It’s not really scary, but my vivid imagination gets worked up, lol.
        Also, anya’s picture is actually more disturbing that the paper masks, lol.

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