So, I Made A Comic Strip

(Apologies for the lateness of this post, I was experiencing some technical difficulties, impairing my ability to post).

I’ve decided to take the plunge and try out the first of my ideas for this blog.

That’s right, I’ve created a little comic strip. It’s called Cold, Lost and Left with Sal, but I don’t want to ramble on, so I’ll explain how the comic strip is read, set the scene and leave you to enjoy it.

It reads left to right (Sorry if that’s disappointing, my brain would have exploded, if I tried to write/draw it like a manga). To make it easier to read, I’ve used block capital but in case you can’t read my rubbish handwriting, I’ve also put the dialogue below each page. Hope you enjoy.

Cold, Lost and Left with Sal
After a mysterious event, nearly all humans disappeared from the face of the earth. Now seemingly the only two people left on earth. Our main characters, the sensitive Luke and the peculiar Sal, must roam the earth trying to survive.

Chapter-1: All that’s left

thumbnail_20180423_094523Page 1:
Sal (the character wearing the crown): Thanks for waiting Luke,

Sal: I…

Sal: Here…. You’re going to catch a cold.

Sal: We don’t know what exactly happened, that day.

thumbnail_20180423_115833Page 2:
Sal: There’s still hope of finding them.

Sal: Come on. We better get moving.
I have good news

Sal: The town’s only about 2 miles away. If we make it before night fall, we can sleep inside for once.

Luke (the spiky haired character): Sweet.
Hmm… wait. Sal, won’t you get cold without your blanket?

Sal: It’s okay, I’ll find another. If I get cold before then, I’ll just cuddle a stray dog or something.

Luke: Hehe… Gross

Sal:  If I get ticks, I promise to share.

Luke: You could always cuddle me!

Sal: No chance. I’d rather take me chances with the dog.


So, that was my first attempt at creating a comic strip. Hope you could read everything okay. Being dyslexic and having dyspraxia, spelling, grammar and handwriting are my weak points. So, apologies if you couldn’t read the comic strip for any of those reasons. The good news is, I’ve drawn the next chapter digitally and it looks hell of a lot better.

This has been one of those posts I’ve been uncertain about (so far out of my comfort zone and the technical difficulties didn’t help). But it was really fun to make, so I plan on making at least a few more chapters and we’ll decide from there, whether to keep this as a regular thing or not.

Thanks for reading. I’m off now to attempt to bring you the second chapter of this comic strip.

20 thoughts on “So, I Made A Comic Strip

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  2. wow, you’re dyslexic and dyspraxiac, and you run a blog. I think that’s awesome and very brave of you. It actually explains a lot, but just know I’ve always liked your art and your blog tbh.
    The comic looks good. you could for an an Adventure Time aesthetic, but I think you want more Zelda in your style? xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww Thanks, that means a lot to me 😀 .

      Looking at it now, I can really see the Zelda. I was going more for the “let’s not be cringey and draw the anime/manga. But draw some cute little fat-head characters instead” style. XD But I can see where you’re coming from. 🙂
      The aesthetic is just abandoned wasteland. I wish I could pull off an Adventure Time aesthetic. It’s backgrounds are so detailed. It would be awesome, to be able to draw in that much detail. 😀


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