Cold, Lost and Left with Sal (Comic Strip Chapter 4)

From seeing people go crazy over the smallest things the comment section of YouTube videos, I feel like I should put a warning before this chapter. Just in case someone gets offended at some very mild suggestiveness (emphasis on the word mild) and tries to scream at me in the comments. So here it is:

Warning: This chapter contains some very, very mild suggestiveness and the slightest show of skin (anime legs to be precise). If you are of an extremely sensitive nature and/or easily offended, you may want to refrain from reading this chapter. This comic strip is for entertainment purposes and not intended to offend.

Chapter 4: The Call of Home

This Comic Strip reads left to right.

thumbnail_6c9f706c-0090-41a2-9c37-be5a0f225e55thumbnail_93f429a3-4bcf-4d42-be4b-acf160066527thumbnail_04f09ee0-5ec2-460d-b8ba-38381e097047thumbnail_0426a813-a268-4a70-a788-c81ffdc62fc0thumbnail_93be3b8d-19b0-40e8-baab-def91dcdcd24thumbnail_e7f20dc0-6f8b-48b4-95e1-714433f956ebSo, that was chapter 4. Hopefully you’ve taken the body pillow in good humour and don’t want to verbally assault me in the comments (YouTube is a scary place. I once seen some poor wee guy get hounded by a bunch of social thugs, for having a cutout of his waifu in the background of his videos. It was so brutal).

Hope you’re enjoying this comic strip and as always, Thanks for reading.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

8 thoughts on “Cold, Lost and Left with Sal (Comic Strip Chapter 4)

  1. I’m not sure why you felt the need to have a warning. I don’t quite understand people who are greatly offended by these things if they’re familiar with anime at all, but everyone’s different.

    I thought this was pretty funny in any case. One comment though, in the first panel with the dart you wrote “highly doubt it becomes to your mother” when I think you meant “belongs” ?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know, but if I didn’t put a warning before the comic strip, I could be made delete the post or worse, if someone took offence, went crying to wordpress and got their way.
      I know what you mean, though. It’s rather ridiculous that one needs to censor their work to avoid being hounded/bullied by those greatly offended by everything.

      Aww man, sorry about that. I did mean “belongs”. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll correct that as soon as possible 🙂


  2. you can relax msot of the sjw are on youtube or tumblr. the weird attic creatures are on deviantart, lol. omg, i’m dead.
    and wow, the plot thickens.

    btw, I know your fear. I just saw the Hugh Mungus video and it is incredibly unsettling, lol.

    anyways, great job!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh no, don’t die on us TPAD 😮 😮 Come back to life XD

      Thanks for understanding 😀 Ever since the Steven Universe fan art incidents and things like the Hugh Mungus video. The fear of god has been put into me.
      Having a super aggressive angry person screaming at me over a drawing, would be terrifying.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha, the Aki stuff was hilarious. Don’t worry about the easily offended. If they attack your strip just hit them with one of those darts.

    Liked by 1 person

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