Flowery Doodle Tree

There was still quite a bit of Gouache paint to be used up, so I thought I might as well paint some more of my flower doodles. It would be a crying shame to let good paint go to waste or to let it explode all over the cupboards, again.

thumbnail_20180629_080347This time I went with the flowery doodle tree, that I probably drew after drinking too much coffee (I draw the weirdest things, when on a caffeine buzz). Just a little warning, I was in a bit of a mood when painting the background so it turned out a little strange. But not to worry, nearly everyone here is in a bit of a mood because of this second heatwave we’re experiencing.
We usually don’t get really hot weather like this here, so most aren’t use to the heat and can’t handle it that well. To be frank at this point, most of us are feeling completely bucked, rather grumpy and cursing global warming (also not to mention, a little sunburnt).

thumbnail_20180629_080432As you can see, I was so moody that I wasn’t even going to entertain, staying in the lines. Mainly because unlike water colours, Gouache paint is surprisingly forgiving. So, it really doesn’t matter that much, if you go over the lines. You can always just paint over it and blend it in.
As for the colour choice. Moody me apparently likes to be dramatic with colour.

thumbnail_20180629_163611So here we have it, the finished piece. Thankfully, after being left to dry for a few days, the background lightened up a bit and doesn’t look as morbid now.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the creation of the Flowery Doodle Tree. Thanks for reading.

But before a head off to melt a little more on this heat. I’d like to announce that I created an Instagram account for this blog a wee while ago, so if you like to see more of what I get up to, you can follow me over on Instagram.


Just look for the little vampire!

10 thoughts on “Flowery Doodle Tree

  1. The heat here is beginning to build up as well, but it’s nowhere near as bad as what I read right in this post. You might want to spend some time in a refrigarator lol 😂😂
    As for the painting though, I think it looks great! I always love seeing your art, so keep it coming!😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe Thanks for the kind words 😀

      Houses don’t have air conditioning here and the humidity isn’t great, so the heats amplified. But God, the refrigarator doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Cool air, cold drinks and food. What more, can one possibly hope for hehe 🙂
      Hope you get nicer weather than here. 😀

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      • Well I live on the 12th floor of an apartment building and on the balcony there is this glass pannel that shines right at my room. Now I know how insects must feel when people put a magnifying glass on them lol.
        Hopefully the heat is going to go down for you soon. I personally hate this warm weather. Like the cold much, much more 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, it feels like a furnace here at times, but nothing that drinking plenty of fluids can’t fix. I will survive…probably that is lol😂😂 You take care as well. As I said I hope the heat will die down for you soon 😊


  2. I feel your pain. No, not about paint blowing up my cupboards. I mean that the weather is so freaking hot right now haha. Shame that coffee doesn’t enhance everyone’s drawing skills. At work I drink gallons of the stuff, but all I can muster are stick men.

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