Quite Possibly the Darkest Thing I’ve Ever Drawn

thumbnail_94c85aad-a778-45c9-95c8-f411abb1694eHave you ever had an idea, that at the time seemed great but later realise it wasn’t so great and might actually have been quite a bad idea? It’s safe to say we all have at least once in our lives. So, let me introduce you to my bad and rather morbid idea, Ninander (Glob, naming it really doesn’t help).

So, what possessed me to draw just a dark thing, you ask? Well, I was having trouble coming up with something to draw for the last Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood review and decided to draw the first thing that comes to mind, when I think of FMA: Brotherhood. Sadly, this was the little girl, Nina and her dog being blended together by her disturbed father, to make a human animal hybrid. At the time, this seemed like a great idea but after drawing it, I realised it might be a little too dark to include in the review (or even add colour to). It took a lot of time and effort to draw and I’m kind of proud of it, so I’m sharing it now in a separate post in case it isn’t used in the last review.

Although it isn’t coloured, I hope you’ve enjoyed one of my darker drawings
and as always, Thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “Quite Possibly the Darkest Thing I’ve Ever Drawn

  1. The chimera story broke me. One of the most disturbing things I have witnessed in anime. Although I am I a fan of Brotherhood, when I first watched it I wasn’t looking forward to experiencing this tragedy once again.

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    • Aww, same here. It nearly made me shed a tear 😥 Especially when Scar killed her and the Dad.

      The whole event was so disturbing and heartbreaking. I can understand why you weren’t looking forward to watching the whole thing play out again. 🙂 Watching it for the second time would be so much worse because you know whats going to happen 😮

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  2. Nope…stil haven’t seen Full Metal Alchemist. Yes I know, it’s absolutely horrible that I stil haven’t. I like this picture though ( I never mind dark things in the first place, it’s something I always get drawn too for some reason). So…in other words: great drawing 😊😊

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    • Aww its not horrible. 🙂 There’s still a lot of great anime I haven’t seen, either. Anime is like the ocean, there will always be parts of it unseen. 😀
      Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of my new favourites . It’s an awesome anime but it’s very long.

      Haha, same here 🙂 For some reason dark art can be more interesting 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words and glad you liked my creepy drawing 😀


    • Thanks 😀 Glad you like it 😀

      FMA: Brotherhood is an amazing anime. 🙂
      It does have its share of dark and disturbing moments, though. This creature belongs to one of those moments. It uses to be a little 5 year-old-girl. It’s so sad 😥


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