e22c43ce-cc31-4d41-bf46-59bd9b0018f5If you had the ability to go back in time and stop something truly horrific happening, would you? Personally, I wouldn’t think twice about it and would head back in a heartbeat, to stop a few things from coming to pass and that’s exactly what our main character (Satoru) in this anime chooses to do. But before we get into that, I’d like to announce that Erased was the winner of the little review poll, I carried out a while ago and I can certainly see why. So with that out of the way, let’s begin this review the same way as every review, and start with a quick description.

Erased, begins with a grownup Satoru struggling to get his manga published and working as a pizza delivery guy to earn money. Though Satoru is struggling as a manga artist, this isn’t what has him feeling blue. Satoru heart is weighed down by guilt and the regret that he couldn’t save his classmate (Kayo) from dying at the hands of a child serial killer, when he was 11 years-old.

This guilt is made worse by the fact that, since Satoru was a child he has had the ability to foresee when something bad is about to happen, allowing him to act and prevent the potential tragedy. Just before Kayo disappears, Satoru gets the feeling that something bad is about to happen to her. But being a child, Satoru doesn’t fully understand this feeling and ignores it. Shortly after this Kayo is reported missing and months later, her body is discovered and a young man arrested and wrongly charged with the murder. Though, Satoru feels awful for not doing something to prevent Kayo’s death, he tries his best to put this horror behind him. That is until, the real serial killer returns and murders Satoru mother, somehow framing Satoru in the process. Left with no option but to flee from police, things take a bizarre turn when Satoru’s ability has him sent back in time, to shortly before Kayo disappears, when he was turning 11 years-old. Quickly, Satoru realises the opportunity presented him and he sets out determined, to save Kayo and the murderer’s other victims, as well as trying to catch the killer in the process.

Quite the plot, isn’t it? As you’d expect there’s a lot of playing detective and trying to outsmart the murderer in this anime. Making Erased a rather interesting and captivating watch, that leaves you unable to take your eyes off the screen, for fear of missing something important that identifies the killer. On top of this, Erased is quite a cute anime that really warms the heart. Little boys running around wanting to be superheroes, trying to save their friends, is just adorable and incredibly sweet to watch.

9cabd461-6ea9-4d26-9f25-b18e9a6adf90When it comes to these sorts of shows predictability is very important. Erased I would class as not that predictable. Of course, going into this anime you kind of know that Satoru will stop the murderer, because if he didn’t then what would be the point of making the show. The ending would be horrible and the whole thing would be incredibly depressing, if he didn’t. You would imagine, not many people would want to watch a show like that, leading to the failure of the anime. Although you can predict that much, what you can’t foresee is how he’s going to stop the killer. Meaning, you know he’ll stop the killer but not know how he will do it (if that makes sense). Which in itself makes the show really exciting and suspenseful to watch.

In terms of identifying the killer, with these types of shows I love to try to identifying the culprit before the grand reveal. Using some true Sherlock Holmes skills, I was able to identify the killer at about episode 5 (it’s only 12 episodes long, so around the half way mark). The flashes you get of the killer was a real give away and completely confirmed my prediction. For the non-Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts however, the killer will come as quite the shock. Even if you do work out who the killer is, the show is still very enjoyable and strangely become a little more exciting, due to the killer’s closeness to the victims.

The animation in Erased is pretty average and what you’d expect from an anime. In saying that, there are still a few aspects of its animation that I really like. For example, though it made me jump out of my skin at first, the hypnotoad moments were rather cool. The unusual character designs, was also something you could appreciate about the animation and made characters really identifiable. For instance, the way grownup Satoru’s eyes can move like a lizard’s, to look behind him. Though a little creepy is still very cool and makes him stand out from the rest of the characters. The little extras like the blue butterflies, use of colour and the film reel concept were all very nice touches to the show’s animation and all work well to set the tone.

My only slight criticism I could give Erased is that the subtitle speed is a little too fast and can be hard to keep up with. But if you know how to use the pause and rewind buttons and don’t mind using them, this won’t be much of a problem (just a slightly annoying inconvenience).

Overall, Erased is an excellent anime with a great plot and delivery that does it justice. It’s not overly predictable and manages to have little surprises for the viewer at every turn. Especially, when it comes to the identity of the killer, making it rather exciting to watch. With its added cute factor and heart-warming moments, I can really see why this anime is a favourite of a lot of people. So, for these reasons I would highly recommend watching this anime, even if the subtitles are ridiculously fast.

Rating: 5/5

10 thoughts on “Erased

  1. I really enjoyed Erased. I would have liked a little bit more to the mystery (the lack of suspects makes figuring who the villain is pretty easy), but this was a pleasure to watch and I’ve enjoyed rewatching it a number of times.

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    • Good point, I agree 😀 If the show was a little longer and not just 12 episodes long, I feel like they could have created a little more of a mystery. 🙂
      Also, showing the killers face makes a lot easier hehe 🤣🤣
      Glad you enjoyed the anime 😀

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  2. Ah, was looking forward to this post, and it certainly did not disappoint! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. It really was a terrific anime series and still one of my favorites to date. Like you I was also able to identify the killer at about the same time you did, but still as you said it did not make for a lesser experience. I also thought this anime adresses quite a number of heavy themes, and doesn’t shy away from them. All in all this really was quite the gem. Interestingly enough the live action series for this was also very good. It had a different ending (but I dare say it was even a better ending than the one in the anime) and is also worth checking out. Great post! 😊

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    • Thanks 🙂 I appreciate your kind words very much 😀
      Wow, the live action series sounds really good 🙂 I’ll have to check it out after I get from under the pile of review backlog 😀 Balancing drawing for comics and reviews is posing quite the task, but I enjoy doing both so its worth it 😀
      Back to the anime, I also thought it dealt with the dark and heavy themes very well and balanced them nicely with its little cute and heart-warming moments 😀

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      • Yeah, the live action is good. What’s also pretty unique is that the episodes are just half hour installments, so you will be able to watch it fairly quickly😊 It’s definitely one of the better love action adaptations out there for sure 😊
        Haha: well, as I said: I can definitely relate to that backlog, and balancing things has pretty much always been a problem for me as well 😅😅
        Definitely: I have yet to read the manga, but I have heard that that one is very well done too, and delves even deeper into the darker themes, but still manages to capture it very well too 😊

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  3. This series deserves the score you gave it. I named it runner up in my fave shows of 2017. Don’t recall the subtitles giving me trouble, but then again I have gotten a lot of reading practice due to anime. The Monogatari series for example is known with flooding viewers with rapid fire text.

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    • It was a really good show. 🙂 I can definitely see why it ranked so high on your fave list 😀 Its become one of my favourite murder mystery/detective anime 🙂
      Oh god rapid fire text, that sounds intense. If you could deal with that, you probably were able it keep up with Erased subtitles no bother. 🙂 Personally, I found them a little too fast in those high intensity talking fast moments 🙂

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