The Spooky Drawing Tag

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to get a little spooky tag going (since I didn’t do a horror movie reviews series like last year). Halloween is all about the scares, the spooks and creatures of the night, so the idea for this tag is to create a personalised scary drawing. That might sound confusing but stick with me, I’ve made it incredibly easy. So easy in fact that it only has 3 rules. Let’s have a look these rules.

1.- Draw the thing(s) you personally find scary or spooky (no explanation needed)
2.- Wish everyone a happy Halloween
3.- Encourage others to join in the fun

My hopes for this tag is that by the end, everyone will have their very own unique spooky Halloween picture. Don’t worry if you feel you can’t draw, it’s only a bit of fun. We’re all friendly here and no one will be mean about your drawing ability.

So, here is my spooky Halloween drawing filled with the things I find scary.

thumbnail_20181013_233043Petrified of snakes, freaked out by big head mascots and terrified of clowns (I think it’s the horribly applied lipstick). I also included myself because my overactive imagination spooks me out a lot. When something goes bump in the night, my mind goes straight to poltergeist, missing all logical explanations and leaving myself thoroughly spooked out.

Encouraging others to join in the fun:
I’ve opted not to have nominations in this tag, to keep it fun and take away some of the pressure that can come with tags. Instead I will leave the tag open to everyone who wants to take part. Don’t worry if you can’t draw, it’s only a bit of fun and stick people art is awesome. So, you can always draw some spooky stick ghouls, if needs be (that would actually look pretty cool). I hope you all give the tag a go and have fun with it.

Hope you enjoyed and…
As always, Thanks for reading.thumbnail_20181013_233155

8 thoughts on “The Spooky Drawing Tag

  1. Haha, this is a fun tag! And your kick off for it was already a lot of fun. For me it’s definitely wasps and fear of flying😂😊 And I also have to say I have an overactive imagination: but I guess I haven’t yet been scared enough about it…🤔🤔 Honestly don’t know if that’s a good thing 😂😂😂
    I will try if I can find some time for this…Really like the idea! 😊😊

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  2. I think most people find mascots cute. A fear of snakes is understandable, given than some species are deadly. Your picture reminds me how creepy clowns can be. I’m guessing you aren’t a fan of the movie IT.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha… yeah I refuse to watch IT 😂 and thank glob I live in a country without snakes or I’d be a little screwed 🙂
      Big head mascots are so freaky .😱 I don’t like the way they come running over looking a hug, getting all in your personal space with their giant head. They’re creepy as fudge 😮
      However, they look like giant living teddy bears, so I can see why people find them cute 🙂

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