Yuri on Ice

8ce9cea2-6ad6-4639-8222-1ab7b859fac2In every reviewer’s life there comes a time, where they must wonder into the unknown and watch something they wouldn’t normally view. For me this is the romance genre and sports anime. Two genres I usually stay well away from, because they’re really not my cup of tea when it comes to entertainment. So, why watch an anime that combines the two? You may ponder. Let’s just say curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see why so many people were so taken by this show. Did this risky venture into the unknown pay off? Wait and see after a quick plot summary.

After completely bottling his last season of figure skating, Yuri Katsuki is left distraught and wondering if he should give up figure skating all together. Just as he’s about to throw in the towel, 5x world championship winner Victor Nikiforov shows up at Yuri’s family’s hot springs resort, offering to coach Yuri to greatness. Between Yuri’s lack of self-confidence, performance anxiety and an extremely angry blonde-haired kid showing up, Victor and Yuri really have their work cut out for them.

To be honest, it would be impossible to watch this show without falling in love with the character Yuri Katsuki (alternative spelling: Yuuri or Yūri). Right from the off set, you can see he’s a little bundle of nervous awkward energy, making him incredibly relatable. You can’t help but empathise with Yuri’s character. Between his internal catastrophizing freak outs, his proneness to weight gain and his general awkwardness, it’s hard not to feel for him, because let’s just face it we’ve all had our fair share of little awkward moments and freak out (maybe not to the scales of Yuri’s but you can still relate). Victor’s character is also very likeable in his own way, but personally I find Yuri that little teeny-weeny smidge more likeable (Victor is still great though).

In an anime that’s main focus is on characters competing in competitions and blossoming romances, the characters can make or break the show. In Yuri on ice, the characters more than make the show and are incredibly entertaining. Beside from Victor and Yuri, there are so many other characters to love. Even the brat character Yurio (Yuri Plisetsky), though he’s a massive jerk you still find yourself thoroughly enjoying his feistiness and loving his grumpy ways.


Side views are my weakness, but I still try.

Christophe Giacometti is another character that stuck out to me. Possibly because the end of his internal skating monologue caused me to choked on my morning coffee (considering how mild the rest of the show is, it completely caught me of guard. Really was not expecting it to go that far). Nonetheless, there’s something very likeable about him, making Christophe another very enjoyable character.

Another notable point is how sweet this anime is. There are just moments in this anime where all you can say is “aww”. Moments like Phichit wanting to start his own skating show, Yuri giving Victor the ring, Yurio being somewhat nice to Yuri and so many more moments. Yuri on ice can also be very comical at times, most of its humour coming from ill-tempered Yurio expressing his displeasure of pretty much everything and everyone. The animation is pretty noteworthy too, the skaters move very fluently and smoothly while performing on the ice, which is rather amazing considering how difficult that must have been to achieve.

All shows have negative points and Yuri on ice is no exception, however these are only small. One point being, the show feels slightly rushed near the end. Perhaps because the anime is only 12 episodes long and the creators wanted to finish on a high note, so sped up the show’s pace a bit to reach that high. Another negative is that the show gets a tiny bit repetitive, however despite this it somehow doesn’t become boring. The skaters’ all have an internal monologue while performing. Giving a view into each skater’s personality and mindset while on the ice. These were rarely the same in each performance, keeping the show interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Overall, Yuri on ice is the best sports anime I’ve seen to date. Usually with sports or romance shows, I’d get very bored and disinterested a few episodes in and quickly drop the show. However, Yuri on ice was very different. It was very enjoyable and had me glued to the screen, loving every minute of it. So glued fact, that I binge watched the whole show in 2 days (something I rarely do, unless I really like the show). If I was to put my finger on what made this anime so enjoyable, I’d have to say its main protagonist Yuri Katsuki. He’s just a very human character which makes it incredibly difficult not to get invested in the anime. You just really want to see Yuri win and end up with Victor. If you’re into anime and haven’t seen this show yet, I would highly recommend giving it a go even if sports and romance anime can’t your thing.

Rating: 4.5/5

10 thoughts on “Yuri on Ice

  1. I was like you. I ventured into this as well…not knowing what I was in for. But because of all the positive buzz surrounding it, and everyone urging me to try this out…I went ahead anyway, despite this not being my favorite genre. And I was glad I did. It was an amazing anime and one that stuck with me forever. Truly an amazing watch and a real gem. Glad you enjoyed this one as well, and as always your post for it was amazing as was the art 😊

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    • So true, it really is a gem 😀 I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be this amazing. It was so heart-warming, I can’t wait to see season 2 🙂
      Glad you also enjoyed this anime and thanks for your kind words 🙂 This review was a long time coming, but I eventually found the time to create the art for it 🙂

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      • I hope the second season will be just as good. It will be hard to pull that off, seeing as this one was such an amazing watch. But…it has been know to happen, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. No idea when the second season will be released though. Haven’t seen an official word on it yet 😊

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      • So true, fingers and toes crossed hehehe 🤣 🤣
        The only way I can see the creator making season 2 as good, is to add a little drama to the mix. 🙂
        I haven’t seen any official release date for season 2 either. There’s meant to be a movie for Yuri on ice, coming out in 2019, though 😀 So much to look forward too 😀

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  2. Nice review and pictures. With a title of Yuri On Ice I expected this to be a lesbian story. Sometimes it is good to explore anime genres that you don’t normally watch. I am not a fan of romance either, but occasionally I’ll find a love rich anime that I enjoy. Based on your write up I can see why Yuri on Ice was so popular, back when it aired. It even got a mention on South Park.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 😀 Glad you like them 🙂
      Hahaha…😂😂You’re not alone, I thought the same back when it aired 🙂 and so true, sometimes it’s good to get out of your viewing comfort-zone and watch something you’d never think of watching. Funny thing is that’s actually how I got into anime 🙂
      Hehe, I seen that 🙂 It was great. Death note and Tokyo ghoul have also got a mention on South Park 😀 One of the writers must be an anime fan 😀

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