Speed Drawing Yuri on Ice (Part 1)

While creating the artwork for the Yuri on ice review, I realised I could actually record the process. So as a bit of fun, I recorded myself painting Yuri’s head and made it into a speed drawing. To keep the video at a reasonable length I’ve split the speed drawing into two parts. The second part I’ll post next week when I find some decent background music for it (the background music to this one is a bit meh).

Originally, I was going to do a voice-over for the video to add a personal touch, but unfortunately suffered an awful bout of shyness and self-consciousness about my rather raw accent. Narrating an entire video somehow seemed a lot more daunting, than voicing a character in an audio comic. So, instead I created a few quick drawings for the video and rescued a few old drawings from WordPress media and put them to a new use. Though, I’m not a pro at digital drawing, I hope you enjoy this speed drawing
(A little heads up, for some reason YouTube’s auto Quality setting is sometimes making the video look blurry. If this happens click on the videos settings button which is the little cog shaped button, then click on Quality and select a number above 360p. This should fix any blurriness).

Hopefully you’re not dizzy after watching that, apologies if you are. If anything, you could call this an energetic attempted at speed drawing. After sitting down and really analysing this video, I’ve noticed I tend to do it when thinking or swapping the stylus from the left to the right hand. So, hopefully in the next attempt I’ll be able to refrain from doing it (although, being able to spin and draw at the same time is a talent in itself).

Hope you enjoyed this attempted at speed drawing. If all goes well part 2 should be posted very soon and…

As always thanks for reading/watching.

9 thoughts on “Speed Drawing Yuri on Ice (Part 1)

  1. Lol: Total canvas spins : 66 (at least it’s below 100 😂😂) That was fun! I loved the video and it gave a nice inside look into the creation of these drawings. You definitely put a lot of effort in your art. It all looks so easy, but it really isn’t. Definitely looking forward to the second video: oh and nope I did not get dizzy 😂

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    • Hahaha… 😂 Thanks glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Your kind words are very much appreciated 😀

      Your comment; “It all looks so easy, but it really isn’t.” couldn’t be truer. Digital drawing does look easy, but really isn’t and in someways it can be harder than traditional art 🙂
      Secretly, I’m rather amazed by digital artists that can keep their canvas completely still while creating digital art and speed drawings 😀

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    • Hahaha….😂😂 I was actually going to add a bit of that song to this video, then have the Yuri on ice song, but sadly YouTube copyright filter is a bit of a hit and miss mine field 🙂 One minute it’s okay to add a song to your video as long as you credit it, next minute it’s not and they take it down. So I’m stuck with the public domain 🙂 I could end up adding some Christmas tunes to the next one hehehe 😂😂

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      • YouTube is a minefield when it comes to copyright. There is no consistency when it comes to what content they clamp down on. Public domain tunes sounds like a good idea. Maybe you could use song covers too.

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