Speed Drawing Yuri on Ice (Part 2)

As promised, part two of the Yuri on ice speed drawing (for a recap of part 1 click here). I was hoping to get this out soon, but unfortunately this week has been extremely stressful and busy, so things didn’t go as planned. It’s been one of those weeks where your patience and ability to remain calm are truly tested and to top it all off, I’m feeling a little height conscious at the minute (I was mistaken for a child at the Halloween fair. I know I’m a bit on the short side and under 5.3ft/160cm, but glob I most definitely do not look like a child. Peeps need to go to Specsavers to get their eyes tested).
Getting back on track, in this video we pick up where we left off and add light and a bit of colour variation to Yuri’s face. Which surprisingly takes a lot less time than adding shadow, so we also tackle the eye, hair and background. Thankfully my habit of canvas spinning is less noticeable in this part. Hope you enjoy! (If the video appears blurry increase the videos Quality setting, to a number above 360p. YouTube’s default settings don’t seem to work well on digital art. This should fix any blurriness.)

To finish this post of I thought I’d give a quick insight into the techniques used in this video. This piece has quite a lot of layers and required quite a few different brushes, but the main technique is to roughly determine where the areas of light and shadow are, blend and tidy the edges and adjust the opacity (Canvas spinning is optional). You can skip the tidying step by doing things more precisely and neatly first time around, but I find you waste a lot time doing that and the end results are the same (plus there’s something strangely satisfying about cleaning up the edges).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and…

As always Thanks for reading.IMG_0044

10 thoughts on “Speed Drawing Yuri on Ice (Part 2)

  1. Lol, I hope your wrists didn’t break 😂😂 That was really funny by the way 😊😊 Well the video didn’t turn blurry for me, and I really enjoyed watching this glimpse into your techniques. It looks all very cool!
    Ugh…and that thing that happened to you at the Halloween fair…that sounds especially horrible. Yeah, you should tell them to go to Specsavers, think that is the best advice ever!
    Great post! 😊

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    • Thankfully, both wrists are fine hehe 😂😂
      Thanks for your kind words and that’s good to hear. YouTube’s Auto quality settings has a tendency to set itself very low and cause videos like this one to look blurry 😀

      Yeah it was rather annoying what happened at the Halloween fair 😑 People most definitely need their eyes tested 🙂 On the bright side, at least I wasn’t mistaken for an old lady, that would have been so much worse 😂😂
      Thanks for your great comment 😀

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  2. It’s cool seeing the picture come to life. You height is similar to someone who works with me. She always gets asked for ID when going to the pub. Drives her potty. To be honest though it’s better to look younger than older.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 😀
      I feel her pain, it is so maddening 😤 I’m in my mid 20’s and still get asked for ID, too. Even when I’m wearing office attire 😦 It’s like putting on my big girl clothes, was a complete waste my time. Should have just went to the off sale in my Charmander onesie hehe 😂
      You’re completely right though. It’s better than being mistaking for an old lady 🙂

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