The Frustration of The One Line Art Challenge

Every so often it’s nice to attempt one of these little drawing challenges you see posted all over the internet. It can be a lot of fun, watching others attempt to create art in strange and peculiar ways, then trying to create art in the same way yourself. In a kind of weird way, it can turn learning a new art skill into a really fun but challenging game (I’ll leave a little video below so you can see for yourself).

(This best attempt I’ve seen so far at The One Line Art Challenge. It’s so unbelievably awesome)

However, sometimes these challenges seem a lot more fun than they actually are and the results may not turn out as you’d like. The one line art challenge was one of those challenges, but as it’s only a bit of fun and we’re all friend here, I decided to still share my attempts at this challenge (WordPress is nice in that way). This challenge was a little more complicated than other challenges attempted on this blog, because it has a few very strict rules, which I’ll quickly explain before showing you my attempt.


  • Your drawing must consist of only one continuous line
  • Once the tip of the pencil touches the page, it can’t be lifted until the drawing is finished.
  • No erasing, whatever marks you make on the paper stay.
  • No tagging in a friend to take over drawing when your hand gets sores (and it will get sore).

thumbnail_20181110_162712Hmm…. yeah it was so much harder than it seemed. I should probably explain this beautiful monstrosity you see before you. I started of drawing a Nightmare Before Christmas style snake, but kind of got a tiny bit frustrated with not being able to lift the pencil and went on a little rage scribble (little being an understatement). After unleashing my full wrath upon the page, I decided to turn my scribbles into a spiderweb and drew a wee happy spider.

Although the results won’t that great, I suppose if you look at things through the eyes of an optimist you could say it was somewhat successful. For one, I managed to complete the challenge without lifting my pencil of the page, so the drawing is one continuous line. Also, as the piece is a true expression of my frustration, in some peoples’ eyes it could be classed as real art. Maybe not good real art but real art all the same. Therefore, my attempt at this challenge ticks both the one line box and the art box, so technically speaking it was a successful attempt (glob, talk about flogging a dead horse).

So that was my attempt at the extremely difficult one line art challenge, hope you enjoyed this post and…
As always Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “The Frustration of The One Line Art Challenge

  1. Lol, I’ll have trouble drawing something in the first place, let alone trying to draw it in one line 😂😂 The video was amazing by the way (not to mention funny as well, especially with the opening 😂😂).
    You drawing wasn’t “somewhat succesful” it was very succesful! You did a great job with it, and it looks amazing. In my opinion I can only say: challenge succesfully completed! Thanks for another great post! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind words 😀 It’s very much appreciated 😀

      I’m sure if you drew something it would look awesome 😀 Glad you liked the video. ZHC drawings are amazing and their videos are usually really funny, too 🙂 They sometimes get into an argument with their alter-ego and it’s hilarious 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t even write cursive so drawing in one continuous line is out of the question. The guy in that video is very talented. I imagine to do well in this challenge you have to plan out in advance what you are going to draw. Given the nature of the challenge drawing a web sounds like a good idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Completely agree, the YouTuber’s (ZHC) drawings are amazing. If you like drawings of superheros and really cool terrifying monsters, I would highly recommend checking them out 😀
      So true, I think you’d need to be really talented and good at planning to pull off this challenge lol 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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