Cute Pokémon Art 

After 2 weeks of no sketching or doodling, being able to draw again felt so good. But what does one sketch when you haven’t lifted a pencil in 2 weeks and in fear that you’ve forgotten how to draw? Cute Pokémon of course! Specifically, a sketch capturing the friendship of a group of cute starter Pokémon.
If you’re following me on Instagram, you may already have seen the sketch part of this post. Luckily, I’ve added colour to that sketch, so there’s still something new to see in this post. So, with that in mind let’s begin.

thumbnail_20181128_132941To be completely honest, I was surprised the sketch turned out this good. Shoulder injury has somehow improved my ability to draw Pokémon (hmm… wonder if I injure it some more, will I improve further). Granted, I couldn’t sketch as lightly as I usually do (hence why you can see a few stray lines), but still this is the best darn Pokémon sketch I’ve done to date.

thumbnail_20181128_195523For the colour I decided to torture myself a little and whip out the soft pastels again. They do create a lot of dust, that chokes you half to death if breathed in and they’re not my best medium, but I still really want to master them. This time however, I used a different approach with the soft pastels and used a dry paint brush to apply them, instead of using them directly on the page. This technique is still difficult to use, but creates a lot less dust and mess.

thumbnail_20181128_195641One thing you learn pretty early on when learning to draw, is that pencil lines have a habit of fading while you’re adding colour and after, they usually need touched up or gone over with a fine liner. Which is exactly what happened with this piece, so I redone the linework after adding colour.

thumbnail_20181128_211525Finally, this piece just wouldn’t be complete without some kind of background. The only problem with this was, that I was using soft pastels. Soft pastel can be incredibly unforgiving, meaning doing anything fancy with the background would greatly risk ruining the entire piece. So, I played it safe and went somewhat simpler with the background and concentrated on using the background to get some more colour in the piece.

Really don’t want to sound big-headed or full of myself, but I’m very pleased with how this piece turned out. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and…

As always, Thanks for reading!

(I’ll probably post this finished piece on Instagram sometime next week, just to tie up loose ends and not have incomplete work posted on there.)

20 thoughts on “Cute Pokémon Art 

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    • Thank you 😀 I felt very nostalgic while creating this piece 😀

      Really? I would have never thought of that. It’s probably about time I created a Deviantart account 😂
      Thanks for your advice and thank you very much for Linking this post over on your blog 😀


  2. I recently caught all these guys in Pokémon Let’s Go. Do injuries really improve drawing skill? I’m tempted to break my fingers, to find out, but then how would I play my Switch?

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    • Oh no! don’t break your fingers, coz then you’ll have to play your Switch with your feet 😂😂
      Somehow this injury has, but only my Pokemon drawing skills. I tried drawing flowers and dresses after drawing this and things didn’t go well. Someone thought they were Christmas trees hehe 😂😂
      And cool 😀 These guys are usually really hard to find in Pokemon games. That must not have been easy 🙂

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      • It’s easier in Pokémon Let’s Go. In that game you start out with Pikcahu or Evee. To make up for the lack of starter choice you meet trainers who gift you their Charizard/Bulbasaur/squirttle. You can also find them in the wold.

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