Art vs Artist (#artvsartist)

3f192bea-a5bb-410f-94ec-d60a74a72286Lately I’ve seen a lot of #artvsartist posts going around the internet, so for the 2 year Anniversary of this blog I’ve decided to gather up all my courage and join in the fun (hopefully I won’t bottle it before posting this). But before I go any further, I’d like to thank everyone that follows and supports this blog. This blog may be small but I appreciate all the likes and great comments I’ve received over the past 2 years and hope to bring you all some great posts the year to come.

logoyear 2Some of you may be wondering what this #artvsartist is all about, so I’ll explain. The Art vs artist hashtag is kind of like an artist face reveal, where an artist posts a photo of themselves alongside their art work. However, there’s a bit more of a purpose to this hashtag, which is to help lessen the separation/gap between art work and the artist that created it. Basically, this means it’s to help the viewer of the art better connect with the artist. Not exactly sure, but I’m guessing this is because it will remind the viewer about the person behind the art work and helps them get to know the artist better (Okay, I’m starting to talk myself out of this so let’s move on).

Anyway, it’s a fun hashtag going about the internet and is a good opportunity to encourage shyer artist (like myself) and less confident artist to step out of their comfort zone and put themselves out there a little more.

Right time to be brave do this post.

I’m extremely shy and even more camera shy, so it was kind of hard to find a recent photo for this post (avoiding the camera is like my secret super power). But luckily, my niece loves documenting everything she does with her phone and has tons of photos of the whole family (just realised my niece is like the family’s photographer). So, I asked my niece for her favourite photo of me that best captures my personality and she sent this. A photo where I’m turning bright red with embarrassment, after realising my niece was taking photos of me trying to master finger heart (also we were on a road trip and had just woke up). On the bright side at least, she managed to capture my shyness, gobshite-ness and tiredness all in one photo. Sums me up pretty well and it is her favourite photo so I don’t mind sharing it.

Hope you enjoyed this special 2 year Anniversary post and photos. Thank you all for continuing to follow this blog and as always,

Thanks for reading!


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