Frozen Nails

This week has been a very chaotic. Life came and decided I didn’t have enough to do, so blessed me with the joy of even more stuff. I’ve not had time to work on art or review anything, so I thought I’d share something, that I’m sure a lot of 90’s kids (possibly 80’s kids, too) will find very nostalgic.

thumbnail_20180307_133140Pretend false nails. Who else remembers getting a pack of these bad boys, sticking them on your nails and thinking you were some kind of super cool princess? Prancing around and showing off your awesome new nails. Just for them all to fall off moments later, because they were only dress-up toys and not the real thing and not meant to actually stay on your nails, for any length of time.
These were so cool when I was a child, but they were never as fancy as these ones. So, poor little gullible me, couldn’t resist the temptation of the impulse buy and bought them, for my nieces to play nail salon with.
If your anything like me, you probably really want to see what they look like on. I’m not going to disappoint, so cue a pair of chubby little hands to put some Frozen nails on.

thumbnail_20180307_150056Before: Just some normal looking little hands.

thumbnail_20180307_153643After: So pretty, I wish these came in adult size.

thumbnail_20180307_154300I tried to get better close-ups, but my niece was too excited about having Elsa on her nails and kept moving her hands.

thumbnail_20180307_154330These nails are so much better, than the ones you got when I was little. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the nails’ stickiness. It’s still rubbish and all the nails fall off like 5 minutes later this photo.

I also got my nails done. Not sure these quite fit though.thumbnail_20180307_153503


Camping with Animals

Last weekend I discovered something very cute and very fun. Something I haven’t played since my early teens, something I’m sure a few of you may remember playing. Animal Crossing, to be precise I discovered Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and all I can say is I’m overcome with nostalgia. So much in fact, that I really wanted to draw people as Animal Crossing Villagers. But, sadly no one would let me draw them and I had to resort to drawing myself as a villager (not as much fun as drawing other people). Nevertheless, I give to you, myself as a little Animal Crossing Bear (holding a cup of coffee).

thumbnail_20171204_170726I chose a bear because I have bear body proportions and occasionally, eat loads and go into hibernation (Bear like in behaviour and appearance).

Since I was only able to create one villager, I thought I’d do this properly and make a short little character sheet. Not sure exactly what goes into one, but not to worry, I’ll try my best to make it entertaining (as always).

Name: Nel Bear

Age: 3076 (exactly how old I feel, when I wake up every morning)

Sex: Female

Species: Grizzly Bear

Personality: Curious and playful, but also very skittish.

Appearance: Honey Brown and Brown.  Always seen holding a cup of coffee, looking a bit frightened and confused.

Outfit: Lilac and Blue dress

Catchphrase: Oh Glob

Home Request: Blanket Cave

Food: Basically, lives of chocolate and coffee, but also has liking to lasagne

Favourite Season: Summer (Despises the cold)

Additional Info: Can be found in a portable blanket cocoon, during winter.

Meet Tattoo Girl

20170524_100645 (1)I took the 3-year-old (Orly) shopping with me and she begged me to buy her tattoos. She said she wanted to be a tattoo girl. To be honest, I was going to be an old grump and tell her no, but the thoughts of her dressed up as a tattoo girl was too darn cute. So, I got her tattoos.

Before anyone goes crazy at me for what I let Orly do next, I would like to point out that these are temporary stick-on tattoos, for ages 3 and up, are non-toxic and can easily be removed with a bit of baby oil and cotton wool. So, as long as I supervise Orly, she can’t come to any harm from stick-on tattoos. Plus, you can’t expect the child to be like a doll and sit there covered in cotton wool, doing nothing all day. You have to encourage their creativity and let them experience new things. Orly loves dressing up and spend more time in dress-up clothes than normal clothes. For a 3-year-old she really good at putting a dress-up character together and it’s her creative outlet. So, if she wants to dress-up as a tattoo girl, I’m going to let her. It benefits her development greatly, so why not.

20170524_113814.jpgThe tattoos she picked out are pretty cool. A lot of little skulls and love hearts, not what you’d expect a little girl to pick. Unfortunately, they weren’t ready cut out so I had to cut them out for her.

The packet didn’t lie. It said easy to apply and they weren’t kidding. All it took to transfer the tattoo from the paper to Orly’s arm, was a wipe with a damp sponge. The child watched me do it once and she wanted to do it herself. To my surprise, she actually could. Tattoo girl is her character, so from there she had full rein and I let Orly do as she pleased with the tattoos.

vLuckily, she stuck to tattooing her arms, so removing these when she finished being tattoo girl shouldn’t take that long. Her finished character was awesome and the tattoos worked great. She kind of looks like a little biker. All she needed was a motorbike and a little leather jacket. She not my child, so I couldn’t include a picture of her full outfit, but trust me it was so cute and really well done.

oUnfortunately for me, my niece decided, one of the things tattoo girl does is tattoo other people. Being the only other person in the house, I ended up being covered in tattoos too and got renamed tattoo sister (Orly came up with it).

rShe really went all out. I think she put more tattoos on me, than she put on herself. Most importantly, she had great fun being tattoo girl and really enjoyed herself. It’s funny how something as simple as a packet of temporary tattoos, can bring a child so much entertainment and happiness.

20170524_112316Yeah, she literally didn’t miss a spot.  Pretty much stuck a tattoo on every part of my arms that wasn’t covered by my sleeves.

yTo be honest, I didn’t mind being used as her play subject, this time. I quite like my new temporary tattoos, especially the elephant and candy skull. When she decides to include me in her games, I usually end up a lot worser for wear than this. This time, I got some cool tattoos and escaped without injury, so was a good day for both of us.