More Weather Mayhem

thumbnail_20180117_115554The weather this winter has been completely bananas and I’m not just saying that because I detest the cold. Irish winters are well-known for being cold, very wet, depressing and occasionally a little frosty. But this winter, things have taken a bit of an unusual Arctic turn.

For the second time this winter, we’ve been hit with heavy snow (which is really rare). This time it’s a hell of a lot worse, because it snowed non-stop for 2 days and everything’s been completely buried. However, as disruptive as snow might be, I find it just fascinating. So, I thought I might as well bring you all along, on another snow adventure.


In this venture out in the snow, I discovered some really weird tracks and decide to follow them. (Warning: It’s best not to follow weird tracks, if you live somewhere were the wildlife can eat you or somewhere with a lot of crime. It most likely won’t end well and you might even experience a slight case of death, from doing so).


After quite a bit of tracking and stumbling through the snow (Yeah, I fell over a lot, on this adventure. It isn’t as easy to get back up, when you’re in couple feet of snow), I came across this rather strange sight, at the end of the tracks.


It’s a headless snowman. I checked around the snowman in case the head just fell off, but there’s no sign of it or even a mess that uses to be the head. Honestly, I find this more funny than creepy, because when you think about it, someone must have spent quite a bit of time and effort, rolling a ball of snow around to make the body. But then must have, gotten fed up (or/and too cold) and decided to give their snowman arms, before calling it a day. I guess, they just couldn’t leave their headless snowman without giving him arms, first.


Poor critters hands were probably too cold and stinging, to finish of their snowman. But all in all, you can’t help but be impressed by the size of the headless snowman’s body.


Road Lakes to Winter Wonderland


Mini road lakes. They’re usually a lot bigger than this.

The weather took a bit of a wintry turn this weekend and went from your usual wet miserable road lake weather, to winter wonderland.
But let’s not complain about it. The snow looks a hell of a lot more beautiful, then the dull and soggy appearance, the landscapes usually has.

thumbnail_20171208_110740Ireland doesn’t get much snow (only a day or two a year, if you’re lucky), so I did what every excitable Gobshite, with no sense does and investigated.

thumbnail_20171208_121526First step in this investigation, inspect the snow to make 100% sure it is snow and not a nuclear winter- Yeah, very white and powdery. Pretty sure this is snow and not ash. I think its safe to continue this investigation.

thumbnail_20171208_122045Step two, look for signs of life (got to check that everything hasn’t frozen to death)- Found little bird footprints, so at least the birds are still alive. Not sure about the other humans though, I didn’t see any signs of them. Hopefully, they’re just hiding from the cold and not turned into ice sculptures.

thumbnail_20171208_122517Step three, draw a creepy face on a car to boost morale, in this investigation.

thumbnail_20171208_123436Step four, see how far the snow stretches across the landscape and think about transport- Yeah, stretches pretty far, only a crazy person would drive in that. The buses will be running so late.
Then decide this step was a bit boring, so end it by serenading your neighbours, with your own beautifully sung version of Jingle Bells. 

thumbnail_20171208_124729Step five, stare at the sky and use your inner wisdom to predict if more snow will fall from the sky- I correctly predicted yes. I truly have the inner snow predicting wisdom.

Investigation over and bones well frozen, I retreated back inside to find a nice warm place to hibernate, until the snow has melted.

Weekend Halloween Celebrations in the City

thumbnail_20171027_201348I was serious when I said I was getting all Halloweeny over here.

thumbnail_20171027_201417 thumbnail_20171027_201426I actually broke my crowd rule and went to the Twilight Halloween market in the city.

thumbnail_20171027_201427 thumbnail_20171027_201420Unfortunately, the place was too crowded to take photos (I was also busy trying not to get trampled and concentrating on not freaky out, about being trapped in a sea of people).

thumbnail_20171027_201421 thumbnail_20171027_201423But luckily, I broke free of the crowds just in time to get a few pictures of the fireworks.

thumbnail_20171027_201200 thumbnail_20171027_201159They really are pretty, especially when viewed from the bridge on the canal.


Oliver The Cheshire Cat (Bringing a Little Smile to Everyone’s Face)

thumbnail_20170718_123118Thankfully, I’ve survived storm Ophelia, with only minor injuries and still have a roof over my head. (I was sent out to secure the wheelie-bins and the blue recycle bin, blew over on top of me. Now, my ribs hurt). Unfortunately, we’ve now been told storm Brian will hit us on Saturday.

Two storms in one week, the weather is truly fringed. Ireland usually doesn’t get hit by storms, but if Ophelia was anything to go by. We’ll all acted not too bothered, until the news replaces the word storm with hurricane. Then we’ll all start acting like, it’s the zombie apocalypse. Which was actually kind of funny. People were rushing out to buy a month’s supply of bottle water and a life-time supply of candles. You would swear the storm was going to last weeks, not just a day. But in their defence, housing isn’t built to be hurricane proof here and we usually don’t have cellars/basements. So, if an actual hurricane hit we’d all be screwed and quite possibly homeless afterwards (if not dead).

Swapping the word storm with hurricane, put the fear of god in people and caused a bit of panic. So, to ease the tension and bring a little smile to everyone’s face. I thought I’d share, something I painted/drew that always brings a smile to me face and spread that smiley feeling. As always, I’ll share my process, but this time in reverses because I’m in an awkward mood today.

thumbnail_20171011_125525Alice in wonderland is one of my favourite books. I absolutely love the way it uses words. It makes characters appear to be talking nonsense. However, pay attention to the words they speak and I’ll find they’re actually making perfect sense and occasionally have a stab and showing how mad and crazy certain aspects of society actually are. But enough of my deep analysis of the book and back to the painting.

thumbnail_20171010_125317The Cheshire Cat is one of my favourite characters and as the book suggests, there is more than one Cheshire Cat in wonderland. I thought for my own amusement, I’d create my own Cheshire Cat and give him a proper name. Oliver the Cheshire Cat, turned out a lot better than I thought, so now I’m sharing him and spreading the amusement.

thumbnail_20171007_093919To be honest, Oliver looked possessed when I first drew him and was quite unnerving. But thankfully, when I finally painted in his eyes, he looked a bit more smiley and less soul devouring.

I hope Oliver has brought a smile to your face and brightened your evening. Hopefully storm Brian won’t be as bad as Ophelia and I’ll make it through it, without my house re-enacting the scene from The Wizard of Oz or being floored by anymore wheelie-bins.


Running like maniacs, in the woods

thumbnail_20170718_125015My favourite pastime, wandering around the woods and seeing where I end up. Even better, when your sister decides to come with and brings the children.

thumbnail_20170809_183734Them little nutcases. You would swear, they had never seen trees before. Running around like little maniacs, shouting oh my glob, look how big that tree is.

thumbnail_20170718_123118Then attempting to climb the tree and barely getting an inch of the ground. Funniest thing, I seen in a while. No gold medals, for tree climbing, anyway.

thumbnail_20170718_125641They also have a weird fascination, with pinecones. Every 30 seconds, I was being handed pinecones and asked to hold onto them.

thumbnail_20170718_124722I left the woods, with pockets jam-packed, with pinecones. If someone had tried, pick pocketing me at that moment, they would have been left very confused.

thumbnail_20170718_123719My favourite thing about wandering around the woods, is the views and the places I end up. Truly beautiful. This time we ended up, by the shore and the view speaks for itself.

thumbnail_20170718_133909It feels like forever, since I’ve done one of these posts. I’ve shown you guys, a lot of scenery and weird forest finds, from the North of Ireland.

thumbnail_20170718_124928 I’ve only done one post of the South, so for my next wandering post, I’m going to try to wander, somewhere in the South of Ireland.

thumbnail_20170718_133901The 6 counties in the North and 26 in the South, can be complete opposites, in some ways, so it’ll be interesting to see the difference.

thumbnail_20170718_124229The woodland and forests aren’t as well-kept in the south and I’m not sure if they have themed forests, with random things placed, amongst the trees. But, the scenery is just as nice and hopefully, I’ll get some really nice photos.

Funny Irish Insults


I’ve included picture of creepy sculptures, I found in the forest, the other day. 

Irish insults can be, both creative and hilarious. There just something about bringing seemingly innocent words together, to mean something insulting, that’s rather funny. Most just sounds like humorous nonsense, so I’ll include a definition for each (definitions and use may vary, in different parts of the country).

Don’t worry, I’ve not turned into an offensive monster. These insults are usually used amongst friends, as a bit of harmless banter, for a laugh and in good fun. Also, they’re mainly used to, endearingly tease someone (also known as slagging). However, I should warn you that, said in the wrong way, these words could really offend someone, so be careful.

Most insults in this list, are used throughout Ireland, but I’ve also include some that are unique to, the area I live in and unique to my own dialect. They were just too funny not to include.

 (Warning there may be words in this post, that look and sound similar to swear/curse words. These are technically not swear words, but I will admit they’re Irish peoples’, best attempt at avoiding cursing. Some people may still find these words offensive)  thumbnail_20170718_123610I think the best place to start this list is, with my personal favourite insult:

Humpy-looking- This doesn’t really have a meaning. It’s just used on anyone, you don’t like the look of, for whatever reason. However, a stereotypical humpy-looking person is, a middle-aged male, with the posture of a pervert and generally looks like a creep (e.g. Kureo Mado from Tokyo ghoul or Beetlejuice). Can be used on, young, old, male or female.

Boar-head- A person with a huge head or unpleasant demeanour

Calf’s-head- A person with a gigantic head and unfortunate in the looks department

thumbnail_20170718_123421Rough as a bear’s arse- Extremely unattractive or unpleasant in some way. Including things like behaviour, demeanour or dress sense. An example being, mutton dressed as lamb.

Gombeen- An annoying idiot. Can also be used on, someone who’s crooked or dishonest.

Gebdaw- So much of an idiot, they’re a lost cause. Worse than a gombeen or gobshite.

Gobshite-A know it all, that knows nothing or a person that considers themselves smart, but is really an idiot. Basically, someone that talks rubbish or a mouth piece.

thumbnail_20170718_123402Hair-brush- Can be used in two ways. One, to describe a friend, that has a head of wild-looking hair, that’s styled like, they were electrocuted or dragged through a bush back ways. Basically, in dire need of a hair brush. Two, to describe a bald man in an ironic fashion.

Dry- A person that is missing a sense of humour, usually always grumpy and pulling a sour face. The type of person, that never cracks a smile and if they did, their face would most likely crack and shatter.

Tight arse– Someone who refuses to part with their money. They never spend any money and if made spend money, they act like they’re having a limb unwillingly amputated. They’re happy to let other people, pay for them and you never see their wallet. You suspect they don’t even, have a wallet and if they do, it’s never been opened. If this wallet was ever opened, you’d expect a swarm of moths to come rushing out of it. If they ever give you money, you would closely inspect it for moth or mice bites, then frame it and very proudly hang it on your wall.

Bollix or in my dialect Bowl-lux– A very annoying person, that does shady, bad, dishonest, dishonourable or horrible thing. You also really want to punch this person. Essentially, a prick.

thumbnail_20170718_123326Skunk– A person that dresses like a thug and engages in thug want-to-be behaviours, just as harassing elderly people, stealing pointless or unnecessary things, damaging others’ property (just for the sake of it), taking illegal substances, threatening weaker people and fighting people, for the stupidest reasons known to man. They also see nothing wrong with these behaviours and think it’s something to be proud of.

Gargoyle– Someone with a horrible temperament and a personality and face, only a mother could love.

Tool– An extremely annoying idiot, that constantly mucks things up.

Header– A person who does crazy things, for no obvious reason. This is usually very amusing and entertaining.

Fecken Eejit– A loveable idiot. They’re harmless and mean no hurt. They get themselves into amusing predicament, due to being completely oblivious. They are often clueless and say the weirdest or most inappropriate thing, due to their cluelessness. But luckily, this is always, very amusing and you love them, for being a complete idiot. (I get called an eejit and header a lot, and can’t really argue otherwise.)

Enoying the last of the Sun Shine

20170510_120257Unfortunately, the beautiful sunny warm weather is gone and the rain and cold is back. Typical Irish weather. But no better way to spend the last of the nice weather, than in the sand. 

20170510_120312I say sand, because this is not actually a beach. It’s technically a harbour and I won’t recommend going in the water. Its gross and it’ll most likely make you sick.

20170510_120300 (1)Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop people enjoying the sand.

20170510_120305The view alone is worth coming here for. You can see the whole way to the other side of the harbour, on days like this.

20170510_120314Suppose we should be happy the rain is back. We had 2 weeks of lovely weather and none of the mountains caught fire (usually they do, after a week of warm weather and no rain). Another few days of sun shine and heat, probably would have caused fires, so we’re very lucky the rain is back.   


Sometimes you just have to Wander

20170502_115952The sun is out, the temperature is nice and it’s not raining. Perfect wandering weather and no better place to wander, then a forest on the side of a mountain. 

20170502_115958I truly missed this, when I lived on the north coast. It was so flat there and all you could see was wind turbines in the distance. The scenery was nothing like this.

New Phototastic CollageGoing off the trail for a bit can be rough,

over.jpgespecially when everything’s slightly over grown.

chairBut when you find something as random as this, in the middle of the forest, it’s all worth it.

6Beautiful bluebells everywhere. Too bad you’re not allowed to pick them. They smelled so lovely.

20170502_120058.jpgAll that walking and climbing is well worth it, when you can experience a view like this.   

Sunday Fun in an Irish Village

Busy weekend, having fun at the village fun day (even if the temperature was close to freezing). Here in Ireland we really know how to have a good time and when we hold fun day everyone comes to join in the games and activities.

3The fun kicked of with a good old fight of strength. Basically 2 people challenge each other and fight over a log (kind of like how 2 children fight over a toy). Whoever let’s go first loses. Not as easy as it looks because that log is heavy as hell. I couldn’t even life it.

New Phototastic Collage2There was also a petting zoo, where you could stroke giant white rat looking creatures and dangerous birds of prey (I’m not joking you were allowed to hold and pet the birds. Hence why the Barn owl in missing in the picture. The handler had it out for people to hold and pet). Luckily first aiders and an ambulance crew were on stand by to deal with any bites or scratches.

New Phototastic Collage.jpgNext there was old Celtic board games, which were hand-made and looked beautiful. Most of these were played with shells or stones and were pretty similar to modern games like draughts/checkers and that game with the marbles. Also the pieces of the chest board were made out of stale dough which was kind of cool. Being the best Auntie in the world, I took my nephew to the fun day because he really wanted to go and he absolutely loved it. He won 5 times at the board games and he thought he was awesome and the wee smug smile on his face was priceless.

20170305_142559If board games and animals won’t your thing, there was plenty of other entertainment and activities to keep you busy and entertained, such as a live country band playing traditional  Irish music, a massive climbing wall and tall man/magician. There was also a ton of stalls offering face painting, temporary tattoos, balloon modeling, caricatures and dressing up. Plus everything was free including food and tea and coffee, so you could easy take the whole family and not spend a penny. However, these fun days are not always free and sometimes you even have to pay to get into the place.

5Also at the event, there was even arts and crafts so there was literally something for everyone. As it was Celtic themed, my nephew and I decided to do celtic designs of our stones. I drew a face out of Celtic designs on mine, to make it look like a forest spirit and my nephew drew the gold ninja from Ninjago, however I was not worthy of photographing it so I don’t have a picture. Instead I have this really cool drawing of my nephew at the fun day.

4Near the end of the day there was spear throwing from man pulled carts, greens vs reds. I’m pleased to say the reds won by a land slide. But in saying that I think the target was only hit a handful of times overall, so probably isn’t the easiest game to play and I have to give it to the green team for effort. I apologise for the guy standing in the way in the photos. No matter where I stood to take photos that guy was in frame.

20170305_155049The day was ended with a good old feast (which was also free) Celtic style.

Overall the day was really enjoyable for both my nephew and me. We both had a great day, throughly enjoyed yourselves and it got us both out of the house. This was a really big deal for me considering I’ve been suffering gratefully with anxiety lately and was finding it hard to even build up the courage to leave the house, even to do simple everyday things. However knowing how much my nephew wanted to go and how much he would enjoy himself, I couldn’t disappoint him. He would have been heart-broken if I told him no and he never asks for much, so I just had to take him despite freaking out inside.

Anyway these type of fun day and festival are usually really enjoyable, so if you ever find yourself in Ireland, I would really recommend going to one if you get the chance.

Hope you all enjoyed the change from my drawings.