Neo Yokio

thumbnail_ab2f874e-52a0-4984-b142-7373af2fc5d8It’s been a while since the last review (over 3 weeks to be precise). Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on them. I just hit a review slump and the last handful of shows and movies on my 2017 list, have just been glob awful. Unfortunately, I can’t put of reviewing any longer, so I’ve decided to pick my poison and review the last terrible thing left on the 2017 list.

I’m just going to come out and say it. Neo Yokio is nowhere near good, by any stretch of the imagination, but let’s not concentrate on that (trying to avoid another rant review, after all). However, as much as this kills me to say, I didn’t completely hate this short 6-episode long anime. But before we get into that, I think a little description of this series is needed.

Neo Yokio, the rich kids’ playground and home to young magistocrat Kaz Kaan. As a magistocrat, Kaz must defend Neo Yokio from the demons that once plagued it. However, he’s not really into his role as a magistocrat and would much rather swan around like the other rich kids and secure his spot on the bachelor board. This is until, a famous fashion blogger becomes possessed by a demon and Neo Yokio is thrown into chaos. Kaz must now protect Neo Yokio from this demonic influence.

That storyline sounds exciting, but it’s honestly very disappointing and anticlimactic. In my opinion, what sours this series, is that it pushes Kaz’s poshness (bourgeois) and foolishness too much and doesn’t deliver the actual story, very well. Neo Yokio, is more about Kaz living in luxury and complaining about it, then Kaz slaying demons. Leaving this series to lack any good action scenes.

thumbnail_3fb8ef7c-d9d4-4036-a82a-d81a4a7d4a8fI’m starting to rant, so let’s get into why I didn’t completely hate this series. The biggest reason I didn’t completely hate Neo Yokio was that, it weirdly makes for good easy watching. If you don’t take it too serious and view it as just something silly to watch to kill a bit of time. It’s not all that bad and is actually somewhat enjoyable to watch. Especially, when you’ve over stretched and tired your brain.

Stranger still, at times this series reminded me a lot of Archer. Maybe it was the similarities between Kaz’s aunt and Archer’s mother or the same type of silliness, displayed by both Kaz and Archer. That his made me feel like that, but luckily Neo Yokio is a lot milder than Archer. So, no need to worry about being traumatised by this series. There nothing really that shocking in Neo Yokio.

Right back on track, another reason Neo Yokio isn’t a complete loss, is the hidden humour. Neo Yokio, sort of takes little subtle digs at the super-rich. From making fun of the snobby mindsets, to comically depicting Kaz’s obsession with self-image. It could be rather entertaining at times, however this humour may not be to everyone’s taste and isn’t enough, for me to recommend watching it.

Overall, Neo Yokio isn’t great, but makes for a nice zombie watch, after a hard day thinking and exercising those brain cells. It also has a nice little bit of humour, to keep things entertaining. However, it’s very silly and the delivery is awful.  Not what you’d expect from a show about a demon slayer, with his own mini Optimus Prime. So, for that reason, I would not recommend watching Neo Yokio (even if Kaz has cute pink hair).

Rating: A very generous 2/5


District 9

thumbnail_83643c4b-a6e6-40f8-b991-bf8e716d2d7cI’ve been asked so many times if I’ve seen District 9, that I finally became curious enough to check it out for myself. Usually films about giant bug aliens, is a no go for me. Normal little bugs make my skin crawl, so the thought of giant intelligent bugs, horrifies me to my very soul. Movies like Alien and District 9, really makes me want to sleep with a rolled-up newspaper under my pillow and a can of bug spray on my nightstand.

Curiosity got the better of me this time and I am now reviewing a film, that quite frankly made me dry-heave, a few times. But not to worry, what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger (if insomnia, nightmares and night sweats, are the equivalent to stronger).

District 9, begins with an alien spaceship breaking down within the earth’s atmosphere. Being the friendly hospitable creatures, we are, the humans blow a hole in the side of the spaceship, to have a peep inside.

Inside the spaceship, a race of harmless giant grasshopper aliens, are found. (Later named the prawns, because no one knew what a prawn actually looked like and mistook grasshoppers for prawns. A very sad error to make, if cooking prawn rice). Being awesomely kind-hearted the human governments, decide to give the poor prawns somewhere to stay on earth. Allowing them to build a shanty town, ran by human warlords and for safety’s sake, surround it with a high spiky fence.

After 30 years, the shanty town becomes lawless and a threat, due to warlords exploiting the prawns cat food addictions. Promising the prawns cat food in exchange alien weapons. To eliminate this threat, the Multi-National United (MNU) aims to destroy the shanty town and move the prawns to a new tent town.

While giving the prawns eviction notices, MNU officer Wikus finds a strange piece of alien technology, which he unintentionally activates. Leading to him infecting himself, with an alien virus which causes him to slowly to transform into a prawn. The MNU then take Wikus away to experiment on him. However, he escapes and becomes a fugitive and must hide from the MNU, while finding a cure for the alien virus.


What an actual giant friendly prawn alien would look like.

Glob, I feel like a crazy lady just writing that description and that’s only the first 20 minutes of the film. District 9 has a lot happening and from my description, you can probably tell, what this film is hinting at. Considering how sensitive of subject it is, I’ll save you from a lengthy interpretation of this film and just say, there’s a slight hidden meaning to its beginning.

My honest opinion of District 9, is that I could take or leave it. It makes a big flashy statement at the start, but doesn’t follow through. It’s as if the creators put all their efforts into making the beginning great, but just got a film irony template from Disney, for the rest of the film (I joke not, it the same formula used in films, like Freaky Friend or The Princess and the Frog). This didn’t completely ruin the film, it just seemed a bit strange. But I suppose the beginning of a film is important, and if a film formula works, why not use it.

What spoiled this film for me, was the main character Wikus, he just wasn’t likeable. He was a complete and utter tool (jerk) and very moronic, making him incredibly annoying. I also think they went a bit far with the grossness, in District 9. I really could have done without seeing a lady munching on a putrefied prawn arm. It just turned my stomach and made me want to turn the film off.

Despite its shortcomings, District 9 did have a few good things going for it. Mainly the design of the prawn aliens. They looked very cool, with their creepy grasshopper anatomy and were very bug like. I can really see why the prawns are so appealing, to fans of these sort of movies.

Distract 9 also plays around with some very interesting alien concepts, like alien reproduction, weapons, technology and how aliens would view the human race. This aspect of the film, was fascinating and for me, is what really saves this movie from becoming a complete loss.

To conclude on District 9, I feel it’s just another okay movie. It really didn’t excite me much. Although it had an under tone of meaning at the beginning, it didn’t follow through with this level of meaning and became rather typical of any other irony/ “don’t be a jerk or you’ll be punished” movie. It did have cool creepy aliens and some interesting concepts, but this didn’t fully make up for its irritating main character. In a nutshell, I wasn’t overly fussed on this movie and I could take or leave it. For that reason, I would rate it middle of the road.

Rating 2.5/5


thumbnail_f3704dc7-22ba-45ac-afba-cb53f87f1b4eStepping out of my comfort zone again and giving CGI a go. Apparently, a CGI anime, but correct me if I’m wrong about that (Google may have lied to me).

My first impression of this Gantz:O was, why does the title look like it’s in shock? I’m kind of wondering if the :O was intentional. If it is, that’s actually very clever, considering the film has a lot of moments, that will leave you with a shocked look on your face.

In Gantz:O, those who die are brought back to life and forced to participate in the ultimate real life video game. Given high-tech suits and weapons, players must fight an army monsters in order to collect points. Once they collect enough points (100 points), players can unlock bonuses. Including superior (better) weapons, resurrect/revive a died player or gain your freedom from the game. Unfortunately, if a player dies in the game, they die in for good (unless revive by another player, later).

The main character Masaru Kato, is stabbed in a train station and dies. He consequently finds himself in the game and must fight for survival and to earn enough points, to gain his freedom and return home to his orphaned brother.

This is one of the more unusual films I’ve seen and felt more like watching a let’s play than a movie. But in saying that, the film was pretty half decent and fairly enjoyable. The story was what you’d expect from this sort of film. People kill monsters and monsters kill them. Then the boss monster shows up, wipes the floor with everyone and seems unbeatable. It’s pretty straightforward, but still had a few nice twists to keep things interesting.

I must admit, the CGI animation was kind of cool and reminded me a lot of PlayStation. The monster looked remarkably creepy and were very impressive. The players also looked, somewhat realistic and I could definitely see how the female characters would be appealing to the eyes, in their skin-tight suits. Which I must confess, I shook my head a little at. Clearly, someone put a lot of thought into designing those suits and designed them with support in mind. Those suits looked a tad restrictive, but at least there would be little chance of giving yourself black eyes, while kicking monsters butt.


Bird-Man-Snake: The most disturbing monster I could think of drawing.   

I wish I could say, as much attention was given to the male characters, but they all looked like skinny aliens in their suits. It was very disappointing and very clear who that aspect of the CGI was geared towards.

Although the overall animation was impressive, there was just something off about it. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe to it was just the bad dubbing or extremely expressive body language, putting me off. But I felt, there was just something not quite right, that made it seem slightly weird and off.

As you would expect, Gantz:O is very action focused and has a lot of fight scenes. Considering the players use head exploding guns, these scenes can get very gruesome and involve a lot of blood (Great it you love gore, but not so much if you’re a bit squeamish). Weirdly, the last fight scene has a bit of a terminator feel to it and gets very bright and flashy, giving it that cool futuristic look. However, in contrast with its usual dimly lit scenes, this can be a bit sore on the eyes.

Overall, Gantz:O is a half decent film, with cool visuals. If you can get past the bad dubbing, it’s actually a rather enjoyable and fun film. It does occasionally have weird dialog, but makes up for this with some great spine tingling lines like, “do you feel like you’re in the presence of a god” (deep scary voice). It also has its share of weird, messed up WTF moments, but these just add to the enjoyment of this film.

Gantz:O, has a real video game feel, that not everyone will like. Personally, I thought it looked interesting and kind of cool. Making a nice change from the usual style of films I watch. The only reason I’ve rated Gantz:O as a middle of the road film, is that story wise it was very typical of this sort of film and to me, it doesn’t stand out from movies with a similar storyline.

Rating: 2.5/5

Crimson Peak

thumbnail_65dfb950-d461-40fd-bde1-449ac3960c70The last review of this little Halloween horror adventure. A horror film about creepy ghosts, a lunatic with a knife and a helpless idiot, that breaks all the rules of surviving a horror movie, seems the perfect way to end this series. Crimson Peak had all this creepiness and alike bit more.

Crimson Peak is about a young woman Edith, who is hunted by the ghost of her dead mother. Her mother returns from the grave to bring her a warning of Crimson Peak. Although terrified by these ghostly visits, Edith decides to ignore the warnings and give it no more thought.

An English baronet named, Sir Thomas Sharpe appears out of the blue one day, at Edith’s father’s business. After only a few day Edith falls deeply in love with Thomas and after the mysterious dead of her father, she agrees to marry Thomas and move to his stately home in England, in a place known as Crimson Peak. Shortly after moving to Crimson Peak, Edith realises things are not as they seem and quickly discovers a horrifying secret about Thomas and the place called Crimson Peak.

With badly decomposed ghost skeletons jumping out from every corner, this movie should by terrifying. Unfortunately, Crimson Peak falls short of this and is more, creepy than scary. This film starts of good and set a scary tone, but sadly this doesn’t last long and is lost, when the film tries to become a psychological thriller. But before I end up ripping completely into this film, I think I should start with, what was good about this film.

The best thing about this film is the ghosts and the stately house. They’re both creepy as fudge and set a really nice tone for a horror film. The ghosts are these horribly mangled figures, that look more skeleton or zombie like then human. The house, you could not pay me to stay overnight in. It just looks like a place you’d meet a horrible bloody end in and screams haunted house. Perfect for a horror film and setting an eerie tone.

thumbnail_8992c439-92a4-4c04-96a3-7911508f1428When the film finally gets going, the storyline is pretty interesting. Before, Edith goes to Crimson Peak the movies a bit boring and not that interesting. However, when she finally arrives at Crimson Peak, things get very interesting and a very nice mystery is unravelled. Along the way, terrifying ghosts appear everywhere. Seemingly with the intent to hurt Edith. But things are not as they seem and the presence of these ghosts deepen the mystery even more.

Although, Crimson Peak has its good points, it unfortunately also has a lot of bad. I could go on and on about what’s wrong with this film, but that would get boring really fast. So, I’ll just touch on the two biggest problems with this movie. Crimson Peak didn’t seem to know what it wanted to be. It jumps between horror, murder mystery and twisted romance constantly. If this was meant to be a blend of genres, then they blended the genres very badly. At times it seemed like two different movies. One about a murder mystery with creepy ghosts and the other about jealous twisted love triangle. Making the movies direction seem confused and lost at times.

Also, the main character, Edith was incredibly annoying and a complete idiot. Edith receives numerous warnings from a ghost, but pays no attention. A strange guy and his creepy sister show up from nowhere, looking money. Then Edith’s father dies mysteriously after an argument with this guy. But for some crazy reason, Edith still agrees to marry this guy, despite only knowing him for a few days and the fact her father just died. That whole scenario stinks of black widow. More annoying, Edith even comments on the fact that this guy wants to appear to have money, but clearly doesn’t and you would also think she’d be wary of strangers, after being warned about an unfamiliar place. So, what the fudge was this lady at. She clearly has no sense.

When Edith finally gets to Crimson Peak, she just takes the complete biscuit. From doing ridiculously stupid things that always leads to injury or death in horror movies, to letting herself be treated and talked to, worse than a dog. She was clearly missing a back bone and possibly a brain as well. She had so many warnings and opportunities to escape. It was like was she wanted to be killed.

Overall, Crimson Peak was just Okay. It had an interesting mystery and terrifying ghosts, but seemed to missing that one thing that makes for good horror. It was also very confused about its direction and genre and at times was boring and predictable. However, in saying that, it did have some good going for it.

As a film for a Halloween horror binge watch, I would not recommend this movie. There is just so many other better horror films you could watch, that would more suitable and a lot scarier.

Rating: 2/5

World War Z

thumbnail_53651c8f-5636-4f24-b2f5-396cee4908baNo Halloween venture into the darkness, would be complete without a Zombie or two. In World War Z case, super-fast loud zombies, that can really utilise the power of the zombie pyramid. Pretty terrifying if you ask me. Roof tops aren’t even save from these guys. There’s really no escape from these horrifying creatures. Which makes this film, perfect for a Halloween scare.

World War Z is a zombie apocalypse film, about a retired U.N. investigator called Gerry (although you are given the impression, he was more of a secret agent than investigator). While leaving his children to school with his wife, zombies start attacking the city. Causing mass panic and chaos in the early morning traffic.

Luckily, they escape the speedy zombies and the chaos, and eventually find themselves on a floating military base, with Gerry’s old U.N. buddies. Far from the reach of zombies. Unfortunately, to keep their place in this base, Gerry must come out of retirement and help in the mission to find a cure for the zombie virus. This leads to Gerry jetting around the world, in the search for a cure. While of course fighting and escaping from massive herds of zombies.

I’m a huge fan of zombie films, and World War Z truly didn’t fail to please. But to shake this review up a bit, I’m going to review it in terms of the 5 things I look for in a good zombie film.


I think I may have gone too far with the cat soup kitties. I might need to balance this out with the cute creepy drawing of the kitties.  

Zombie Quality
Plain and simple, the zombie in World War Z are terrifying. Being faster than the average human, surviving over a hundred feet falls and being surprisingly acrobatic, I would place them in the super zombie category. They also make horrifying noises, that will make your blood run cold. I for one, would absolutely not want to come up against one of these zombies. My baby legs would stand no chance at outrunning one of these guys.
Visually, the zombies look just as terrifying. Although most are computerised, the few that aren’t look incredibly freaky. Kind of like angry walking corpses. Making zombie quality, really good in World War Z.

The storyline is pretty straight forward. Zombies attack, man decides he’ll find cure for zombies, man goes find cure, while avoiding becoming zombie food. It’s pretty basic, but is delivered very well. It gets the balance of action and story just right and has a nice twist near the end. My only criticism is that some of the action scenes move a little too fast, for the eye to keep up with. Meaning these scenes can be slightly confusing and it can be hard to tell, which characters have been taken by zombies.
Also, if you have a fear of flying, I would recommend staying away from this movie. There’s a lot of airplane incidents, that will completely horrify you and feed your fear even more.

Zombie Deaths
Sadly, there is no really good or gory zombie death in this film. I think this film is more about the chase then the kill. Meaning, it’s focused more on people running away from the zombies, then fighting the zombies. Although, there are a few one on one zombie kills, there’s none that really stand out. Making this film pretty disappointing, in terms of zombie deaths.

I’m very passionate about microbiology (it one of the few things I miss from my time studying Biomedical science). How scientifically accurate a zombie film is, can be a real deal breaker for me. I don’t expect the writers to be experts, but just to get the basics right and at least know, the difference between bacteria and virus or anything a quick google search could tell them.
Luckily, World War Z was surprisingly accurate and had no crazy scientifically inaccurate comments. Best of all, it showed a very good understanding of microbiology and that they actually did their research. It’s probably one of the more accurate zombie films I’ve seen, making it very nice film in my eyes.

Surprise and Originality
It’s pretty hard to be original when it comes to zombie films. Nearly everything been done before, so the littlest bit of originality goes a long way. World War Z is rather typical of a zombie film; however, I’ve never seen zombie pyramids before and I haven’t quite seen someone travel around the world, during a zombie apocalypse. Its twist was also fairly surprising and somewhat original. Therefore, I would say that, World War Z is original as zombie movies get and will definitely please in this area.

Overall, World War Z is a rather good film. Its action packed and full of excitement, but is still focused on telling an interesting story. It isn’t very gory, yet still manages to make its zombie absolutely terrifying. It’s definitely one of the better zombie films I’ve seen and for this reason, I would highly recommend giving it a watch.

Rating: 4/5

Death Note (Netflix)

b6d72082-b79e-46ab-838b-2d3097382ddaIt’s been over a week since my last post. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick this past week and wasn’t in the mood to review anything. To be honest I felt that bad that at one point, I lay down and sung Si Deus Me Relinquit (in English, Latin wasn’t doing it for me), until someone very kindly brought me a blanket (The Full Moon Slightly Chipped, was also sung, but very quietly. Didn’t want everyone getting teary on me). Now that I’m not feeling as rubbish, I think it’s time I reviewed Netflix’s Death Note.

I have to say this wasn’t as bad as I thought. I really don’t know why a load of people, were getting their undies in a twist over this film. They made it sound like it was going to be painful to watch and it wasn’t. Granted it wasn’t great, but it was an okay film. Not as bad as people were saying.

The story follows the same main plot of the anime. That plot being, a depressed high school boy (Light) finds a notebook (the Death note), that enables him to kill anyone, by writing their name in the death note and visualising their face. Light then decides to use the death note, to rid the world of evil, by writing the names of the worlds hardcore criminals (murders and worse) in the death note. The deaths of the worlds criminals, does not go unnoticed and soon the police and a young detective named L, set out to catch the person behind all these deaths. This quickly turns into a game of cat and mouse between Light and L.

Outside this main plot, the film differs from the anime. For this reason, I think if you want to let yourself enjoy this film to the fullest, you can’t get too hung up on comparing it to the anime. It’s very different and is very Americanised. By comparing the two, you’ll only spoil the film for yourself.

My honest first impression of Netflix’s Death Note was, this is hilarious. As soon as I seen the actor playing Light, I was bent over in two laughing. He literally looks like a blonder real-world version of the evil Killing Stalking guy. I should point out that I’m not a fan of killing stalking (it’s not to my taste), I only know it from the YouTube crack videos. But from that, I think the resemblance is uncanny. If that was done purposely, that’s really well done and the irony is hilarious. Having your main twisted character look like, another similar twisted serial killing yet complex character, is quite the statement. However, I’m not sure, this could just be coincidence and some actually Killing Stalking fans might not even agree with me on this.


My apologies. I did the art work for this post, when I had a really high fever. Things got a bit weird. Sorry if this disturbs anyone. On a funny note, I didn’t intend for my Light drawing, to look like the Killing Stalking guy. It just turned out that way, making the irony even funnier.

Okay I’m rambling, back to the film. The characters are slightly similar to the anime, but at the same time very different. I don’t want to spoil the movie, so I’ll only touch lightly on this. Light was still very much twisted, but isn’t as ruthless. Ryuk was a lot darker, creepier and is terrifying. Misa is a hell of a lot more ruthless and scary as fring. Also, she seemed to get a sexual thrill out of killing people. L is still weird, but differently weird. These personality changes may annoy some fans, but I thought they made the characters more realistic and made a lot more sense, in terms of human nature.

Although this Death note wasn’t great, it wasn’t a complete loss. It did have a few things going for it. For one, it was very gory. They got very creative with their death scenes and went with the people are watermelons approach. Making for some very gruesome scenes. So, if you’re a lover of gore, you’ll really enjoy this part of the film.

It also highlighted Light’s small mindedness and childlike thinking and even showed him realising this for himself. I liked that about this film. It made Light feel more human and less monster. However, don’t get to excited. He only realises that innocent people could die as a result of his actions, making him as bad as the people he kills. He still doesn’t realise how narrow-minded his idea is and that its only treating the after effect, not the cause. Meaning he’s not really solving anything, just making more secretive and more dangerous criminals. But I guess if Light discovered that, there wouldn’t be a movie.

thumbnail_f6b2d8bd-edad-4c3e-9ea5-ba6c21c87fc6Another good point of this Death note is, the difference in the storyline from the anime. Again, I understand this may annoy some fans, but it makes the film less predictable and more interesting. If they had of copied the anime exactly, what was going to happen would be very obvious and the movie would have been kind of boring. Having these differences allowed for plot twists and allowed them to explore the rules of the death note a bit more. This added a bit of suspense and excitement to the movie and gave a whole different perspective of death note.

Unfortunately, Netflix’s Death Note has a lot of shortcomings, but to keep this short I’ll talk about the two that annoyed me most. One being, bad acting and annoying characters. You can literally smell the cheese coming from some of the acting. The acting is not bad overall, there just a lot of scene where you’ll cringe at the acting. This cheesy acting is somewhere between a bad soap drama and 60s batman (I love 60s batman). There also time were characters are so annoying, that you’re unsure if you just want someone to hit them or if you want their name put in the death note.

The second thing being that, Tokyo made a much better playground for Kira than America. I felt like this film was in need of some really nice city scenes and was missing the whole city vibe, that Tokyo gave the anime. If this film was set the movie in the middle of New York, this probably would have fixed this problem. But it wasn’t and didn’t have that same vibe. Tokyo just provided Kira with a lot more options for hiding, evilness and more criminals for his list. This really makes the film feel like it was missing something.

Overall this film isn’t great, but it’s not as bad as was made out. It’s just an okay film. If you view it as a tribute to the anime/manga, rather than being linked to the anime/manga. Then it’s actually pretty good and quite enjoyable. For fans of the anime or manga, I would recommend giving it a watch, if only for the experience or as a bit of fun. But it’s best not to take it too serious. For people wondering what the hell is a death note, I would say that this film isn’t great but is watchable. Probably only worth watching, if you’re stuck for something to watch.

Rating: 2.3/5


You can tell my hands were getting tired at this point. My stereotypical dyslexic and dyspraxic handwriting, really started to shines through. Hope it readable.


The Illusionist

thumbnail_8fbc7fc9-4dd3-4c4c-b6f3-6c8bd9ed2750Romance isn’t the usual genre I’d go for, but a film with an illusionist, is a different story. Illusionists are always entertaining. Even, if I wasn’t into the whole cringey love movie thing, the promise of some mind-boggling illusions, was enough to convince me to watch this movie.

Set in Vienna, The illusionist is about a master illusionist/magician, Eisenheim. A young Eisenheim, falls in love, with a young noblewoman (Sophie). However, due to the rules of high society, their love is not allowed and the two are separated.

Years later, during one of Eisenheim illusionist shows, the two unexpectedly reunite. Unfortunately, Sophie is promised to the brute, Crown Prince Leopold. Known for his self-arrogance and heavy-handed way with women (in other words, he’s a pompous, cowardly, woman beating prick).

Now a grown woman, Sophie decides to leave the awful Leopold, for Eisenheim. Being the Crown Prince, Leopold is having none of it and sets in motion, a plan to get Eiseheim put in prison and out of the picture. Unknown to Leopold, The illusionist Eiseheim has his own plan, to help Sophie escape and start a life together. This leads to a series of unexpected, tragic and bewildering events.

I have to say; the illusionist was really well done. I can’t find much wrong with it. I really enjoyed it and I don’t even like romance movies. But to give a well-rounded review, I’ll talk about a few small flaws, this movie has.

thumbnail_bbd2a994-9d91-43ac-bcf0-0894881594ccOne flaw being, that nothing really happens, in the first hour of the film. In the first hour, there’s a lot of character and plot building. They really only introduce the main characters and tell us a little about their background. This could be perceived as a bit boring, but is kind of necessary to the rest of the movie and without it, the film would be confusing.

Also, it’s a very male cast. There’s only, one female main character and some people mightn’t like this. I can kind of see why, because a female could have been, easily thrown in somewhere, to make it seem a bit fairer. However, being a romance, this movie is most likely aimed at women and the male cast, was probably for creep value.

The Illusionist strongest point is its storyline. Oh my glob, is it one hell of a storyline. So much plotting and scheming and unexpected turns. It’s so exciting and you’re constantly in suspense, about what’s going to happen next. At one point, there’s a three-way game of cat and mouse, between Leopold and Eisenheim, the police inspector and Eisenheim and between the police inspector and Leopold. Making for very interesting watching. There’s also, a massive twist, that’s so unseen and surprising. I never seen it coming.

The illusions, in the illusionist are very satisfying. They will definitely amaze you and leave in wonder. Although mostly camera tricks, they’re still very entertaining and unique. Eisenheim biggest illusion being at the end of this film, but I’ll not spoil for you. Instead I’ll mention his best illusion, his summoning spirits act. This is so creepy and well done. Obviously, the spirit, is added in after filming, but if you could pull of an act like that, it would be incredible.

The choice of actors in this movie, was so good. The man who played, the Crown Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell), was just unbelievable. Just his look alone, screamed pompous arrogant prick. It was remarkable. The way he held himself, walked and talk was the epitome of over self-importance and over opinionated a-hole. It was so well done. He was by far, my favourite actor in this film. He even got the madness of the super-rich, down to a tee. At one point, he was in a field hunting invisible birds and rambling to himself. The other actors were also good, but didn’t hold a light to Rufus Sewell.

Overall, I really enjoyed the illusionist. It had mystery, excitement and an excellent storyline. It has a twist, that hits you in the face and makes your jaw drop off and the ending is incredible and so satisfying. Best of all, it’s not super lovey-dovey or in your face. If you’re looking for a romance, that’s not overwhelmingly soppy, I would highly recommend this film. Hell, if you’re just looking something interesting and exciting, I would also highly recommend the Illusionist.
Rating: 3.5/5


thumbnail_c5ea7c58-a1a5-4fcb-b08a-284018e2fc76Netflix Original

From Netflix description and images for Okja, I thought this was going to be a cute movie about a little girl, saving her beloved, pet floppy eared hippo. Thinking it would be similar to Charlotte’s web, I even considered watching it with my nieces. I was very wrong and luckily, I watched this one alone. This movie is 100% not suitable for children, and would most likely traumatise them.

Okja, is a genetically modified super pig (not a floppy eared hippo), created by an unethical meat company, that claims their super pig is non-GMO and leaves a minimum footprint on the planet. The company sends a number of its super pigs, to be raised by farms from all around the world, to see which will raise the ultimate super pig.

Okja, one of these pigs, is raised by a farmer and his orphaned granddaughter (Mija), in the mountain forests of Korea. Okja and Mija become best friends and happily spend their days together, in the mountains. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long and the company comes back for their super pig.

The company plans to show the world, their ultimate super pig in pageant, then bring it to slaughter. Okja, being this ultimate super pig, is taken away and Mija is completely outraged. Mija then, steals the little her grandfather has and sets out to save Okja.

In her quest to save Okja, Mija quickly runs into a group of animal rights activist, who manipulate Mija into using Okja, to show the world how evil the meat company is. From there, Okja is horribly victimised, in an inaccurate depiction of the meat and life stoke industry, that is both traumatising and in poor taste. Meanwhile, Mija and the activist carry out a very weak, poorly thought out plan to save Okja, ignoring the basic rules of event management, like security and staff background checks.

It’s safe to say this was not the cute movie, I hoped Okja would be. Instead, it was incredibly confusing and horrifying. But, to prevent being completely negative about Okja, I will start with the good points.

thumbnail_e8b888ed-566e-4c53-80bb-482096f46cfdOkja and Mija, were really cute and adorable. This made it very easy to side with Mija and hope Okja didn’t get eaten. It’s also, the only reason I watched this movie, to the end. Their cutest and likeability, keeps you interested in the storyline and in suspense, about the outcome for Okja. Also, Glenn (Steven Yeun) from the walking dead, is in this movie. For fans of Glenn, this will probably be the high point of Okja.

Another good point, was capturing the twisted logic of some (not all) animal rights activist, to a tee. This logic being, risk the lives of many innocent, emotion feeling, living organisms, (that have nothing to do with the situation and are in some way victims themselves), to save the life of one emotion feeling, living organism. It was very accurate. On at least 3 occasions, the activist risked killing or horribly injuring 100s of human and other animals, to save one super pig. But also, only to prove the point, that company was evil. Kind of scary how well they captured this logic.

I couldn’t help but feel this movie, was aimed at shaming meat-eater. It really gives the impression, the creators are trying, to make us all feel guilty about, being unable to synthesise (make) vitamin B12 yourselves, hence needing to eat meat or animal products (apologies for the science lesson from an ex-biomed). It takes this shaming a bit too far and shows inaccurate traumatising scenes of a research lab and slaughter-house, that looked like scenes out of Saw or a horror movie. They also cross a line, in some of these scenes by, suggesting Okja is sexually assaulted, then showing people eating bits of Okja. This movie is definitely not suitable for anyone of a sensitive nature and should really come with a warning.

The storyline was just as bad, ignoring common sense, having parts that went nowhere and including disturbing scenes, that weren’t necessary to the plot or outcome. It was also extremely unbelievable, weak and very confusing at time, making for very cringy watching.

Overall, I would say this movie is disturbing and borderlines on being, childishly silly. It’s inaccuracies and audience shaming, was incredibly annoying and makes the movie painful to watch. If you removed the meat shaming and had the movie solely be about Mija saving Okja, the movie would have been a lot better and could have been enjoyable.

I would not recommend this movie to anyone. It’s very disappointing and could potentially traumatise its audience. If you are looking, something meaningful to watch on Netflix, I would highly recommend, Beast of No Nation. It’s a much better movie and a better investment of your time.
Rating: 1/5


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If I was to describe Blame! in as little words as possible, I would describe it as, future anime I, robot. The similarities between these two movies is remarkable. Even one type of evil robot in Blame!, looks near identical to the robots in I, Robot, expect for the way they move. These robots move more like spiders than humans and have a red light instead of blue.

Both stories start very similar too, with robots no longer obeying humans, going rogue and taking over a city. The only thing that was missing was an anime Will Smith. Instead, Blame! had a more silent hero, called Killy (Kirī).

After the beginning, the two storylines start to differ, but the overall motivation for the main characters remain the same. This aim being, to destroy the robots and regain control of the city. In Blame!, they even find a nice non-evil robot to help them, fight the evil robots.

However, Blame! was a manga, long before the film I, Robot, so I can’t be too hard on Blame! for being similar. I’ve never read this manga (because you can’t properly get manga here), so can’t tell you how similar I, Robot is to Blame!, the manga.

I’m still not sure, whether I like the animation style of Blame!. It has a very video game look and occasionally the characters move very much like a video game character. Making their movements kind of choppy and not very smooth. It’s definitely not the animation style I’m use too. One positive, about this style, is that it looks very realistic at times, which is amazing.

thumbnail_20170609_161121Despite the unusual animation style, Blame!’s story is exciting and enjoyable. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic city, where robots are hell-bent on killing all humans without the NET terminal gene. Regarding them as illegal residents of the city, that must be exterminated. Initially, all humans in the city, had the NET terminal gene and the robots obeyed the humans, building and protecting the city. Then after some type of contamination (we are not told what type) of the city, the humans lose the NET terminal gene and the robots turn on the humans and kill most of the population. A group of survivors are forced to live in isolation, in a safe zone, protected from robot invasions. Never knowing, if there are any other humans surviving in the city.

The survivors must venture out of the safe zone, in search of food. It is on one of these ventures, that they run into another survivor, Killy, after he saves them from a robot attack. Curious of this stranger, they take him back to their village, in the safe zone, to see the elders. It is there, Killy reveals to the elders, that he is searching for a human with the NET terminal gene. He believes if he finds a human with the NET terminal gene, the robots will obey them. Hence, take control of the city back and end this apocalyptic nightmare. Unfortunately, no one in the village has this gene, so Killy must go in search for more survivors. In the hope of finding food and other survivors, the elders decide to help Killy, in his search.

Overall, Blame! is pretty good. If you can get past the unusual animation style, it’s quite an enjoyable film. It has a lot of action and an interesting storyline. Most of the time, you are left in suspense, wondering if the survivors will escape the robot attacks, unharmed and if they should trust Killy or the robot scientist.

There was also quite a lot of arm losing. All I can say is that, I hope I could be that calm, if I ever lost an arm (people lost arms and were surprisingly relaxed about it. They didn’t even seem the slightest bit bothered). The only thing I could find wrong with Blame!, is their use of light and colour in battle scenes. Netflix really should have put a light/brightness warning on this film. The brightness of Killy’s and the safeguard’s gun, really stung my eyes and had them watering like hell.

To conclude, Blame! is one of the better Netflix original anime films. It isn’t that long, so is definitely worth a watch. By the way the film ended, I get a feeling that, they may make a sequel. I’m not sure if non-anime fans would like Blame!. I think the unusual animation style might be too much for them. They might not be able to get past that, to appreciate the action or storyline. However, if you are an anime fan and like robot apocalypse films, then Blame! is the film for you.
Rating: 3.5/5

Before I Wake


Evil Butterflies (A.K.A Moths)

Where can I watch this: Netflix (Netflix original)

Thanks for the nightmare fuel, Netflix. My sleep deprivation and sleep paralysis has gotten a hell of a lot more interesting after watching this. Watching alone in the dark, was a really bad idea, on my behalf. I scared the bananas out of myself.

This movie got me on two levels. One, it fed the fear of being attacked by something horribly terrifying, while completely unable to move or scream.  And two, being chased and eaten alive, by something that can appear and disappear at well, is possibly the scariest thing I can think of.

If you’re not a nervous wreck and don’t jump at your own shadow, you most likely won’t find Before I wake that scary. For anyone with sleep paralysis, I would definitely not recommend this movie. It’ll just give your brain a new terrifying creature, to torment you with while it holds you captive in your bed.

Overall, Before I wake isn’t that bad. It’s about a boy, with the ability to bring his dreams to life, while he sleeps. The boy’s mother dies when he is very young, so he ends up in foster care. He is eventually fostered by a couple, whose son drowned to death in their bath tube. The couple soon discover the boy’s ability and instead of bringing him to a sleep therapist, like any caring guardian would do. The mother figure in this relationship, decides to become an emotional parasite and forces the boy to dream about her dead son. To allow her to see and spend time with, what she thinks is her dead son.

f01937c0-bf23-4670-ae15-3670ed0e86aeThe boy is obviously terrified of his dreams and his ability. At one point, he even tells the mother figure that, he is scared and doesn’t want to sleep because there’s a monster in his dreams, that eats people. Again, instead of bringing the child to a therapist, the emotional parasite and her husband enabler, decides to expose the child to mental abuse, forcing him to watch home videos of their dead son. This abuse gets worse, leading to the emotional parasite drugging the poor boy, so that he would sleep for longer. Giving her more time with a dream vision of her dead son.

But then Karma strikes, and the monster from the child’s dreams, finally turns up to (in my opinion) save the child from this messed up abuse. Unfortunately, the monster only eats the enabler and the emotional parasite survives the attack.

After the attack, the boy is rightfully removed from the couple’s care, because the child was drugged, the husband is missing and they suspected domestic violence. The emotional parasite is left alone without either of her hosts. Feeling insecure, vulnerable and peeved that her host was removed from her care, she finally decides to act in the child’s best interest and do something that benefits the child for a change. The mother figure then sets out to find out the truth behind the boy’s abilities and to find a way to rid the boy of the monster from his dreams.

Although it sounds like I hated this movie, it wasn’t that bad. It was more annoying that the mother figure was treating the boy horribly and it was kind of made out to be an okay thing to do (it’s definitely not okay. It’s pretty sick). The movie itself was okay. It was just that character’s behaviour that was irritating.

Before I wake isn’t that scare, so could be watched by lovers of horror and by those who like watching the occasional horror. If you are lost for something to watch on Netflix, I would definitely recommend giving Before I wake a try. You never know you might like it more than I did.
Rating: 2/5