Attempt 2 (Orange). Looking more like me, now. Massive improvement



First Attempt at a Self-Portrait on Paper.


I always give my drawings a title, so I’ll title this :
All That’s Left  

It’s not bad for a first attempt, but I’m determined to get this right. The nature of a self-portrait, makes this hard to achieve, but I’m still going for it. I won’t give up until there’s a mirror image on my page.

But before I go any further, I want to clear something up. A few people asked me about the top hat (in person, not on this blog). It’s a small reference to Alice in wonderland, but in very roundabout way and only slightly about the mad hatter. I also just really like top hats and really want to make one, that looks like this.

The reference is more about the playing card on the hat, than the hat itself. The card is of a made-up suit, I created by combining two suits (the red hearts and black spades), to make the Black Hearts. It’s also missing its ranking, so it’s the Nothing of Black Hearts. I know, I need to improve at making my symbolism clear.


Back to my drawing. I’ve done an okay job here, but it only slightly looks like me or how I think I look, at least. Good news is, I know where I went wrong. Mainly the nose. I have a little cute button nose and I didn’t capture that. If I want to get this right, I’ll have to learn to draw noses better.

Also, I might be too uses, of drawing in the anime/manga style, so I may need to make the eye smaller. However, I do have big shiny brown eyes and lack eyelids, so I’m not sure. I kind of got carried away, drawing the scar under my right eye, too. It’s not quite as bad as that.

(Warning the next paragraph got graphic. Sorry) If you’re wondering how I got it. I fell with a very sharp pencil in my hand and you can probably guess what happened. Let’s just say deep and didn’t fall out when I stood back up. I ended up with quite a number of stitches and destroyed a perfectly good pencil and a few hand towels.

Overall, it’s a good first attempt, but I aim to do better.

Your average doodler, Nel (a.k.a K.H.)

The Illusionist

thumbnail_8fbc7fc9-4dd3-4c4c-b6f3-6c8bd9ed2750Romance isn’t the usual genre I’d go for, but a film with an illusionist, is a different story. Illusionists are always entertaining. Even, if I wasn’t into the whole cringey love movie thing, the promise of some mind-boggling illusions, was enough to convince me to watch this movie.

Set in Vienna, The illusionist is about a master illusionist/magician, Eisenheim. A young Eisenheim, falls in love, with a young noblewoman (Sophie). However, due to the rules of high society, their love is not allowed and the two are separated.

Years later, during one of Eisenheim illusionist shows, the two unexpectedly reunite. Unfortunately, Sophie is promised to the brute, Crown Prince Leopold. Known for his self-arrogance and heavy-handed way with women (in other words, he’s a pompous, cowardly, woman beating prick).

Now a grown woman, Sophie decides to leave the awful Leopold, for Eisenheim. Being the Crown Prince, Leopold is having none of it and sets in motion, a plan to get Eiseheim put in prison and out of the picture. Unknown to Leopold, The illusionist Eiseheim has his own plan, to help Sophie escape and start a life together. This leads to a series of unexpected, tragic and bewildering events.

I have to say; the illusionist was really well done. I can’t find much wrong with it. I really enjoyed it and I don’t even like romance movies. But to give a well-rounded review, I’ll talk about a few small flaws, this movie has.

thumbnail_bbd2a994-9d91-43ac-bcf0-0894881594ccOne flaw being, that nothing really happens, in the first hour of the film. In the first hour, there’s a lot of character and plot building. They really only introduce the main characters and tell us a little about their background. This could be perceived as a bit boring, but is kind of necessary to the rest of the movie and without it, the film would be confusing.

Also, it’s a very male cast. There’s only, one female main character and some people mightn’t like this. I can kind of see why, because a female could have been, easily thrown in somewhere, to make it seem a bit fairer. However, being a romance, this movie is most likely aimed at women and the male cast, was probably for creep value.

The Illusionist strongest point is its storyline. Oh my glob, is it one hell of a storyline. So much plotting and scheming and unexpected turns. It’s so exciting and you’re constantly in suspense, about what’s going to happen next. At one point, there’s a three-way game of cat and mouse, between Leopold and Eisenheim, the police inspector and Eisenheim and between the police inspector and Leopold. Making for very interesting watching. There’s also, a massive twist, that’s so unseen and surprising. I never seen it coming.

The illusions, in the illusionist are very satisfying. They will definitely amaze you and leave in wonder. Although mostly camera tricks, they’re still very entertaining and unique. Eisenheim biggest illusion being at the end of this film, but I’ll not spoil for you. Instead I’ll mention his best illusion, his summoning spirits act. This is so creepy and well done. Obviously, the spirit, is added in after filming, but if you could pull of an act like that, it would be incredible.

The choice of actors in this movie, was so good. The man who played, the Crown Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell), was just unbelievable. Just his look alone, screamed pompous arrogant prick. It was remarkable. The way he held himself, walked and talk was the epitome of over self-importance and over opinionated a-hole. It was so well done. He was by far, my favourite actor in this film. He even got the madness of the super-rich, down to a tee. At one point, he was in a field hunting invisible birds and rambling to himself. The other actors were also good, but didn’t hold a light to Rufus Sewell.

Overall, I really enjoyed the illusionist. It had mystery, excitement and an excellent storyline. It has a twist, that hits you in the face and makes your jaw drop off and the ending is incredible and so satisfying. Best of all, it’s not super lovey-dovey or in your face. If you’re looking for a romance, that’s not overwhelmingly soppy, I would highly recommend this film. Hell, if you’re just looking something interesting and exciting, I would also highly recommend the Illusionist.
Rating: 3.5/5

Without a Bubble (No.8 & No.9)


thumbnail_20170714_213429I finally gave in and left myself at, that demon’s mercy.

thumbnail_20170714_213522But, I would never willingly, follow it again.


thumbnail_20170714_214358 (2)Fatigued and tormented by that demon, I started to look like a demon myself.

thumbnail_20170714_215452It was clear, fighting was never going to destroy, that demon and trying was destroying me.

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Haunted Doll Collection (Elizabeth and the Ouija Board)

doll3 (2)We are nearing the end of my haunted doll collection serials, so I thought it’s time to talk about one of the creepier of my dolls. Elizabeth has the creepiest back ground of all my dolls, which leaves my still unsure of this doll. The doll does sort of gives me the creeps and her eyes look freaky as hell, but I’ve never had any trouble with the doll, so I think she’s safe enough to have in the house.

doll 13 (2)I was given Elizabeth by a friend, after they done the one thing you should never do with a haunted doll, which is to play Ouija board with the doll. This was so dangerous, because the spirit attached to the doll could be dangerous or they could have accidentally let something dangerous into the doll. I really don’t know why my friend thought playing Ouija board with a haunted doll would be a good idea, in the first place. Things could have ended a lot worse than they did and they could have got really hurt.

To explain what happened to my friend and the doll, I think I should start at the beginning of the dolls history. According to the dolls seller, this doll was used in séances and different rituals, which lead to the doll being haunted by the spirit of a middle age woman called Elizabeth, that died suddenly in an accident. If I was buying a doll and the seller said this, I think I’d run a mile and not buy the doll. My friend on the other hand did buy it and I honestly can’t understand why, because it screams evil demonic doll.  

doll 13Some time after getting the doll, my friend decided they would play Ouija board with the doll. This went horrible wrong for my friend. I wasn’t there, so I can only repeat what my friend told me. While playing Ouija, my friend asked the spirit attached to the doll, how it died and according to my friend, the dolls started to shake and its eyes began to glow. This scared the life out of my friend so they quickly said goodbye and closed the gate.

After this, my friend thought it be a good idea to try to give the doll to me. When I heard, what happened with the doll, it’s safe to say I definitely didn’t want it, unless it was checked out by someone who knew a lot more about haunted dolls than me. After a bit of web searching, we found a guy that does paranormal investigations and claims to be able to get rid of unwanted or evil spirits. We took the doll to him to check out and he thought the doll was harmless and posed no threat, but done a cleanse on the doll anyway.  Since the doll was deemed safe, I decided to keep the doll. However, to be on the safe side, I keep the doll in a special locked cabinet, designed to hold haunted objects.    

Haunted Doll Collection (Peek-a-boo Lucy)

doll3 (2)A few years ago, I very naively bought 3 haunted dolls from eBay. Of these 3 dolls and only still have 1, Peek-a-boo Lucy. The other 2 were too creepy and some messed up stuff happened after I took them into my house. I didn’t feel comfortable with them in the house so I sold one of the dolls and buried the other in the back garden.

doll 15 (2)

Lucy is the only one of these dolls I kept and is one of the more unusual haunted dolls I own. She does something I’ve never experience with any of my other dolls. When you have haunted dolls, mild activity or mild creepy occurences isn’t that shocking and is kind of expected. But what is shocking and unexpected, is the doll disappearing from were you left her and reappearing somewhere else in the house.

This is why I call her Peek-a-boo Lucy. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve left Lucy on her spot on the shelf, then went about my business and later found her in some other room of the house. Weirder still, once I found her behind the sofa and I definitely wouldn’t keep dolls there.

doll 16 (2)

This doll is actually a creep and has gave me numerous jump scares. I walk into a room and she’s there, usually by the window, standing like she’s looking outside and because it’s so unexpected, I usually nearly jump out of my skin. After nearly having a heart attack, I realise how creepy it would look, if someone walked passed the window and seen a doll staring out at them. So I put her back in the spare room and hope she don’t move again.

The only way I’ve been able to keep her in one place, is to keep her in a locked display cabinet. Otherwise, I go into the spare room where I keep most of my dolls, and find that she is gone. Then I end up going on a doll haunt through my house to find her and sometimes this is not easy. Especially when she hidden under or behind something.

This doll really has a thing for hide and seek. I’m just waiting for her to turn up in the car someday or to look out the window and see her staring back at me from the neighbours house. This really wouldn’t surprise me and I think as long as I have her, I’ll be in an endless game of Peek-a-boo with Lucy.


Haunted Doll Collection (Annie)

doll3 (2)Annie is by far one of my creepiest dolls. I use to keep her in my room, but she was just too creepy and I had to move her to the cabinet in the spare room. When she was in my room, I use to wake up at night and see her eyes glowing from the other side of the room. The fact she has smokey eyes made this all the creepier and made me feel so uneasy.  It was like she was watching me sleep or something and in the darkness her eyes looked like creepy vampire eyes. I couldn’t sleep with her in the room, so I had to move her to the other room.   

doll 5

I’ve had Annie for years now and found her in the attic of a house my Grandparents had just moved into. My grandmother let keep her because I helped her move in and unpack. I was never told by anyone that Annie was haunted, but I class her as haunted, simple because of the messed up things that have happened around this doll.

For example, her self-removing hat. I keep Annie in a locked show cabinet, which I only have the key for. Every time I put her in the cabinet, I place her on the top shelf, in her stand with her hat firmly on. I lock the cabinet, check everything is fine and leave the room. Then 50% of the time, when I come back her hat is gone and I have to open the cabinet and go looking for it. Weirdest thing is that I usually find the hat under something in the cabinet, which leaves me wondering how the hell if got there. This happens regular about 3-4 times a week and is quite annoying.

The second reason I believe this doll to be doll 17 (2)haunted is, the scratches on the cabinet I keep her in. This is so creepy. The scratches are on the inside of door, at the dolls arm level and are all vertical.  I don’t have a clue how they got there, but it looks like the doll was trying to scratch its way out. Also since I got Annie, I’ve been hearing footsteps upstairs in the bedrooms, which I never happened before.

Every time I’m in the room with this doll, I feel like I’m being watched and her eyes seem to follow you around the room. On occasion I’ve looked at the doll, her month has changed position. Her months usually open with 2 teeth showing, but a good few times I’ve looked and her teeth aren’t showing and her month isn’t opened as wide. She just so creepy and gives of an uneasy feeling. But I’ve had worse experiences with these types of dolls, so I’ll keep her.

Creepy Dream or Was it Real

d57e7456-e1d3-446b-85e0-d0fdb3ea38fbThought I’d try something new and instead of blogging about a movie or show, I would tell you guys about a very creepy dream I had, that I’m not 100% was even a dream. I was sleeping in my bedroom in my uni flat when I woke up for no reason at all. I looked at my phone for the time and it was 3:35am. I was about to roll over onto my back and go back to sleep, when I got this really uneasy feeling like someone was watching me. Having to check if I was just imagining things or if there was someone in my room, I slowly rolled onto my back as this would allow me to check all sides of the room, without getting up or alarming whoever maybe watching me. I checked all around the room for signs of an intruder, making sure to carefully check the wardrobe, but there was no sign of anyone.

I had a little giggle to myself at how silly this whole thing was, but then my eyes were drawn to the right corner of the ceiling, opposite my bed. It looked like there was a black mass shaped like a person sitting in the spider-man pose in the corner of the ceiling. It didn’t have a face but it still felt like it was looking at me. I lay there staring at the corner of the ceiling and thought to myself that looks creepy as hell but there’s bound to be a reasonable explanation for it, like a shadow being created by something  outside. It was then that the shadow started moving towards me, crawling on the ceiling.

At this point I was completely bricking it and I pulled the covers over my head, in a really bad attempt to hide (like why did I even think that would work. The creature would clearly know the large bump in the covers was me).  I lay hiding under the covers, trying to work out how I would escape from this creature. It was then I remembered what is said on every paranormal TV show I’ve watched, that these things feed on and get the energy to do harm from your fear. In my head this meant, if I relaxed and completely ignored the creature, it would go away, so I try this (which wasn’t easy considering I was expecting it to jump on me at any minute and tear me to pieces).

If this wasn’t a dream, I must have fallen asleep because I woke up in the morning with my head under the covers. Either ignoring the creature worked because I wasn’t attacked and it wasn’t there in the morning, or it was all just a dream. I really don’t know, but it all seemed so real. All I can tell you is that I haven’t seen the creature since.