Spreading the Cuteness

You might already have seen these cute pup pics on my Instagram, but for those who haven’t, prepare yourselves because I’m about to inject some adorableness into your day and spread cuteness across the blogosphere.

Okay you all ready? Great! Time to meet Oscar the cutest Miniature Jack Russell I’ve ever seen.thumbnail_20190916_113800

2 weeks ago, my brother got his children a puppy and I finally got some free time to go visit and meet the little guy.

thumbnail_IMG_20190920_191705_830When I said little, I really mean little. He’s just absolutely tiny, possibly the smallest pup I’ve ever seen. To give you an idea of how small, he’s smaller than my shoe, which is also kind of scary to think about because if you accidentally step on the poor pup, things wouldn’t be very good (sorry for the horrible visual. My brain has a terrible habit of thinking of the worst-case scenario).

thumbnail_IMG_20190920_191705_828Anyway, back to cuteness. As well as being adorable, Oscar is incredibly chilled. So much so that he took one hell of a dog-nap on me (I really love chilled dogs though, that sit beside you and relax with you so I didn’t mind).

thumbnail_IMG_20190920_191705_832Oscar just got up beside me and snugged in and fall asleep for over an hour like this. Which reminded me a lot of my dog (that died a few months ago). She loved to sleep on or near you. If she wasn’t sleeping with her head on your lap, she was sleeping at your feet or below your chair.

thumbnail_IMG_20190920_191705_829I really enjoyed visiting this wee guy. I was so tempted to bring him home with me, but I think my brother’s children would have something to say about that and probably kick my butt for even suggesting it. Hope you enjoyed the cute pics. Oscar’s only 14-weeks old, so I’ll probably have more cute photos of him as he grows and be able to spread some more puppy cuteness across the blogosphere.

As always, Thanks for reading!

Young Wolf

thumbnail_20170728_155856I wish I could write something deep and meaningful, under young wolf. I couldn’t come up with anything, relatable or that could be understood. It would have just, look like nonsensical gibberish. So instead, I’ll tell you about wolves.

I use wolves a lot in my drawings. Either in the background, as a tattoo on one of the figures or hidden somewhere in the image. Wolves hold a lot of meaning, to me.

Other than being beautiful creatures, they can be used to represent a lot of things. However, the reason I use them, is wildness.


Even when caged from birth, they maintain their wildness. A wolf can never truly be tamed. You may think you’ve tamed a wolf and it may appear tame, but it never can be. Deep down, they retain their wildness. Improperly caged, a wolf will break free of its cage and return to the wilderness, where it belongs.

Cage a wild wolf and it will use all its strength and its last breath to break free, or it’ll lie in wait, for the first opportunity, to escape captivity. Either way, a wild wolf can never be caged.